Letter: Strive for openness and democracy

Published: 11/26/2021 7:00:30 AM
Modified: 11/26/2021 7:00:13 AM

As a former state representative and a former member of the Education Committee, I am particularly outraged at the misuse and manipulation of that committee in railroading through legislation under the guise of non-germane amendments regarding vaccine mandates and expanded school vouchers without regard to public input and scrutiny. I am further upset about the tactics of the majority party in removing a respected member of that committee because of the “threat” he presented in possibly voting his conscious instead of the party line.

These are the tactics of an authoritarian party, not one interested in openness or democracy. Both of these divisive bills will no doubt be passed by the Republican majority in January, a majority that is directed by a small group of “free-staters” and libertarians who have a death grip on the Republican caucus. Look no further than the way Rep. Dr. Bill Marsh, who left that party, was treated. He lost his committee chairmanship because of his outlandish speech about following science. Voters in New Hampshire need to pay close attention to the outcomes of legislation last term and this coming term and closely evaluate candidates for the New Hampshire House and Senate in the election next November.

David Doherty



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