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Questions for the candidates: Concord Ward 8, Gail Matson

Published: 10/25/2019 2:06:20 PM

Concord Ward 8 incumbent Gail Matson is running against Dennis Soucy. Soucy did not return a Monitor questionnaire.

Gail Matson

What two issues are most important to you, and what would you do to address them? One of my core concerns is safety. I support initiatives that encourage and promote safety of pedestrians and bicyclists as well as motorists. Strategic streetlights, light sequencing, lane controls, signage, sidewalks, bike lanes and roundabouts can assist in achieving improved safety for locomotion around the city. Support of police and fire departments in their efforts to address traffic, crime, addiction, personal safety and fire safety instills confidence of stakeholders, and increases the livability of the city. A combination of these different steps and actions can help to achieve a better level of safety for all.

I am focused on attracting new business to Concord for a multitude of reasons. Concord has a large percentage of property – state buildings, churches and non-profit corporations – which are exempt from taxes. We are challenged to provide high quality services while maintaining infrastructure and safety services such as police and fire departments. The taxes that pay for these services are reliant on property taxes.

Main Street redevelopment has garnered interest by new developers, and businesses. New businesses give Concord residents opportunities to shop in Concord and avoid having to travel for goods and services. These businesses can also attract those from other towns and cities as well as out-of-state visitors. Inviting views of Concord and a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues and businesses will attract both those traveling through Concord and those traveling to Concord. New businesses will bring employment opportunities for Concord residents.

Bringing new business opportunities to Concord can help diversify our tax base therefore reducing the burden on individual taxpayers. I envision Concord as a destination location, where people want to move to live work and play.

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