Tweet over deli packaging gets Sununu’s attention, and a change

  • Chris Sununu tweets a happy selfie after he bought cheese from Market Basket with the price sticker on the side of the bag, instead of over the zip lock. Courtesy—

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Published: 8/22/2018 3:36:36 PM

A supermarket customer’s tweet on stickers placed over the opening of bagged deli meats got the attention of New Hampshire’s governor, and a change.

Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith recently took to Twitter to ask that the company, Market Basket, not put the price tag stickers over the zipper of the meat bag. He said it’s impossible to open it without destroying the bag.

“Dear @MarketBasket, I love you,” he wrote. “But PLEASE stop putting the price tag over the zipper part of the deli meat bag. It’s nearly impossible to open it without destroying the zip lock and bag, defeating the purpose of such. Sincerely, a loyal customer.”

Gov. Chris Sununu responded, saying he has to re-bag cheese every time because of the problem.

“Yes!  Thank you Kevin for finally saying something,” he wrote. “I have to re-bag the cheese every time in a ziplock, which defeats the cost advantage of buying at MB in the first place.  Love the store and the people, but just want fresh cheese.”

Market Basket answered that it would speak to its deli departments about it.

On Tuesday, both  Smith and Sununu tweeted that the stickers were moved to the bag itself.

Sununu said he was celebrating with grilled cheese for dinner.

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