Capital area real estate transfers from June 26 to July 2

Published: 7/11/2019 12:18:44 PM
Modified: 7/11/2019 12:18:34 PM

63 Chestnut Drive; land; $350,000; BMT Construction LLC to Carl J. Hassum and Antonio L. Moura.

15 Cottage Way Unit A; condominium; $175,000; Rachel E. Crawford and Timothy J. Simoneau to Holly Dutton.

7 Pine Acres Road; land and building; $289,933; Peggy M. Garrett to Sean Kemp and Tracey Rittgers-Kemp.


362 Main St.; land and building; $148,000; FHLM to Jacob T. Ylitalo.


9 Colony Drive; $245,000; TL Consulting Corp to Sarah S. and Gary W. Moulton.

89 Cooke Road; $239,000; Clear Creek Builders LLC to Mark and Kristina Mcisaac.

7 Davis Drive; land and building; $165,000; Charles Borsody to Miguel A. Goyeneche and Gladys Valenzuela.

151 N. Barnstead Road; land and building; $194,000; Gary A. and Kathleen A. Mcloughlin to Alexander W. Pathic.

878 N. Barnstead Road; $277,933; Peter and Constance Holmes to Edward E. and Diane R. Rule.

90 Tamworth Trail; land and building; $227,000; Edward and Diane Rule to C. I. Fernandez-Rojas.

16 Wentworth Lane; land and building; $219,933; Taylor B. Louk and Jacob A. Benjamin to Charles D. Bean.

119 Windsor Way; land and building; $75,000; Michael W. and Betty J. Loan to Ma House Sold LLC.


48 Dearborn St.; Manufacturing; $478,000; 48 Dearborn St., Realty LLC to Beaufort Investments LLC.

Durrell Mountain Road; land; $30,000; Apple Building Systems Inc. to Arnold W. and Marcia Benson.

370 Dutile Road; land and building; $250,133; Robert H. and Irene E. Tyler to Maureen MacDonald.

28 Oak Drive Unit 28; condominium; $158,000; Kori E. Shackett to Jennifer A. Ellsworth and Michael A. Ellworth.

No address provided Lot 3; $150,000; Joan R. Menchin to Michele A. Richard.


2 Jackson St.; mobile home; $117,000; Susan E. Cappucci to Michael E. Lavelle.

114 North Main St.; land and building; $225,000; David F. Fancher to James E. and Maranda M. Lindonen.

34 Queen St.; land and building; $305,000; Gale P. and Glenn R. Schumaker to Ajang I. Bior and Sarah A. Kocdal.


21 Bela View Drive; land and building; $335,000; Christopher and Jamie Meoak to Jeffrey M. and Melissa L. Lebel.

103 Bow Bog Road; land and building; $250,000; Lawrence F. Nadeau and Suzanne E. Vachon to Drew J. Eldridge and Shannon M. Ronan.

5 Branch Londonderry Tpke West; land and building; $392,933; Cynthia G. Gunn and Kirk M. Stone to Amanda Cordier Ft and Amanda R. Cordier.

36 Evangelyn Drive Unit 36; condominium; $346,533; William E. Reeder 1998 Ret and Susan Reeder-moss to John J. Prowse Ft and Jolene Driscoll.

14 Evergreen Drive; land and building; $295,000; Bourassa Ft and Paul E. Bourassa to Katelyn D. Comeau and Adam A. Denoncour.

7 Fox Meadow Drive; land and building; $448,800; Douglas Bournival to Christine and Jeffrey Davidson.

28 Heidi Lane; land and building; $500,000; Margaret E. and Thomas J. Mccabe to Patrick Santoso and William J. Wyman.

15 Hooksett Tpke; land and building; $275,000; Amy M. and Justin M. Campbell to Katelyn A. Abbott.

37 Stone Sled Lane Unit 37; condominium; $369,000; Virginia B. Hast Ret and Virginia B. Hast to Anne and Thomsa F. Mcallister.

4 Turee View Drive; land and building; $265,000; George B. Descoteau T. and Lauren Descoteau to Heather M. Croteau.


29 Davis Road; land and building; $223,333; Lisa C. and Richard Myers to Gary E. Atchley.

44 High St.; land and building; $141,000; Donahue Michael F. Jr Est and James J. Bianco to Joan P. Lucas and James H. Pickman.

315 Rowe Mountain Road; land and building; $287,000; Coffey H. Margaret and Mary J. Eikman to Erin S. and Michael J. Cadorette.

2600 State Route 103; land and building; $295,000; Dp Times 2 Enterprises to Am Land Holdings LLC.

2796 West Shore Road; $245,000; Deborah and Richard B. Gates to Pamela S. and Trent A. Dalpra.


60 School St.; land and building; $70,000; Fnma to Gail Sousa.

West Shore Road; land; $25,000; Edward M. and Karen M. Coughlin to Laura and Frank A. Carson.

105 Worfield Circle; land and building; $229,000; Elizabeth S. Vogler to Howard W. and Katrina L. Murphy.


178 Borough Road; land and building; $235,666; Lorraine E. Obrien T. and Nancy Levesque to andrew Brenner.

34 Nottingham Road; mobile home; $122,533; James and Mickey M. Chandler to Mackenzie A. Porter.

586 Shaker Road; land and building; $432,000; Deborah and Renaud Dupuis to Alan E. and Carol A. Stone.

No address provided Lot 11; $150,000; Robert Mcgrath to Brian T. and Cheryl M. Levesque.


10 Swiggey Brook Road; land and building; $157,000; Fnma to David J. and Mary A. Gagnon.


133 Airport Road; land and building; $230,000; andrew and Colleen Beland to Denis M. Bright.

11 Badger St.; 2-Fam Res; $355,000; Elizabeth and Michael Smith to Debra L. Barnes Ret and Debra L. Barnes.

48 Beacon St.; land and building; $173,400; Mary E. Tarr Irt and Thomas K. Tarr to Aaron E. Phinney.

119 Borough Road; land and building; $127,000; Nathaniel J. Hall and Pennymac Loan Services to Mdr Rehab&development.

84 Branch Tpke Unit 44; condominium; $227,800; Shelley R. Bisson to Jin W. Song.

15 Chestnut Ct; land and building; $355,000; John L. Arnold to Deborah B. and Renaud R. Dupuis.

Daniel Webster Hwy; $270,000; Merrimack County Sb to Tse Holdings LLC.

39 Dominique Drive; land and building; $345,000; Beth M. Wilkes to Daniel Frost and Chelsea Stickney.

5 Greeley St.; land and building; $213,000; Steven S. and Susan D. Page to Jocelyn and Jonathan T. Hughes.

26 Haig St.; land and building; $224,200; Chelsea Stickney to Ian T. Hamilton.

3 Harrod St.; 2-Fam Res; $122,000; Robert G. Robinson to Matthew Lefebvre.

30 Henniker St. Unit 4; Indus Condo; $137,000; Airport Rd 90 Realty LLC to Sull Electric LLC.

6 Ladybug Lane; land and building; $269,933; George M. Nelson 2nd T. and George M. Nelson to Mark J. Castellano.

3 Merrimack St.; 9 + Unit Apt; $520,000; Charlotte G. Aznive Ret and Arthur W. Aznive to Kjd Real Estate LLC.

52 Millstone Drive; land and building; $385,000; April and Mark Castellano to Haley P. and Scott F. Szuksta.

30 Millstream Lane; land and building; $255,000; Katelyn F. Carr and Randall E. Freeman to Heidi Petzold.

70 Modena Drive Unit 70; condominium; $165,000; Joseph Craigue to Amy J. Tower.

410 Mountain Road; land and building; $345,000; Kristen and Nicholas A. Skafidas to Lindsey Tristaino.

76-78 North Spring St.; 3-Fam Res; $325,000; Paul B. Makris Ret and Paul B. Makris to Matthew E. Becker.

44-46 Perley St.; 2-Fam Res; $130,000; Snaphaunce Ret and Arthur W. Aznive to Kjd Real Estate LLC.

18 Quail Rdg; land and building; $399,000; Debra S. and Gary R. Blanchard to Jason and Jessica Parent.

65 River Road; land and building; $119,533; Deann E. Fife to James Gilbert.

13-15 South State St.; Other Exempt; $300,000; Snaphaunce Ret and Arthur W. Aznive to Kjd Real Estate LLC.

17-19 South State St.; Other Exempt; $615,000; State Street Ret and Charles A. Aznive to Kjd Real Estate LLC.

53 Songbird Drive Unit 53; condominium; $249,000; Maria E. Iozza-taylor to Caitlin G. Magnon and Jeremy J. Vega.

39 Thorndike St.; 4-8 Unit Apt; $243,000; Robert G. Robinson to Matthew Lefebvre.

No address provided; $1,200,000; 4 North State St Rentals to Kjd Real Estate LLC.

No address provided; $193,000; Chandra and Jeremy Pfeiffer to George Miller.


75 Brookside Lane; land and building; $190,000; Brian Molloy to Janelle L. and Michael J. Mandra.

72 NH Route 104; land and building; $275,000; Kevin and Teresa Mccullough to Karen K. and Richard P. Horan.

239 NH Route 104; land and building; $170,000; James E. Barkhouse to Franklin A. Ullmer.

462 North Road; land and building; $180,000; Casey and Nicholas Newman to Isaac W. and Suzanne Davis.

227 Ragged Mountain Road; land and building; $198,533; Karen K. and Richard P. Horan to Daniel P. and Ruth E. Kennedy.

No address provided; $209,000; Marie and Mark Dragone to Jeffrey F. Baker and Laura J. Upton-baker.


56 Raymond Road; mobile home; $155,000; William A. Pascual to Christopher M. Witham.


1291 Deering Center Road; land and building; $248,933; Kay D. Allen to Timothy J. and Rachel E. Simoneau.

67 Sky Farm Road; mobile home; $169,000; Victoria L. Beard to Jeremy P. and Brittany E. Dean.

54 Zoski Road; land and building; $420,000; Daniel E. and Joan P. Goddu to Joseph& j. Battistello Ft and Joseph M. Battistello.


33 Birchview Drive; land and building; $456,000; Annette M. and Scott E. Kuhn to Shannon M. and Stephen P. Crowley.

1010 Gorham Pond Road; land and building; $320,000; Kathryn L. Camire to Tanya M. Howland and Kurt A. Jackman.

248 Grapevine Road; land and building; $304,000; Marcus and Rachel A. Riedel to Charles P. and Kelli A. Sforza.

73 Jewett Road; land and building; $260,000; Christopher and Lisa P. Stonge to Kathleen T. and Michael S. Dempsey.

25 Karen Road; land and building; $339,000; Krista J. Rocca-scarlett and Gregory P. Scarlett to Abraham P. Tuttle.


28 Buppa Hill Lane; 2-5 Fam Res; $475,000; Theresa Bigwood to Zachary E. Richards.

233 River Road; land and building; $230,000; Dawn M. and Kenneth P. Gosselin to Robert R. and Sharon D. Streeter.


33 Chance Pond Road; land and building; $205,000; Michele E. Maurier to Everett R. and Stephanie L. Knighton.

98 Gile Pond Road; land and building; $90,000; C. Suldenski-roussin to Belinda Lazzaro.

16 Heath Road; land and building; $289,933; Chester Wickens Ft and Chester A. Wickens to Elizabeth A. and Roger E. Laux.

49 Lawndale Ave.; land and building; $210,000; Bradley K. Parker Ret and Bradley K. Parker to Justin R. Hinds.

23 Old South Main St.; mobile home; $152,533; Larry and Shelley Costa to Ellen Rule.

99 Pearl St.; land and building; $86,000; Jessica R. Bregler and Pennymac Loan Services to 3rd Blue Property Mgmt.

433 Prospect St.; land and building; $193,000; Shannon M. and Walter Hall to Burrell E. and Lori L. Welsch.

209 Victory Drive; land and building; $238,000; Michael Harvey and Amanda Maguire to French Kenneson Rt and Kathy E. Kenneson.

No address provided; $229,933; Randall T. Pabst Ret and Karen R. Pabst to David J. Chandonnet Ft and David J. Chandonnet.


170 Belknap Point Road Unit 23; condominium; $483,000; Sarkis& t. Artinian Ft and Sarkis E. Artinian to Richard R. Raso Ret and Richard R. Raso.

31 Cyrus Lane; land and building; $255,000; Bay State Rt and Edwin K. Hania to Amber Costa and Scott Laurent.

261 Dockham Shore Road Unit A; condominium; $270,000; Todd M. Gys and Amy E. Deaner to Zach Ft and Richard J. Zach.

50 Greenleaf Trl; land and building; $270,000; Craig&sandra Purcell Lt and Craig C. Purcell to Bryan A. and Dale Rivillas.

247 Hoyt Road; land and building; $299,000; Coughlin Ft and Brenda J. Bagdonas to Wicked Black Cat Ret and Carol E. Croteau.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 72; condominium; $340,000; Maryann Landry Ret and Maryann Landry to Elizabeth and Dana Flanders.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 87; condominium; $350,000; John J. and Kerri J. Bozarjian to Maryann Landry.

72 Pinecrest Drive; land and building; $355,000; Charles B. and Joanne E. Veazey to John S. and Amy B. Baxter.

Sleeper Hill Road; $60,000; Cg Real Estate Inv Generl to Irene K. Blouin.

No address provided; $75,000; Robert R. Giordano to Glenn E. Shaw T. and Glenn E. Shaw.


41 Arlene Drive; $214,000; Katherine Clark and Brian A. Hurd to andew and Colleen Beland.

87 Deer Drive; land and building; $178,000; Keith L. and Denise M. Buchanan to Heidi Therrien and John Maloney.

1898 NH Route 140; land and building; $292,933; Matthew and Meredith Mcgilvray to Richard and Carla Cowan.

100 Ridgewood Drive; land and building; $270,000; Christine J. Hayes Ret and Christine J. Hayes to andrew and Amanda Raleigh.

21 Varney Road; land and building; $224,900; Tracey Rittgers-kemp to Michael A. and Lisa Alder.

No address provided Lot 102x; $100,000; Suzette A. Sims to Wayne and Jessica Seitzer.

No address provided Lot 28s; $82,000; Armand L. and Ethel E. Leboeuf to Christine A. Campbell.


140 Craney Hill Road; $60,000; Catherine and Scott Dias to Bradford W. Walker.

433 Davison Road; land and building; $243,000; Joseph W. and Nicole Timmons to Bryan A. and Melissa L. Smith.

Longview Drive; $18,000; Henniker Town Of to Mg Holdings LLC.


237 2nd NH Tpke; land and building; $53,000; Richard L. Duncan to Dunkin 21 LLC.

45 Autumn Road; land and building; $217,000; John J. and Cynthia S. Merva to Amy L. Obrien and Joseph M. Brien.

13 Deerpoint Drive; land and building; $206,000; Robert T. Atwood to Ashley M. and Shawn M. Foote.

1022 East Washington Road; land and building; $289,000; Bronislaw J. Granatek and Eileen P. Tofil to Willia D. Lordan.

210 Henniker St.; mobile home; $595,000; Barretts Mhp 210 Henniken to New Gt Housing LLC.

7 Lincoln Circle; land and building; $237,000; Morgan S. Provencher to Tania Grady.

Pierce Lake Drive; $400,000; Otto&judith Peucker Lt and Otto W. Peucker to Mark R. and Caroline F. Peucker.

11 Pleasant St.; land and building; $284,000; Terry X. and Shelley T. Cutter to Robert B. Whitehead and Charlotte H. Cox.

34 Whittemore St.; land and building; $229,733; Stephanie and John A. Hallett to Brooke and Zachary Provost.


Gould Hill Road; $350,000; Gloria W. Martin Ret and Peter N. Martin to Rix Ft 2016 and Erica C. Rix.

Pine St.; $217,400; Barbara F. and Harry N. Walls to Lance J. Klingler and Stephanie J. Zydenbos.

160 Spring St.; land and building; $229,933; Mrd Rehab&dev LLC to David F. Carriker.

616 Upper Straw Road; land and building; $439,933; Dorian R. and James H. Scammon to Tyler Nelson.

60 White Tail Run; land and building; $615,000; Brian C. and Kristen Noble to Shayna J. Carp and Matthew K. Spielman.


73 Aviation Drive Unit 15; condominium; $30,000; Ed Buczak to Gregory Farah.

485 Endicott St. East Unit 6; condominium; $200,000; Bridget C. Boyle and Judith C. Wilson to William Lane and Kara L. Geraci.

554 Endicott St. North Unit 38; mobile home; $22,000; Darren D. Mawson to Debra L. Mignosa.

200 Garfield St. Unit 3; condominium; $177,000; C. & r. Rt and Clyaton L. Dunn to Forrest Noe&sons Re LLC.

171 Gold St.; 4-8 Unit Apt; $460,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Birch Tree Property Mgmt.

73 Leigh Ct; land and building; $121,000; Jeana L. Stonge to Eric M. Kingsbury.

Maiden Lady Cove Lane Lot 6; $300,000; William C. Davison to 2017 Leighton Ft and Bradley A. Leighton.

338 Main St.; $460,000; Lakeport Rentals LLC to Birch Tree Property Mgmt.

91 Mcgrath St.; land and building; $180,000; Steven R. and Theresa D. Folsom to Sarah Buck-adams and Jamison V. Tooley.

98 Natures View Drive; land and building; $369,933; Potvin Ft and Alfred R. Potvin to Annmarie F. and Ellen M. Costigan.

1480 Old North Main St. Unit 10; condominium; $345,533; Vincent P. and Irene M. Caruso to Eric S. and Pamela J. Muzzey.

84 Recreation Drive Unit A27; Cndo Storage; $20,000; Merritt and Patricia Peasley to Patrick Shine and Pennie Nelson-shine.

Scenic Road; $365,000; James Pappas to Douglas Barron.

783 Scenic Road Unit 1; condominium; $339,000; Douglas C. Barron to Lawrence and Deborah Bruno.

519 Shore Drive; land and building; $269,000; Joseph P. Geraci to Lawrence J. and Mary Jo Denefrio.

62 Spring St.; 2-Fam Res; $97,066; Dong Zeng and Jiangjing Tai to Michael Chicoine.

41 Treetop Circle Unit 13; condominium; $118,933; Joseph T. and Mary J. Killion to Doreen A. and Philip G. Stelmach.

699 Union Ave.; Mxu Res+Com; $299,000; Richard E. Allen 2002 T. and Richard E. Allen to Mtr Realty LLC.

1198 Union Ave. Unit 43545; condominium; $105,000; Joanne Dumas Ret and Joanne Dumas to James D. Abreu.

155 Warren St.; land and building; $210,000; Adam D. Frost to Nora E. Waite.

883 Weirs Blvd. Unit 28; condominium; $217,000; Sudhir K. Oak to Christopher and Elizabeth Triconi.

43 Wildwood Road Unit 43; condominium; $249,933; Merrill&gayle T. Green Irt and Merrill Green to Mason A. Petit and Constance A. Sagona.

No address provided Lot 2; $475,000; Mark R. and Jacqueline Gauvin to Raymond and Deborah B. Vargo.

No address provided; $12,500; Jacqueline and Mark R. Gauvin to Raymond and Deborah Vargo.


37 Daffodil Drive Unit 37; condominium; $383,533; Mark F. and Pamela Sawyer to Hickey David J. Ret and David J. Hickey.

27 Iris Lane Unit 27; condominium; $333,000; Gerald L. and Judith Gilmore to Linda Stcyr.

112 Pittsfield Road; land and building; $368,000; James K. and Kimberly Brierley to F. Colin and Paula D. Cabot.

7033 Pleasant St. Ext; land and building; $343,533; Linda M. and Steven J. Stcyr to Danene A. and Matthew V. Esposito.

194 Ricker Road; land and building; $276,933; Jillian and Joseph Almeida to Joshua J. Cowing and Stacy L. Marshall-cowing.

101 Route 129; land and building; $220,000; Michael J. Minery to Nathan L. Landry.

3 Sunset Drive; land and building; $167,000; Mary A. Mills and Shirley I. Wells to Gregory G. and Tina L. Wells.


Oak Island Road; $1,000,000; James F. and Nancy M. Harrington to Brad R. and Elizabeth F. Chaffe.

78 Plymouth St.; land and building; $300,000; Jerry W. and Alisha N. Harper to Robert and Carly J. Howie.

Us Route 3; $50,000; John Kent Bird Jr T. and John Kent Bird to 422 Daniel Webster Hwy.

23 Village Drive Unit 23; condominium; $198,000; Lori A. Krueger to Christopher J. Gagnon.

No address provided Lot 5; $296,666; Katherine B. Tjarks to Gary and Christina Iosua.

No address provided Lot 4; $339,000; Robert T. Manley and Jerilyn K. Dolan to David S. and Kimberly A. Gillies.


Main St.; $149,933; David E. Wernersback T. and David E. Wernersback to New Hampton School.

396 Main St.; land and building; $470,000; Carl J. Daniels and Marcel R. Labrun to John P. and andrea F. Cotter.

6 Old Bristol Road; 2-Fam Res; $410,000; Erika Anne Lea Lt and Erika A. Lea to Nola Rocco and Michael Cobb.

921 Straits Road; land and building; $214,933; Cynthia R. and Paul J. Hilliard to Robert R. and Arline E. Hazlett.

343 Winona Road; land and building; $57,000; Jennifer L. Ferland to Cck LLC.


227 andover Road; land and building; $432,000; Paul A. Lipton and Gabrielle Sims to Jesse T. and Tara M. Stone.

223 Bunker Road; land and building; $560,000; Arthur L. Chapin to Jacqueline M. Hedstrom.

688 Burpee Hill Road; land and building; $763,133; Margaret L. Eisenbach Ret and Margaret L. Eisenbach to W. & l. Hoyt Ft 2018 and Lynne R. Hoyt.

86 Carter Road; land and building; $283,000; Frances E. and Verne R. Clow to Christopher and Sarah M. Kelly.

60 Castle Lane; land and building; $405,000; Jesse and Tara Stone to Elliott M. and Michelle I. Hale.

1457 King Hill Road; land and building; $241,000; Tracy W. Haines to Jennifer E. Norris.

No address provided Lot 13; $690,000; Jonathan T. and Rebecca R. Silver to Arthur M. Scutro Jr Ret and Arthur M. Scutro.


Forest Brook Road; $280,000; Josiah C. Phillips Irt and Josiah C. Phillips to Reginald J. Morse.

37 Gerald Drive; land and building; $220,000; James F. and Marianne C. Heffrin to Courtney E. and Vincent M. Brown.

8 North Peak Vlg Unit 8; condominium; $388,000; Eleanor P. Boden T. and Lynette Ferguson to Rosemarie E. and William D. Gering.

No address provided Lot 11c; $179,000; Elise A. and Justin R. Merrill to Ellen N. Palmer.


31 Blueberry Lane; land and building; $270,000; Kaylyn M. and Ross Johnson to Chuck L. and Paula J. Knowles.

205 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $120,000; Deborah Hinds to Michael R. and Tiffany Mayo.

51 Park St.; commercial building; $265,000; Wapiti Development LLC to 444 Realty LLC.


275 Jenness Pond Road; commercial building; $425,000; Lsf Inc to Vmo Inc.

39 Kelsey Mill Road; land and building; $300,000; Amelia J. Dalphonse to Jeremiah B. Maddden and Daniele M. Madden.

13 Lynn Lane; land and building; $447,333; Reale Ft and Debra A. Reale to Christopher A. and Desiree A. Lindquist.

Route 4; $185,000; Fredrick M. Vega to Unifield Properties LLC.

Upper Deerfield Road; $42,533; Old Mountain Road Ret and James Hadley to Joseph Wilczynski.


339 Church Road; land and building; $261,000; Benjamin and Dyana Nichols to Kevin M. Martin.

216 Dearborn Road; land and building; $380,000; Cjm Properties LLC to Alison L. and Ricky Crawford.

37 Donna Drive; land and building; $275,000; Emily and Kyle Harding to Brittany Forsythe and Jeffrey Weigle.

100 Main St. Unit 310; condominium; $87,000; Karagianis Ft 2016 and Gary Karagianis to Madison Martineau.

626 North Pembroke Road; land and building; $225,000; Clark S. and Sally J. Harris to Todd W. Dubuque.

418 Nadine Drive; land and building; $317,000; Joanne P. and John P. Welch to Madyson J. and Spencer J. Murphy.

878 Wellington Way; land and building; $407,000; Dana U. and Tanya M. Royal to Heidi A. and Michael J. Roberge.


176 Laconia Road; land and building; $254,933; Annie P. and Stacy Davis to Aleksandr Filimonov and Kaitlyn Untiet.

2 Park St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $170,000; Brandon S. Dube to William N. Colby.

96 Wildwood Drive; land and building; $232,000; Jesse and Laurel E. Slater to Gideon E. Gates.

No address provided; $135,000; Frenette Mary Est and Arthur Frenette to Jill M. and Matthew D. Fudala.


17 Brookside Drive; mobile home; $165,933; Sandra A. Haskell to Skinner Ft 2019 and Robert J. Skinner.

Us Route 3; $14,000; Fitch Clarese B. Est and andrew Fitch to Elaine M. and William G. Smith.


Flaghole Road; land; $65,000; Desirea and Tom Heath to Matthew and Taylor Demers.

51 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $250,000; Matthew and Taylor Demers to andrew T. Cate.

400 Old Turnpike Road; land and building; $270,000; Jennifer A. and Theodore L. Sprague to Ashley Shea.


145 Hermit Lake Road; land and building; $153,000; Brian and Marlene Buckley to Erica N. Lavy.

368 Philbrook Road; land and building; $214,000; Robert M. and Marjorie Mello to Russell Howard.

723 Sanborn Road; land and building; $141,733; Tegan V. Abear to Clayton L. and Ruth B. Hadnot.


32 Highland Ave.; land and building; $168,000; Simply Real Estate LLC to Catherine A. Mcdonough.

136 School St.; land and building; $345,000; Toni E. and Richard A. Belair to Timothy R. and Heather M. Moquin.

Tilton Heights Condo Unit 4; condominium; $96,533; Tilton Manor LLC to Samuel Maloney.

No address provided; $475,000; Carolyn C. Hughes 2007 T. and Carolyn C. Hughes to Jack D. Bilodeau.


6 Collins Road; land and building; $37,466; Chelsea Martin to Adam K. Bates.

36 Pattee Road; land and building; $300,000; Karen M. Antle to Melissa Cerullo and Ted Nashland.

57 Retreat Road; mobile home; $165,000; Margaret K. Lord to Elizabeth Conners and Steven Shaw.

11 Waldron Hill Road; land and building; $290,000; Cynthia D. and Tod A. Eaton to Marcus T. and Rachel A. Riedel.

No address provided; $50,133; Susan O. Bliss to David E. and Faith Y. Minton.

No address provided; $65,000; Stephen F. Paquin to David E. and Faith Y. Minton.


81 Gould Road; land and building; $345,000; Steven D. and Joanne E. Klatt to Joshua J. and Crystal A. Scipione.

42 Hatfield Road; land and building; $295,000; Christopher L. and Stephanie M. Couturier to Max Holden and Aubrey Slocomb.

Perkins Pond Road Lot 57-3; $80,000; Gm Investments Partners to John and Leah Labbe.

32 Quaker St.; $95,000; David W. Hatch to Mark Vigneault.

4 Shady Hill Road; land; $60,000; Morgan Rice to Pike Construction LLC.

No address provided; $554,533; Michael J. Jarzombek and Lisa S. Spanos to Winter House LLC.


204 Clothespin Bridge Road; land and building; $300,000; Lindsey A. and Nicholas Tristaino to Barbara and Lawrence Shaltis.

587 Deer Meadow Road; land and building; $239,000; Stacy L. Bixby to Julia K. and Travis R. Wardwell.

33 N.H. Drive; land and building; $255,000; Marijane and Sandu Rebenciuc to Claudette Levesque.

11 New London Drive; $279,200; Granite Roots Construction LLC to Stephanie Pierce.


626 N.H. Route 4A; land and building; $170,000; U.S. National Bank Trust to Kelly A. Burch.

47 Patterson Road; land and building; $499,000; Deborah F. and Marc A. Beerman to Michael Jarzombek and Lisa Spanos.

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