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Questions for the candidates: City Council at-large, Edith Chiasson

Published: 10/24/2019 4:04:38 PM

Two seats, three candidates

Edith Chiasson

How long have you lived in Concord? I am a long-time resident of 33 years.

Profession: I am currently the Audit Supervisor for the New Hampshire Lottery Commission. I have worked in decision-making management positions for many years in the banking and insurance industries as well as private, public, and non-profit sectors. I am a LEAN practitioner with a passion for eliminating wasteful government spending.

Other experience: Currently employed as the Audit Supervisor at the NH Lottery Commission; 9+ years public service in NH State agencies; 10+ years volunteer work in community non-profit organizations; 30+ years professional experience in financial services. Education: Master of Public Administration degree from UNH – Carsey School of Public Policy; Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning & Management from Granite State College

What two issues are most important to you, and what would you do to address them?

Neighborhood Parking: With a growing population, residents struggle with narrow streets and limited off-street and on-street parking. Issues include availability, adequate space to maneuver in/out of driveways, adequate space for general service vehicles and emergency vehicles, visibility to enter/exit traffic from one street to another. In order to help address this issue, I have been an active participant in the ongoing parking forums. I represented my neighbors to influence and change a parking policy that directly affected our neighborhood. I have listened, testified, and offered suggestions. I plan to continue to participate whenever I can to help address this city-wide concern.

Housing Shortage: There is a shortage of housing. Issues include the volume of available inventory for purchase or rental, and inventory at a reasonable cost in line with an individual or family budget. My husband and I own and manage a couple of rental units in Concord. In our experience, the demand for a rental unit in Concord at a reasonable cost has significantly increased until it far exceeds availability. Many of those who are searching for housing are simply trying to find a clean, safe environment to live as a single person, a family unit, or a senior resident. There are very few with unlimited income, so they search for what is affordable within their budget. As landlords we understand the limitations of our tenants and support them by keeping our rents at a reasonable level. In addition, I support thoughtful, well-designed construction and/or renovation projects that seek to help those who need a safe, affordable home.

What voice/skills would you add to city government?

I care about what/how decisions are made and the consequences to the culture/future of our community. City council members as well as city residents should be well-informed and seek to achieve a thoughtful balance between progressive development and historic preservation, common interests and special interests, reasonable taxation and responsible spending.

I believe in maintaining the small-town community atmosphere that makes Concord unique and inviting. I have a passion for eliminating wasteful spending, protecting citizen rights, and doing the right things for the right reasons. My education, experience, and ability to ask the right questions will contribute to thoughtful, sensible decision-making.

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