Letter: Trump and the war establishment

Published: 1/9/2021 12:03:40 AM
Modified: 1/9/2021 12:03:25 AM

While it is clear to most that Donald Trump has been a terrible president, Mike Moffett was surely correct in pointing out (“The harm of bias in the media,” Jan.3) widespread “liberal” media bias against Trump. But he conflates “liberal” with “left” when the two are not the same.

There is no real “left” in this country, and hasn’t been since the end of World War II. If there was, we’d long ago have had a single-payer health system, and we’d read a wider range of opinion in the media. Both major parties have moved far to the right since the 1970s.

Media bias was shown most brazenly by the mainstream press not in coverage of domestic issues, but in repeating the false claims of collusion with Russia. These claims originated when Trump’s 2016 campaign challenged the Washington establishment by suggesting that NATO may have outlived its usefulness, and that a policy of endless war has been a failure. Both positions were well-received by voters, but threatened the rice bowls of the foreign policy establishment.

As a result, we were treated to four years of unrelenting efforts in the media and by Democrats to delegitimize his presidency and to protect the foreign policy blob.

Before Trump, the last major candidate to oppose the establishment consensus on war was George McGovern. The last president to oppose endless war was JFK, who in October 1963 had ordered the withdrawal of U.S. “advisors” from South Vietnam. We know how that worked out.



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