New abortion fund aims to limit financial barriers to procedure

  • Todd Bookman—Courtesy

Published: 2/15/2021 3:34:43 PM

A new non-profit that provides financial assistance to residents of New Hampshire seeking abortion services launches Monday.

The Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire, which has raised about $25,000 to date from small donors, aims to break down financial barriers to abortion procedures.

“The reason why this particular work is really important is that in the scope of reproductive justice, which is about bodily autonomy as a whole, abortion is a really critical piece that has become so politicized,” said Steph George, a co-founder of the Fund. “It is the one piece of health care that is under attack, it feels like, constantly.”

Similar abortion funds exist across the country, including in Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts.

George said it aims to provide either full or partial funding for residents who lack the means to pay for the procedure, with payments going directly to the abortion provider.

“There are so many barriers around it, and one of the biggest and common barriers is finances,” said George.

According to George, out-of-pocket costs for an abortion in the state can run between $500-1,000.

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