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In Hopkinton, community connects with ukuleles

02-26-2024 4:24 PM


Echoes of melodic strumming and the gentle fluttering of sheet music fill the walls of Hopkinton’s library in the evenings, as the Contookuleles gather at their monthly meetups, for a celebration of their shared passion for music and the ukulele.Ric...

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Take Me Outside: Eastern coyotes – scary neighbors or important managers?

02-25-2024 6:00 AM

A few weeks ago my friend, fellow Monitor columnist and local farmer, Carole Soule shared a story about coyotes on her farm. Though I’m not a commercial farmer, I sympathize with the angst Carole felt about sharing her farm with canine predators. I...

From the farm: How to converse with a cow

02-24-2024 4:00 PM

Every tot knows that cows go “moo,” but there’s a little more to it than that. The soft chortle-moo of mother to baby is distinct from the growl-moo of one bull challenging another, which differs from the impatient moos of hungry cattle. Continuous...

Vintage Views: Concord’s Main Street has served as a gathering spot for years

02-24-2024 3:00 PM

As our ancestors gathered down on Main Street just over 130 years ago there was much conversation about the current events of the day. The people of Concord felt they were living on the cutting edge of technology as they sat, dined and observed the...

The farmer’s daughter and the theatre

02-22-2024 4:26 PM


Some of the life lessons learned in the theatre: self awareness, teamwork, time management, dealing with all types of people and situations, being realistic, being adaptive with good problem-solving skills, and not letting the problem of everyday life...

Dreaming of summer peaches?

02-22-2024 3:46 PM


I planted my first peach tree last June, five months before Pantone named Peach Fuzz the 2024 color of the year. How serendipitous!Today peachy tones are showing up everywhere, from TV backdrops to home furnishings, clothing and brand logos. But for...

A Sherlock Holmes live radio mystery

02-21-2024 3:38 PM

The Winni Players Community Theatre’s tradition of presenting radio plays live on stage continues Feb. 22 ot 25 with “The Sherlock Mystery Radio Hour.” Audiences will visit the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in an event that Playhouse...

MILF Life Crisis at Bank of NH Stage

02-21-2024 3:35 PM

Your whole life, you just wanted to get married and have babies. It took a bit of time to get there, but you got there. But your perfect life has fallen apart. Now you have your beautiful children and a parenting schedule with the ex. Did you really...

‘Every wedding we have is completely unique’

02-19-2024 11:23 AM


In over two decades of years of running Curtis Farm Outdoor Weddings & Events, Matt Fish of Wilton has pretty much seen it all. “After doing this for 23 years, we can handle just about any challenge on the fly,” Fish said. “You name it, we’ve had it...

From the farm: Tame cattle won’t gore you

02-17-2024 9:00 PM


‘Look at that bull! He’s going to come over here and stab you with his horns!” The boy, about eight years old, was sharing his knowledge of horned cattle with his younger brother at the Deerfield Fair. It was early morning, and I was acclimating one...

Son honors father’s music at Chubb Theatre

02-13-2024 12:58 PM

Billboard charting singer/songwriter A.J. Croce will be performing at Chubb Theatre on Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. on his special “Croce Plays Croce 50th Anniversary Tour” in honor of the memory of his late, legendary father, hitmaker singer-songwriter, Jim...

Commmunity Players to present ‘Witness for the Prosecution’

02-13-2024 12:57 PM

From Feb. 16 to 18, the Community Players of Concord NH will present Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution” at Concord City Auditorium. Part of the Community Players’ 96th Season, the famous Christie thriller is the most-performed courtroom...

‘On The Exhale’ to be presented at Bank of NH Stage

02-13-2024 12:56 PM

On Feb. 16 to 18 and March 1 to 3 at Bank of NH Stage in Concord and The Winnipesaukee Playhouse in Meredith, respectively, theatre KAPOW will present “On The Exhale.” A full-length drama by Martin Zimmerman, “On The Exhale” offers a complex...

From the farm: Coyotes are scary neighbors

02-11-2024 4:00 PM


We have coyotes. We hear them at night, howling to advertise their presence to other packs, claiming their territory – the woods on Miles Smith Farm. I picture them, black eyes shimmering in the moonlight as they yowl and yip in a wave of sound....

Vintage Views: A grave concern

02-11-2024 12:00 PM


There are times in life that are most sacred and respected, times such as the birth of a child, care for the elderly, nursing the very ill and ultimately the fate of death that each and every one of us will experience. Many of our sacred events are...

Students to present two-play repertory

02-06-2024 2:42 PM

Students ages 8-13 in the Winnipesaukee Playhouse Education Department will present John Olive’s adaptation of Louis Sachar’s “Sideways Stories from Wayside School.” This production will take the stage along with 13-18 year old students’ production of...

‘In Love with Broadway’ opens this week

02-06-2024 2:41 PM

Powerhouse Theatre Collaborative, the resident theatre company of the Colonial Theatre, is kicking off its five-show 2024 Colonial Series Feb. 9 to 11 with “In Love with Broadway: A Musical Celebration.”Featuring 33 talented ensemble members plus...

Trio, now W4RP, comes to Hermit Woods

02-06-2024 2:40 PM

On Feb. 8, The Loft at Hermit Woods is pleased to welcome W4RP, formally know as the Warp Trio.W4RP is an internationally touring cross-genre chamber music experience. A mashup of Juilliard-trained players and members steeped in rock and jazz styles....

From the farm: Cow flipping for fun and profit

02-04-2024 1:00 PM


Yes, I’m a cow flipper, not to be confused with a cow tipper. If you’ve watched Chip and Joanna Gaines on TV or read “The Magnolia Story,” you know what a house flipper is. Well, that’s what I do, except with cows. Chip and Joanna work to improve...

From the archives: The legacy of the USS Kearsarge

02-04-2024 8:00 AM


Ashley Miller shares this month’s story with ConcordTV. Watch the episode on YouTube.One of the most famed naval battles of the Civil War involved a ship created in, and named for, the Granite State.The USS Kearsarge was built in the Portsmouth Naval...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 485 total.
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