Real estate listings for June 12-18

Published: 6/25/2019 2:15:17 PM

51 Ridge Road; land and building; $245,000; Alan and Denise J. Dunn to Jeffrey D. and Jessica L. Dunn.


Beaver Ridge Road; $279,000; Matthew Banko to Bradley Roberts and Kaitlyn Zarkowsky.

11 Mont Vernon Drive; land and building; $185,000; Charles Elliott Estate and Anita Elliott to Louellen F. and Justyn N. Hughen.

277 Varney Road; land and building; $207,533; Daniel J. and Elizabeth A. Lawton to Eric D. Altman and Jeannie E. Cass.

No address provided, Lot 1; $60,000; Jonathan M. and Megan Ebba to Adam and Rebecca Lecain.

No address provided, Lot 415; $255,000; Paula M. and Francis C. Vardaro to Alanna N. and Steven D. Whitemore.

No address provided, Lot 62; $173,000; Lorraine Gayhart to Michael J. and Cheryl A. Clark.


449 Laconia Road; three-family home; $242,000; Peter Allen Hauver Lt and Peter Hauver to Jordan P. Neveu and Cleo R. Labranche.

21 Magnolia Lane; mobile home; $55,000; Gregory J. and William T. Moore to Frederick L. Moore.


3 Goodhue Road; land and building; $305,000; Andrea and Seth Danko to Shawn L. Caldwell.


26 Lewis Lane Unit 26; condominium; $351,600; Preferred First Realty to Beth A. Masingill.

8 Shore View Drive; land and building; $330,000; Allyson B. and Thomas P. Worthington to Matthew Zahn.

21 Summer Lane; mixed-use complex; $648,000; Peaslee Hill LLC to Arthur J. and Natalie M. Erickson.

No address provided, Lot 10f; $250,000; Ann A. and Raleigh Tobine to Nancy S. and S. Steven Paulenka.


35 Manor Estates Drive Unit 15; condominium; $479,000; Marilyn E. Diorio Irt and Linda A. Trudel to Robert R. and Patricia A. Micheli.

4520 River Road; land and building; $256,533; Roberta Emerson to Jason H. and Holly M. Miller.


125 Center Road; land and building; $334,000; Andre and Katherine Uy to Kim A. and William D. Megarry.

39 Cross Road; land and building; $278,000; Margo A. and Paul R. Dupont to Betty J. and Michael W. Loan.


8 Amy Way; land and building; $294,000; 3 Wishes LLC to Michael J. Miller.

40 Auburn St.; land and building; $488,000; Kellie P. and Lars Erik J. Ljungholm to Annie and Donald J. Proulx.

39 Bluffs Drive Unit 39; condominium; $90,000; Joanne E. Cullerot to Cathleen C. Doucet Ret and Cathleen C. Wiggin.

1 Cabernet Drive Unit 1; condominium; $245,533; Margaret Hughes to Andrea S. Main.

27 Cemetery St.; land and building; $203,266; Kimberly Gardipee and Scott Nadeau to Krystopher T. Parry.

91-93 Centre St.; two-family home; $359,000; Jonathan and Tonya Binder to Jason P. Sargeant.

2 Cottage Court; land and building; $225,000; Amy B. Bigelow and Craig K. Laursen to Jeffrey Lanouette.

363 Elm St.; land and building; $300,000; Jason and Sandra Keddy to Kristina Defazio-Mamone and Chris Mamone.

70 Fisk Road; land and building; $600,000; Margaret and Paul Hodes to Nathan S. Bishop and Serena M. Day.

14 Grove St.; two-family home; $305,000; Thomas R. and Maura Carroll to Lisa Lancellotti.

Hoit Road Lot 7; $312,000; Donald W. Cloutier to Strategic Contracting Co.

53 Joffre St.; land and building; $305,000; Craig S. Moser to Aletea C. and Meredith C. Bresaw.

51 Laurel St.; land and building; $230,000; Stevyn R. Dodd and Tiffany E. Todd to Timothy A. Bourrie and Josephine F. Fanelli.

123 Mountain Road; land and building; $279,000; Colleen and James Ball to Turner K. Bohlen and Elizabeth R. Casey.

State Street; $245,000; Linda L. Oakes to Hay River LLC.


Seaward Drive Lot; land; $36,533; Marijune and Paul Delouis to Roger Conner.

218 Taylor Hill Road; land and building; $138,333; John Sullivan to Diane Drew.

32 Wiggin Road; land and building; $195,000; Ruth B. Fincham Estate and Ernest Neal to James D. Phelps.


4 Fieldstone Drive; land; $349,933; Tucker Real Estate and Development to Michael K. and Tiffany-Lee Costa.


No address provided; $12,000; David M. Day Estate and Liana Day to Kenneth D. Pierce.

No address provided; $12,000; Andrea Day to Kenneth D. Pierce.


6 Samuels Court; land and building; $475,000; Jennifer Couture and William Loginov to Evan D. Lange.


38 Briar Wood Drive; land and building; $270,000; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Elijah D. Smith.

N.H. Route 107; land; $50,000; Blackwell Co. LLC to BMT Construction LLC.

685 Suncook Valley Highway; land and building; $425,000; Holly and James Lafore to Alicia J. and Evan M. Travers.


139 E. Bow St.; multi-unit home; $160,000; Deborah A. and Mary L. Gilman to Deanna L. and James R. Mogavero.

54 Evergreen Ave.; land and building; $237,533; Janice E. Kelble to Dina and Timothy Russell.

13 Independence Ave.; land and building; $105,000; Steven A. Rothman Ret and Catherine A. Rothman to Todd M. Workman.

151 Thunder Road; land and building; $222,933; Jennifer and Robert Daigle to Paula Harris.

72 W. Bow St.; land and building; $54,000; Cindy Carroll to Warren B. Cook.

110 W. Bow St.; $33,000; Gerald and Judy Bergeron to Warren B. Cook.

114 W. Bow St.; land and building; $33,000; Gerald and Judy Bergeron to Warren B. Cook.

No address provided; $137,000; Theodore Lorenzetti and Ronald Martin to Marvin Gardens Rentals.


24 Jay Drive; land and building; $237,000; John H. and Melissa J. Roskilly to Reinita F. Susman.

98 Liberty Hill Road; land; $430,000; Kathryn F. Lacroix to Scott A. and Carol J. Hodgkins.

18 Sprucewood Drive; land and building; $364,933; Moonlight T. and Todd B. Pickering to Robert W. and Pamela A. Haigh.

74 Terrace Hill Road; land and building; $1,536,000; John C. Morgenstern to Ryan Bruehlmann.

90 Varney Point Road; $1,615,000; Marguerite A. Keefe to Jason A. Sidman.

64 Wildwood Road; other; $475,000; Alan B. and Diane M. Cupples to Kevin and Cindy Gorgoglione.

No address provided; $15,000; Christine J. Holt to Donnie Lee Patterson.


19 Chestnut Ave.; land and building; $43,500; Live Well Financial Inc. to Krysten Adel.

41 Durrell Mountain Road; land and building; $268,000; Timothy J. and Mary L. Rush to Richard J. and Lisa M. Macdonald.

40 Loon Pond Road; land and building; $290,000; Stanley N. and Pamela A. Chamallas to Cathy and Shane Thornton.

1218 Province Road; land and building; $598,000; Barbara S. Morris to James K. and Laura L. Morrissey.

No address provided, Lot 105-1; $45,000; Charles T. and Jenashay Doyle to Michael J. and Marie E. Wood.


Flanders Road Lot 583; $60,000; Chase Brook Land LLC to Laurendeau Ent LLC.

114 Hillside Drive; land and building; $237,000; Fletcher J. Baron to Jasmine and Wayne L. Allen.


10 Boulder Road; $130,000; Edward L. Hill to Shawn W. Hamilton and Crystal A. Defosses.

559 E. Washington Road; land and building; $165,000; Ashley M. Broadley and Chad M. Durgain to Damon Beaudreau and Caroline French.

86 Jefferson Drive; land and building; $223,000; Joshua J. and Crystal Scipione to David Munroe.

Old Henniker Road Lot; land; $19,933; Joseph W. Curran to Edward C. Makara.

6 Washington Circle; land and building; $240,000; Deborah Jones to William F. Metzemaekers.


26 Apple Tree Lane; land and building; $419,933; Jean J. and Robert E. Hansen to Erik P. Bal and Katherine J. Robart-Bal.

135 Dolly Road; land and building; $300,000; Amanda and Charles Rice to John W. and Laura C. Wuellenweber.

826 Gould Hill Road; land and building; $814,533; James W. Corrigan T. and Carol C. Corrigan to Jennifer L. and William A. Loginov.

250 Pinewood Drive; land and building; $223,000; Carol A. Bonner to Jessica Ball and Justin Bonner.


Academy Street; $220,000; Seacon Properties LLC to Second Street Construction.

108 Academy St.; land and building; $200,000; David B. Wiggins to Butterfly House LLC.

84 Baldwin St.; land and building; $224,000; Pamela J. Bartlett to Benjamin Cartier and Kristy L. Harper.

240 Franklin St.; $172,933; Mark W. and Christi A. Mele to Lisa Gendron.

12 Links Path Unit A; condominium; $273,000; Paul E. and Jan Burkhardt to Julie A. Irwin and Bret Hammon.

North Street Lot 35; $35,000; Christopher C. Arnold to Marisa Coleman.

147 Pleasant St., Unit 3; condominium; $40,000; Paul Hull to Leah Britton.

15 Washington St.; land and building; $200,000; Ann D. Drouin and Christian E. Levasseur to Kellie M. and Edward M. McEvoy.

No address provided Lot 29; $1,200,000; Peter A. and Susan R. Palmer to Jasal Ret and James C. Sedgewick.


200 Clough Hill Road; land and building; $275,000; Joshua Marchand and Elizabeth S. Naylor to Amanda D. and Jason M. Turner.

Shaker Road Lot; land; $76,500; Melinda J. Hull Estate and Matthew C. Hull to Haron Corp.


277 Bear Isle; land and building; $356,000; Dorothea C. Tremblay and Brian L. Tremblay to John L. Tremblay.

15 Brookhurst Lane West; land and building; $490,533; James and Ann M. Roosevelt to Michael H. and Sarah M. Erlich.

1 E. Bluff Highlands Unit 4; condominium; $170,000; James A. and Valerie J. Griffin to Thomas and Kerri Maher.

25 Grouse Hollow Road Unit 25; condominium; $1,100,000; Christopher E. Irwin to Lisa K. and Leonard F. Dorlando.

Stevens Avenue; land; $62,000; Judith G. James 2019 T. and Judith G. James to Walter E. and Patricia J. Ohnemus.

No address provided Lot 4; $440,000; Colleen E. Skinner to Raymond J. Creteau.

No address provided, Lot 17; $165,000; Paul and Nancy Lezon to John Allekian.

No address provided, Lot 27; $216,000; Dorothy C. Chekas to Kennethj and Nathan G. O’Neil.


32 Hilltop Place Unit 32; condominium; $225,000; Donal C. and Nancy Emerson to Bettie H. Howard.

881 Morgan Hill Road; land and building; $639,800; Gina and Paul Christman to Dorian R. and James H. Scammon.

792 Sugarhouse Road; land and building; $389,000; Alan L. and Gail M. Eggert to Janice L. and Paul D. Ritter.

Tracy Road Lot 10-2; $75,000; William L. Messer to Daniel Grace.

No address provided; $75,000; William L. Messer to S. and P. Ft 2017 and Kasie Burnell.


Lake Avenue Unit 471s; dock condo; $80,000; Harry G. Seidel to Krista Peterson-Snow and Thomas L. Snow.

38 Ramblewood Drive; land and building; $220,000; Douglas T. Martin to Kaitlyn Jackson.

No address provided, Lot 4; $173,000; Craig W. Chase to James and Karen Yim.


32 Silver Lane; land and building; $235,000; James J. Choquette to Fritz J. and Fritz S. Glass.

Summer Street; $300,000; Andrew and Samantha Southland to Jeffrey Abrams.

No address provided; $175,400; Jason M. Turner to Benjamin H. Davis.


90 Oakwood Drive; land and building; $300,000; Robert Fichera to Michael J. Moore.

9 Temperance Hill Drive; land and building; $360,000; Mary E. and Carl P. Kernander to Thomas Zabkar and Bridget G. Hart.


36 Bow Lane; land and building; $299,933; Celia and Richard A. Goyette to Justine M. Jodrey and Patrick J. Strawbridge.

185 Main St.; land and building; $195,533; Shawn L. Caldwell to Nancy Monseaux.

454 Micol Road; land and building; $350,000; Michael Flick and Michelle Stoddard-Flick to Megan and Timothy Vasconcellos.

428 Nadine Drive; land and building; $255,000; Megan M. Stoddard and Timothy Vasconcellos to Jeffrey and Sara Desharnais.

716-718 Riverwood Drive; department store; $1,010,000; Riverwood Drive LLC to Pace Career Academy.


34 Chestnut St.; multi-unit home; $171,000; Diane and Scott Partridge to F8 Tri-Partners Realty LLC.


51 Merrill St.; land and building; $280,000; DDA Investments LLC to Kenneth S. Solinsky.

33 Plaza Village Road Unit D; condominium; $80,000; A. K. Gilbert-Swift to Odysefs Raptis.

No address provided; $155,000; Guanghong Liu to James P. Black.

No address provided; $60,000; Timothy J. and Pamela D. White to Michael G. and Lisa B. Baker.


23 Hensmith Road; land and building; $245,000; Carol E. Stonemetz to Alyssa Mcbride-Hodges and Benjamin D. Hodges.


374 Black Brook Road; land and building; $235,000; Shanna L. Fournier to Benjamin D. and Johanna K. Roy.


Camp Kemah Road; $225,000; Margaret A. Demone to Michael McElroy and Rosemary Mylod-McElroy.

215 Meadow Brook Road; land and building; $300,000; Kim L. Pitcher to Douglas C. and Sarah Hamilton.

1459 Route 114; land and building; $150,000; Sara J. Colson and John A. Prickett to Carol and Mark Godbout.


885 Laconia Road Unit 31; condominium; $175,000; Kelley and Kelley Inc. to James H. Johnston.

60 Winter St.; land and building; $202,000; Danielle M. and Joshua R. Marceau to Erin M. Wood and Scott P. Page.


14 Geneva St.; land and building; $300,000; Mitchell Kalpakgian Estate and Gregory A. Kalpakgian to Sara J. Colson and John A. Prickett.

87 Kearsarge Mountain Road; land and building; $220,000; Robert Egan to Benjamin J. Dabuliewicz and Amy M. Mitchell.

208 N. Village Road; land and building; $345,000; Andrea S. Main to Charles and Melissa Arena.


28 Birchwood Drive; land and building; $220,000; Jenny Lynn Burnett to Michael and Ajah Hebert.

194 Buckley Road Lot 121; mobile home; $36,000; Gail N. Guay Ret and Micheline G. Anstey to Timothy Hunt.

227 Colby Road; $339,000; Thomas P. and Lisa L. Nicol to Joshua and Katelyn Ricker.

52 Collins Landing Road Unit 89; condominium; $227,533; Margene A. Rasnic to David A. and Susan S. Gabert.

84 Fox Hollow Drive; land and building; $345,000; David W. and Shelley C. Enderson to Joshua M. Wezesa.

567 N. Stark Highway; land and building; $240,000; Kristin L. Fedorchak to Andew J. Prokop.

57 Perkins Pond Road; $72,000; GM Investments Partners to Bryan R. Haaker and Jennifer L. Ramsay.


Dustin Road; $61,533; Mark J. Stevens to David A. and Theresa M. Bean.

10 White Plains Road; land and building; $195,000; Matthew and Riane Guay to Seth S. Danko.

103 White Plains Road; land and building; $320,000; Attila Fazekas and Tara Wolfe-Fazekas to Mark T. Lafleur.

No address provided, Lot 76; $10,000; Silvia Marino to Joann M. and Phillip E. Strittmatter.


117 Laurel Lane; land and building; $326,000; Shirley C. Anderson Ret and Daryl A. Mooney to Alma S. Garcia-Barbosa and Alan S. Brooks.

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