Newick’s Lobster House closes Concord location while it looks for a new spot

  • The Newick’€™s Lobster House on Loudon is closing after 15 years in Concord. GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff

  • The Newick’€™s Lobster House on Loudon Road is closing after 15 years in Concord. GEOFF FORESTER/ Monitor staff

  • A sign on the front doors explains that Newick’€™s Lobster House on Loudon Road is closing after 15 years in Concord. GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 3/23/2022 3:30:21 PM

After nearly 15 years of serving seafood in Concord, Newick’s Lobster House’s Loudon Road location permanently closed last week.

The owner of the New Hampshire-based company knew this time was coming since its location on the Heights nearby to chain restaurants like Applebees, Longhorn Steakhouse, 99 Bar and Grill, and even Taco Bell wasn’t ideal.

“This isn’t something we haven’t been through before,” owner Steve Newick said, referring to other unsuccessful expansion efforts. “It’s just the timing with the lease. I couldn’t sign up for another long-term lease knowing that we wanted to move.”

The nearly 75-year-old business that is headquartered in Dover opened the Concord location in 2007 after clawing through the demise of multiple prior locations in the spring of the same year. Newick emphasized that while the location was profitable for a significant time, the recent COVID-19-related changes in the restaurant business, an expiring lease and remodeling ideas for a new space set up for an eventual divorce from Concord.

“When we opened in Concord in 2007, it was incredibly successful, but the restaurant industry has changed in the last couple of years,” Newick said. “And we’re working to be more of a destination restaurant, not just one that’s in town.”

Newick wants the next location to be in central New Hampshire, as many customers have expressed their sadness with the location’s closing, and he didn’t rule out a return to Concord. He’s had preliminary discussions with a number of landlords, but was not able to offer a concrete timetable on when a new location might open, citing complications with the current climate of the real estate market.

“It’s just like Dover – we’ve been remodeling at our main location, and we want to bring a lot of those things that we’re doing here to the Concord area, but we just couldn’t in that building,” Newick said. “I believe it’s not a bad location. It just wasn’t for what we needed.”

Newick wants an allure around the new location. His vision includes a traditional seafood restaurant but he wants to include a bar, ice cream shop, capabilities of outdoor and indoor seating, and a new seasonal food truck. As Newick alluded to, the main location in Dover has already gone through some of these improvements in the past few years, as there is a new bar overlooking the water and a newly constructed ice cream shop that is opening in the coming months.

“We want it so you’re not just happy to go buy seafood at a restaurant, but that you’re actually going out of your way to go there because it’s something that you can’t get anywhere else,” Newick said. “That kind of experience that’s just different.”

Newick said a few members of the Concord staff continue to work at the Dover location, but most have found new jobs.

Several regulars have been trying to persuade Newick to open locations in their specific towns, and the longtime owner says he’s weighing his options.

“On the Facebook feed, we’ve had people lobbying for different towns and saying we should go back to Merrimack where we had one in 2007 that we closed,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of positive support.”

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