My Turn: On managing opinions, a job well done

For the Monitor
Published: 3/5/2021 1:11:57 PM

People who work behind the scenes are rarely given the respect they deserve. So I want to shout out to one person at the Concord Monitor who has done yeoman’s work for a very long time – Dana Wormald, Opinion Editor from 2014-2021. He is leaving the Monitor for another job in journalism and I wish him the very best, although I will miss him terribly.

A year ago I sent a query to the Monitor asking if they would be interested in publishing a three-part series about my father during his time with the Marines in World War II. Within the hour my phone rang from an unidentified number in Concord. I answered and it was Dana on the other end responding to my query. He was very happy to consider the project and suggested I send him a draft. As we were ending the conversation, I told Dana that I was surprised to learn that he was a male, having assumed for years that Dana was a woman. He said he was used to it and we had a good laugh.

That pretty much describes Dana to a T. He’s enthusiastic about his work, responsive, good-humored, and a very good editor. He has caught some embarrassing mistakes I have made over the past year during which I became a regular contributor to the Opinion and Forum pages. For that, I thank him profusely.

I’ve subscribed to many local newspapers over my lifetime and have always gravitated toward the opinions page to gauge the mood of the local community. What has stood out for me about the Concord Monitor is the openness to input from non-journalists on a wide array of perspectives. While the tendency may lean toward a more liberal perspective, all points of view are welcomed and differences of opinion are encouraged. Somehow, when there is a difference of opinion, the discourse is imbued with a sense of decorum that keeps it from vitriol. That, I believe, is Dana’s handy work.

What Dana has cultivated over the years is to be commended and I truly hope it will be continued. Dana’s shoes will certainly be hard to fill, in my opinion.

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