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Letter: Shinseki blame misplaced

The media is now after Gen. Eric Shinseki’s head. As I recall, he was the only general who was opposed to going into Iraq. I remember seeing him on C-SPAN taking questions from some government committee on the subject. Soon after, he retired and was no longer heard from.

Of course he cares about our soldiers, the veterans. That is precisely why he didn’t want them going to Iraq. He knew what the end result would be.

The politicians are a disgrace to me. They can’t even come together for the good of soldiers who carry out their orders, no questions asked, because that is their duty. Forget about the general’s head and take a look at your own. After all, it’s the politicians who get us into war, and they should be doing their utmost to solve the veterans’ health care problems, not adding to them.



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Shinseki did the honorable thing by resigning. He had several years to improve things--and failed. But let's not lose sight of the fact that there's a big whiff of hypocrisy in this whole thing: eleven senators who called for Gen. Shinseki's resignation, including our own Kelly Ayotte, failed to vote for a 2013 appropriation bill that included increased funding for the VA..The appropriations bill (later passed) increased funds to the Veterans Benefits Administration, granted money for construction of state extended care facilities, and released funds to operations of Defense Department/VA medical facilities. It provided $133.9 billion in budget authority for the VA as a whole, including $72.9 billion in mandatory funding and $61 billion in discretionary funding. It confirmed a 2009 pledge to provide $54.5 billion in “advance appropriations for the three medical care accounts (medical services, medical support and compliance, and medical facilities)” for the 2014 fiscal year.  One can be forgiven for thinking those who called for his resignation, but who also voted AGAINST the appropriation bill are guilty of hypocrisy--saying one thing, and doing another. Among the senators who voted "NO" and then called for Shinsecki's resignation is our own Kelly Ayotte. Here is the full list of Senators who voted nay: Richard Burr (R-NC), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Rob Portman (R-OH), John McCain (R-AZ), Tim Scott (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Pat Roberts (R-KS), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Dean Heller (R-NV), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)

did that also fund the union bonuses for jobs well done? appears no one...Obama or Shinseki, knew what was going on..didnt know...nope...dont know. Why didnt you know? ...they dont know...

HEADLINES - democrats vote down law that would have allowed firings at VA

Contrary to what Itsa thinks, General Shinseki is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War and had part of his foot amputated in that war. He also was fired by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld because he told the truth that the Iraq war needed more troops and of course he was proved right. None of Bush's chicken hawks were even in the service. What is your war service, Itsa?

General Shinseki can stay then..but the rest of the VA needs to go.

Excellent reply, thank you. There is no substitute for the perspective of war service.

Sorry, but I do not see anybody knocking Shinseki's Service. He has been in his post 5 years and still seems quite shocked at the extent of the VA Mess. That tells me he is either locked in red tape and cannot do his job or he is not cut out to head a govt dept. His career in the military is a great one, there is no disagreement on that. And I have no doubt he he has the Vet's best intrests at heart. But this mess is beyond acceptable, it is down right criminal. While we chat, Vets are waiting to get care. Get them into care now! Then fix the system.

tillie, Itsa's service record is beyond refute. He earned a VPH (Virtual Purple Heart) sparring online here with you.

Itsa has copious battle scars from taking your flak, tillie.

My point was not about Shinseki at all but about the Generals appointed by this administration. But Shinseki should resign if he had any dignity. As far as my service, well, that is my business, but please tell us how you have served this country or have you always just taken.

I am sure Itsa, if you had anything to brag about you would have.

Who do I need to I don't think so. So how have your served this country or have you always had your hands out and palms up?

Itsa, almost every post you brag on yourself. Your Indian background, your hard work, how you came up the hard way, never depended on anyone, been involved in every important incident and on and on. I know if you had a service history you would have yelled it from the roof tops. As I have said before I have worked at mostly menial and low wage jobs for 56 years that are beneath your contempt . I now live on social security and medicare that I paid for out of those jobs.. Why you assume because I care about people that have less than me that I must be a taker I don't know unless of course it is because you don't understand what empathy is. And to be honest with you there is no way you could impress me. I just don't like chicken hawks talking down a combat veteran.

He does not brag, he defends who he is against attacks from folks like you Tillie. The fact that he says he worked hard was to try and get across to you, that folks can in fact better themselves. it is called the American Dream, not the American Handout. We all make choices about our lives, we also make excuses why we cannot better ourselves. That is our choice. Nobody resents helping others, when it becomes generational, we draw the line. That tells us that our social programs are not working. Our govt is broken, incompetent and runs poorly. Medicare was never meant to live off of. It was suppose to be a supplement to your savings. The govt took all your money all those years, and you made nothing. You could have actually taken your SS money and put it in a savings account and got a return on it. Instead the govt stole your savings. That is what you do not get. The govt screws you over and has obviously made you believe they know what is best for you. There is a huge difference between helping somebody and being an enabler. Shinseki had 5 years to get things done. He failed.

Don't tell me what I don't get, Rabbit. I will tell you what you don't get. Some people live paycheck to paycheck especially when they are raising a family and do would not have been able to save out of their paychecks. By having it out before they get it is not spent. Some people are just trying to get by and don't have time to think of their old age. It is people like you and Itsa that just don't get it.

I believe it is the Progressives that are all about bragging. Most folks who are charitable, have been in the military, etc, do not brag. They do those things out of a sense of giving back and serving their country.

Right, and then they turn around and knock decorated war heros.

Well Itsa, I can tell you from my 20 years experience in the USN and as a disabled war vet, you have no call to criticize any military veteran. Maybe had you "walked a mile" in our shoes, you just might understand. And another thing, This general was fired by Your god, Bush Jr, for telling the truth. Everything the general stated with Iraq has came true.

Gen Shinseki's military career is not the issue. The issue is his role as the Head of the VA. I watched the hearing where he spoke. He did the exact same thing that Hillary did. He did not see the memo, and could not answer because of an ongoing investigation. Sebelius did the same thing when she was questioned. Basically this administration hires the wrong folks to do the job time and again. Incompetence to the max. Yet they are forgiven every time by their party. Such low standards for the left. They accept incompetence.

RabbitNH- I agree this is not about his past service and 100% that this is about his role in the VA. I don't see where it is politically motivated though. Regardless which side appointed him or what party he calls himself it is 100% about poor management. It is also about all the workers that were falsifying documents throughout the VA - just to get the bonuses........ The low standards and accepting incompetence is the new standard for both sides. Look at the small percentage of people that feel Congress is doing a good job, yet most in office who run will be re-elected. Congress talks of taking action make it easier in the removal of the VA upper management, why does that not apply to every job in the government. Why does the action specify just the VA by name?

One word for you "Brownie."

Well he has resigned and so has Jay Carney. Shinseki has been at his post for almost 5 years. It would seem obvious he is unaware of what is going on. I kind of feel bad for him on one hand, because of his military record. But I find it hard to stomach why he did not realize he was in over his head. Of course the Dems would vote down the law. They cannot fix anything.

so whats Obama doing???

I believe GWTW he passed a law that would allow the Head of The VA to have more freedom to fire folks that work for him. Evidently, heads of Depts do not have that power, which explains why nobody is ever fired for incompetence. They are just transferred to another dept. Oh yes, President Obama is also very angry about this. He will get to the bottom and fix it. He cannot push this one off on politics or Bush, but I assume he will try. Always does. I want folks held responsible for this charged as criminals. I also want folks who champion bigger govt to tell me why bigger govt will benefit us. If the govt we have now is incompetent, why would growing it make it better? You cannot handle the size of it now it appears, so growing it will most likely infect the system more. Govt has no competition, so they can be incompetent. And I would also like the folks who have decided to accept incompetence on all levels, to explain to me why they lowered their standards? It appears they are fine with health care being run by the govt, Dept heads stating they did not see the memo, and fine with not fixing anything. Boggles the mind. How many more failures have to emerge before they wake up? Maybe when they experience long waits for care like the Vets they will get a clue. Trust Govt, NOT!

Most of the military "General's" today are either desk jockeys or moved up within the ranks politically. Few of them, including the Joint Chiefs are real "Generals" that we have come to respect as great leaders. They are yes men and pawns. Shinseki needs to resign.

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