Capital area real estate transfers from May 22 to 28

Published: 6/6/2019 3:58:35 PM

362 N. Barnstead Road; land and building; $227,000; L. A. Bartolomeo-Wenzel and Paul C. Wenzel to Brandyn S. Boynton and Miranda L. Schlup.

1225 Suncook Valley Road; land and building; $210,000; James and Renee Moore to Keith A. Payne and Lisa J. Beaudin.

No address available Lot 17a; $75,000; Adi Bar-Lev to Donald L. and Michele L. Bourque.


14 Brookside Circle; mobile home; $50,000; Douglas E. and Kathy L. Canfield to Clayton R. Brown and Linda J. White.

9 Valley Drive; mobile home; $38,000; Wendy Siciliano to Rachel Prosser.


10 Echo Valley Road; land and building; $215,000; James M. and Shelby A. Toomey to Tara E. Stone.

38 Haynes Road; land and building; $349,933; Kevin J. Sheehy and Kathleen A. Winn to Robert G. Charron and Jennifer Lamonday.

Raymond Road; land; $95,000; Rebecca and Steven Whitmeyer to Michael H. Girardin.


14 Deering Center Road; land and building; $165,000; Bennett Properties LLC to Timothy A. Bailey.

1422 Deering Center Road; land and building; $147,000; Mark Couturier to Maria L. Stevens.


31 Abenaki Path; other; $147,000; Peter J. and Maureen Walton to Thomas H. and Allison M. Surette.

12 Chalet Drive; land and building; $183,000; Charles and Louise Maxwell to Melissa L. Deleon.

75 David Lewis Road; land and building; $294,933; Ryan T. and Joy E. Southworth to Aaron and Shauna Armiento.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 61; condominium; $360,000; Paul L. Lemire to Thomas J. Cochran and Mary J. Willemin.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 65; condominium; $470,000; Edward R. Ronan and Leah-ann Socorro to Kelly J. Lemire.

No address available Lot 21; $84,000; Patricia M. Clifford to Jordan Tankard.

No address available; $80,000; Sharon A. Arnold Estate and Craig M. Leahy to Dawn M. Mckenna.


Back Road; $75,000; Sharon M. Smith to Shannon Gagnon.

112 Deer Drive; land and building; $100,000; Charlene J. Houle to Nicholas Sangillo.

Hill Top Farm Road; $143,000; Lee Zimmerman to Raed Hertel Ft and Van E. Hertel.

Shellcamp Road; $333,000; Harry E. and Sharon F. Skelley to Kevin J. Crowley.

No address available Lot 71s; $145,000; Lorette M. Doiron to Lori E. and Jeffrey R. Hughes.


80 Hall Road; land; $27,333; Dorothy A. Cooke to Edward T. Lane.

66 Preston St. Unit 12; condominium; $109,000; Teresa M. Knapp to Sara Knapp.

7 Raccoon Alley; land and building; $140,000; Susan M. Peterson to Michael R. and Kathleen Maggelet.


20 Chapin Terrace; land and building; $550,000; John S. and Linda M. Shelley to Sherrill A. Bachner and William L. Dulong.

Fields Crossing Condo Unit 33b; condominium; $205,000; Xigrida Lejnieks to Haven Grove LLC.

161 Hilliard Road Unit 5; condominium; $147,533; Sandra A. Sharcot to Anthony Campo.

27 Kristen Drive Unit A; condominium; $205,000; Thomas M. and Sharon M. Haggerty to William B. Marquis.

66 Landing Lane Unit 105; condominium; $142,533; Michael J. Cusack to Myles Chase and Deidre R. Cullen.

13 Madison St.; land and building; $184,000; Troy S. Caruso to Caitlyn M. Day.

45 Penny Lane; land and building; $270,000; John C. Dickinson and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC.

15 Phoenician Way; land and building; $290,000; Denise M. McGuire to Paul D. and Kim C. Dutile.

22 Roosevelt Lane; land and building; $250,000; David W. and Caren Pierni to Kenneth D. Connor.

86 Stark St.; land and building; $175,000; Peter N. Tsakiris Estate and Maria Baumeister to Kayla J. Lucier and Gloria J. McAllister.

144 Treetop Circle Unit 23; condominium; $111,000; Albert J. and Wendy J. Varga to Jason and Shannon Q. Catizone.

355 Turner Way; land and building; $410,000; Brian D. and Caren B. Daniels to John T. Stevens.

No address available; $46,000; Scott and Veronica Griffin to Michael and Shannon Mounsey.


No address available; $66,000; Donald F. and Anna Cocci to Deborah T. and David J. Tetreault.


1648 Gordon Hill Road; $35,533; Erin Thebodo to Celina B. Waryasz.

Hillside Drive; land; $57,800; Abigail S. Mercer to David S. and G. S. Cohen.


1033 First N.H. Turnpike; mobile home; $90,000; Kenneth E. Elliott to Michael Bane and Marissa Russo.

112 Tasker Shore Drive; land and building; $649,933; David R. and Mardell Radebaugh to Tobias and Louise Duys.

228 Ye Olde Canterbury Road; land and building; $326,000; Douglas P. and Stacy L. Sweet to Wayne M. and Leila L. Thomas.


9 Blueberry Hill Road Unit 7; condominium; $170,000; Christie L. Sweeney to Tonya Labrosse.

45 Carmel Drive; land and building; $315,000; Michael and Kathleen Maxwell to Jeffrey C. Furlone.

178 Fairgrounds Road; mobile home; $140,000; Andy D. and Margaret A. Jones to Cory N. Ludwig.

No address available Lot 36; $10,000; Patrick Hannigan to Michael P. McGinley.


56 Leavitt Road; $325,000; Jason Durgin to Christopher J. Hutchins and Janell A. Smith-Hutchins.

No address available Lot 32-7d; $48,533; Douglas E. Wolfe to Daniel Malmorg and Alison Malmborg.

No address available Lot 72; $250,000; Wendy A. Razinha to Nancy Huckins.


38 Chevey Hill Road; land and building; $268,000; Brian E. and Kristen L. Johnsen to Ryan B. O’Neal.

131 Old Town Road Unit A; condominium; $216,000; Ryan Foster to Nathan W. Bode.

49 Windsong Heights; land and building; $257,533; Antonio E. and Cynthia J. Proulx to Patricia J. Morris.


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