Letter: We must address prescription drug prices

Published: 3/13/2020 12:02:02 AM
Modified: 3/13/2020 12:01:49 AM

Twenty-two percent of Granite Staters have stopped taking medicines because they can’t afford them, that is terrifying and life-threatening.

The price of prescription drugs is high and rising at a very rapid rate. We do not know if the costs of prescription drugs are also rising or if it’s just the prices that are rising. It is critical for Granite Staters to know. SB 687 will provide transparency in prescription drug pricing and establish a state prescription drug affordability board, which will be charged with monitoring the costs and prices of prescription drugs.

Prescription drug pricing is complicated and will require several steps and time to reset the moral compasses and establish the free market capitalism that increases efficiencies and lowers prices instead of “gaming” the system to increase prices.

A significant portion of prescription drug research and development is initiated by the National Institutes of Health, academia and research hospitals. Major pharmaceutical companies benefit from this worldwide work done by others. Some of the overpricing abuses in the United States include insulin, Solvadi for Hep C, Epi Pens and loopholes to keep generics out of the market.

SB 687 is a step in the right direction to solve the issue of high prescription prices. As volunteers for AARP NH, which supports SB 687, we know it is important for Granite Staters to band together to ensure that prescription drug prices are reasonable, justified and allow for consumer access and affordability.

Please urge your New Hampshire state senators to support SB 687.



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