Letter: Betrayed by Hassan

Published: 9/15/2018 12:01:30 AM

I voted for Sen. Maggie Hassan because I believed she would put the interest of New Hampshire voters in front of party affiliation. Unfortunately, she is doing the opposite.

She is in lockstep with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who I would never vote for. In the article “Shaheen, Hassan to vote no on nominee” (Monitor front page, Sept. 11), all the reasons for not voting for Judge Brett Kavanaugh are Democratic talking points that don’t reflect his actual record.

In any other political climate Kavanaugh would have sailed through without an issue. I have listened to Kavanaugh’s actual hearings and his answers don’t reflect any of the concerns thrown up by the Democrats. Also they say there are limited documents made available, but in reality he has turned over more than 1 million documents.

Elena Kagan wasn’t even a judge, but the Democrats had no problem confirming her. It is very clear to me and most voters that the Democrats are not giving Kavanaugh a fair vetting but are using this as a political stand to try to increase their voter base in the midterm elections. When candidates put party first like this they deserve to be voted out of office.

When it is Sen. Hassan’s time for re-election, I will not forget her inadvisable stand against this fine candidate for the Supreme Court.



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