Capital area real estate listing from Nov. 13 to 26

Published: 12/6/2019 3:03:20 PM
Modified: 12/6/2019 3:03:07 PM

368 Deerfield Road; land and building; $232,933; Laurie McGrath to Kathleen A. Czaja.

23 Pine Acres Road; mobile home; $38,000; Francis J. Brissette Estate and Dawna Baxter to BMT Construction LLC.

9 Swiftwater Drive Unit 6; condominium; $112,000; April M. and Christopher D. Bartman to Nathan J. Peck.


169 Chase Hill Road; land and building; $216,000; Dorothy B. Keniston Estate and Nancy J. Woodward to Tawnya M. Benoit and Stephen E. Chellis.

Mascoma Highway; $125,000; Wood Sutton to Alston R. Couch.

101 W. Shore Drive; land and building; $345,000; Gertrude Otto to Derek A. and Stephanie E. Damour.


Barnstead Road; $229,933; Sage J. and Melissa M. Ladieu to Annette M. Griffis.

911 Beauty Hill Road; land and building; $180,000; Dal Riley to Mary E. Whittemore.

42 Damsite Road; land and building; $399,933; William H. and Karen H. Labossier to Sandra L. Jobe.

Route 126; $301,050; Madlyn F. Smith Estate and Donna M. Keddy to William R. and Valerie A. Turner.

280 Varney Road; land and building; $420,000; Richard A. Zanco to David and Kristal Theide.

No address provided; $105,000; Ken and Amy J. Donahue to Katie Boots.


45 Durrell Mountain Road; land and building; $287,533; Lois Weber and Eric Palmer to Sage J. and Melissa M. Ladieu.

Grey Rock Road Lot 42; $120,000; David and Lorraine Murphy to Stephen Funk-Pearson.

Plummer Hill Condo Lot 106; $81,533; Karen Kimball to Cynthia Dumais.


1 Lew Alice Drive; land and building; $152,000; Brandy L. Hallowell and Brian Remp to Denise and Fordyce A. Pearl.

No address provided Lot 62; $30,000; Page Pond T. and Gail H. Devoid to Alec M. and Katherine M. Biron.


6 Cardinal Drive; land and building; $377,000; Bion E. and Jeanie Reynolds to Steven A. Hebert.

10 Crockett Drive; land and building; $375,000; David J. and Jill H. Allaben to Andrew M. and Kendra A. Hines.

2 Edgewood Drive; land and building; $320,000; Eric R. Marshall to Robert J. Lemieux and Gina M. Pappa.

Fawn Court Lot 10-4-7; $85,000; Samuel Drive LLC to Beth Catenza.

2 Juniper Lane; land and building; $245,000; Eunice M. Pinto to Sean Difeo.

29 Putney Road; land and building; $390,000; Christina G. and Martin P. Bernard to Elissa J. and Spencer G. McCormick.

694 Route 3a; land and building; $180,000; Stephen A. Murphy to Cody R. Simpson.

32 Stone Sled Lane Unit 32; condominium; $334,000; George P. and Jane F. Gournnert to Susan T. Gannon-Longstaff.

15 Van Ger Drive; land and building; $340,000; Carly and Drue Lorenz to Merissa Rainville and Jonathan Smith.


Private Road; $35,000; Henniker Sand and Gravel Co. to Christiopher R. and Mallorie K. Laurendeau.


180 Castle Lane; land and building; $210,000; Patrice L. Sullivan to John C. and Elizabeth A. Miller.

777 N. Main St.; land and building; $155,000; Bethany M. and Benjamin R. Johnson to Joel Austin-Shortt.


91 Morrill Road; land and building; $590,000; Kathleen S. Rice to Lydia R. Owen-Stacy and Daryl Zerveskes.


30 Hutchinson Road; land and building; $225,000; David W. Hussey to Matthew B. and Rebecca J. Conley.

187 Webster Mills Road; land and building; $255,000; Gregory A. and Leah McHugh to Caroline K. and Joseph R. Lavoie.


15 Abbott Road; land and building; $200,000; Barbara J. Severance to Alexis S. Bline and James L. Severance.

4 Badger St.; land and building; $207,000; Paula Boutin and Joanne M. Marsh to Jennifer M. Johnson and K. Peinxinho-Reynolds.

3 Bye St.; $213,000; Alvin F. Hurlbutt to FNMA.

14 Cabernet Drive Unit 2; condominium; $235,000; Hai Q. Chen to Gary and Michelle Raymond.

34-36 Carter St.; two-family home; $258,000; Timothy E. Samaha to LCL Holdings LLC.

Cranmore Ridge Condo Lot 44; $11,500,000; Parkwood Engineering Dev to 645 Harvey Road LLC.

18 Great Falls Drive Unit 18; condominium; $142,000; Toni M. Mitrano to Emily R. and Robert P. Kelly.

16 Hazel Drive; mobile home; $36,000; Anna G. Glynn to Michael L. Capuano.

22 Irving Drive; land and building; $365,000; Brandon and Lisa Bowers to Kenneth J. and Sandra S. Ames.

128 Loudon Road Unit 37f; condominium; $84,933; Patricia Whissel to Timothy J. Chatfield.

179 Loudon Road; $60,000; Emily Monagle to Keating Rt and Edward V. Keating.

13 Maple St.; three-family home; $344,933; N. Branson Call to Alexander A. and Lori A. Noordergraaf.

25 Mountain Road; land and building; $230,000; Bradley L. Mark Ret and Michael Mark to Alexander C. and Rebecca A. Glaze.

65 Mulberry St. Unit 1; condominium; $203,000; Lauren Andrews to Thomas C. Benner.

39-41 N. Spring St.; multi-unit apartment; $375,000; Granite Arrow Properties to Michael and Sarah Mathieu.

71 Penacook St.; land and building; $160,000; Christine M. Campbell and Edward D. Lassonde to Edward and Tatiana Lassonde.

169 Portsmouth St. Unit 180; condominium; $200,000; Robert J. Lemieux and Gina M. Pappa to Lucy M. Bouldry.

8 Randlett St.; land and building; $195,000; Herbert G. Larsen to Katherine M. Dunn-Law and Brian R. Law.

175 Rumford St.; land and building; $228,533; Rebecca A. Hall to Randal R. Gilbert.

80 School St. Unit 80; condominium; $285,000; Peter D. Blanchard to Anne K. Burnett.

48 Songbird Drive Unit 48; condominium; $253,000; Francis T. Sullivan to Patrice J. and Rodney C. Brown.

278 South St.; land and building; $324,933; Patricia K. and Stephen Robbins to Joshua D. and Laura J. Patton.

6 Spruce St.; land and building; $244,533; Holly L. Troyer to Gretchen Stallings.

5 Stark St.; land and building; $136,000; Lori L. Lantos to Jay L. Heath.

6 Styles Drive; land and building; $240,000; Rachel Burdin to Herbert and Rachel Delaney.

24 Walnut St.; land and building; $182,533; Anderson S. Griffin to Philip Scordato and Chelsea A. Smith.


97 Brookside Lane; mobile home; $105,000; Eleanor J. Colby to Mylah F. Ferland.


32 Harvey Road; land and building; $380,000; Charles R. and Janine M. Ferrarone to Gregory and Leah McHugh.

27 Mountain Road; land and building; $410,000; Linda Lee to Gregg R. and Jessica Harlow.

No address provided; $275,000; Annamargeo LLC to Michael P. and Sarah C. Galler.


488 Deering Center Road; land and building; $269,933; Ethan J. and Jessica Vaillancourt to Kyle M. Kotch and Danielle C. Pinard.


4 Karen Road; land and building; $313,533; Svetlana Bosquet to Jacquelyn A. and Lindsey C. Parker.

1258 Montalona Road; land and building; $320,000; Annette Griffis to Alberta H. and David C. Schwotzer.


19 Meadow Lark Lane; land and building; $315,000; Craig A. and Donna M. Kamp to Elizabeth C. and Tyler J. Todd.


7 Cricket Hill Way; land and building; $239,933; Matthew and Shaina Curtin to Meaghan E. Thiede.

379 Hill Road; land and building; $125,000; Beverly J. and James S. Nelson to Edward and Heather Avin.

714 Hill Road; land and building; $175,000; Derek A. and Stephanie Damour to Jodie E. Flaucher and Devyn M. Manning.

197 Pleasant St.; land and building; $215,533; Matthew D. Flynn to Denise Bailey.

232 Summit St.; land and building; $187,933; Dianne Witham to Amanada Dumas and James Marusarz.

127 Thunder Road; land and building; $79,000; Robert F. Kidder to Debernardo Property Management.

64 Woodridge Road; land and building; $177,000; Dylen and Hannah Herbert to Emily Wilcox.


159 Cherry Valley Road; land and building; $192,800; FHLM to Nocella Development LLC.

969 Cherry Valley Road; land and building; $252,000; Dawn H. Lemay to Stephen C. Kjellander and Meredyth C. McCullough.

89 Countryside Drive; land and building; $400,000; Ryan J. and Yvonne S. Fisher to Jeffrey S. Chadwick.

5 Cumberland Road Unit 28; condominium; $61,000; Aps Solo 401k T. and David Whalley to Scott R. Silva.

55 Farm View Lane; city municipal property; $38,533; Town of Gilford to Jac Properties LLC.

332 Hoyt Road; land and building; $220,000; Betty J. and Jennifer A. Butt to Marc S. Read and Patricia E. Tarpey.

29 Irish Setter Lane; land and building; $315,000; Hornets Nest Point LLC to Jarrett W. Possel and Taylor R. Strautman.

9 Jay Drive; land and building; $305,000; Rand Hill Realty LLC to Chelsea M. Gilbert.

Route 11b Lot 3; $233,000; Rich Dean Inc to Richard F. Nash.

Valley Drive; $85,000; Robert H. Titus to Dana A. Marceau and Margaret L. White.

No address provided; $450,000; William G. Littlefield to Pauline B. Weeks.

No address provided Lot 3a; $22,000; Village West Condominium to Terrill S. and Tracey L. Clayton.


22 Buck Lane; land and building; $189,000; Peter H. Pflanz to Ricky C. Adams.

Geddes Road; $40,000; Gate City Development Partners to Christina and Curt Breton.

181 Route 106; land and building; $62,533; Jane A. Doe to Janice B. and Robert C. Mcwinnie.

No address provided Lot 21; $260,000; Arthur W. and Patricia A. Poslusny to David and Nicole Waldo.


12 Hall Ave.; multi-unit apartment; $425,000; Henniker Hearth LLC to Fox Geary Estate LLC.

388 Western Ave. Unit F5; condominium; $163,400; Jean M. Lewis to Carol N. and Richard G. Ellis.


28 New Chester Road; land and building; $160,000; Bradley Jameson to Emily Tanguay.

115 Old Town Road; land and building; $207,933; Jason and Stephanie Farnsworth to Julio and Quetcy Laboy.


305 Bear Hill Road; land and building; $440,000; Cynthia H. Thorbun to Dana R. Clow and Anita G. Mohan.

361 Bog Road; land and building; $159,533; Richard P. and Norma C. Martin to Geoffrey A. and Rachael E. Band.

28 Myrtle St.; multi-unit home; $102,827; Irving Cable and to Wilmington National Trust.

38 Old Driftway; land and building; $239,000; Stefanie and Benjamin D. Nichols to Matthew Weymouth.

11 Tuttle Lane; land and building; $239,000; Bennett Properties LLC to Lori Sousa.

No address provided; $83,000; Barbara and Michael T. Brady to Michelle Garside.


371 Burnham Intervale Road; land and building; $490,000; Danis Construction Co. Inc. to Sarah Reid-Chiappetta.

56 Chase Farm Road; land and building; $249,900; William J. Ahern Estate and Sally Kenyon to Jennifer L. and Thomas R. Deangelis.

147 Galloping Hill Road; land and building; $500,000; Careen M. Cardin to Lance J. Klingler and Stephanie J. Zydenbos.

Main Street; $292,000; 103 Kearsarge LLC to Adam Crawford.

916 Main St.; commercial building; $465,000; Janice D. and Peter C. Hale to Covered Bridge Apartments.

NH Route 103; $39,933; Margaret R. Rodgers Ft and Aileen J. Kraus to Michele Mackenzie-Curley.

1000 Upper Straw Road; land and building; $405,000; Eternal Solutions LLC to Kathryn Giordano and Edward Orben.

No address provided Lot 6; $390,000; Joyce H. Kershaw to Richard E. Kennedy T. and Marueen Carlson.


126 Big Bend Drive; land and building; $424,933; Ecc Rt and Dennis R. Robitaille to Lawrence S. and Barbara J. Bliss.

17 Chapin Terrace; land and building; $230,000; EDB Renovations LLC to Keith A. Remillard.

85 Clover Lane; land and building; $290,000; Raymond L. and Margaret H. Sorensen to Michael J. and Kathryn P. Ward.

10 Duffers Drive Unit 10; condominium; $299,000; Jack E. Farnham T. and Jean Duval to Jason and Caitlyn McMahon.

426 Elm St.; land and building; $279,933; Lynn L. Bartlett to Daniel C. and Andrea L. Faller.

78 Freedom Lane Unit 78; condominium; $320,000; Michael J. and Kathryn P. Ward to Dennis A. and Mary E. Moore.

166 Garfield St.; two-family home; $169,933; Robert Decamp to Timothy Mcdonald.

67 Gillette St.; land and building; $206,000; Gary Archibald to John J. McCarthy and Olivia L. Stanley.

Holman Street; $270,000; Delana Cullen to David W. and Dale A. Nims.

10 Hummingbird Lane Unit 10; condominium; $422,533; Barry R. and Karen N. Brits to Neal Davidson.

15 John Drive; land and building; $150,000; Danice R. James to Brady Sullivan Lilac Vly.

357 Leighton Ave. North; land and building; $365,000; Tyssen W. Butler to William C. and Lindsey Hierholzer.

39 Messer St.; boarding house; $270,000; 39 Messer St., Laconia LLC to Lisa M. Bartlett.

11 Moulton St.; land and building; $150,000; Timothy and Donna French to Mark F. Royea.

39 New Hope Drive; land and building; $149,000; Kenneth R. Darsney to Jeffrey M. Watt.

85 Parsonage Drive; land and building; $379,933; David B. David B. Pelletier to Seth E. and Rachel L. Faris.

29 Pearl St.; two-family home; $199,933; Julie A. Miner to Terrance Agrusso.

61 Pearl St.; land and building; $234,533; Lisa Lewis to Scott McWilliam.

300 Pine St.; land and building; $269,000; William C. and Lindsey K. Hierholzer to Christopher V. Hamel.

127 Pleasant St. Unit 7; condominium; $83,000; Blackman Condo N.H. LLC to Rory D. Blanchard.

293 Pleasant St.; land and building; $325,000; Mary E. Morley to Benjamin S. and Amanda G. Bullerwell.

Route 3 Lot 63; $50,000; Ronnie Manzone to Jonathan I. and Ellyn M. Jara.

260 S. Main St.; two-family home; $149,000; Second Chance Solutions to Pamela Accornero and Madeline B. Cole.

57 Sanborn St.; land and building; $196,533; Steven J. and Sandra S. Mazzaschi to Robert B. and Cheryl M. Harrison.

107 Treetop Circle Unit 22; condominium; $110,000; Darlene J. Falite to Madison T. Dragon.

62 Turner Way; forest use; $42,933; Ht New Hampshire 1 Ltd to Matthew J. and Delia G. Canfield.

507 Weirs Boulevard Unit 5; condominium; $333,000; Kevin P. and Marian D. Ryan to Timothy C. and Carol D. Piano.

1144 Weirs Boulevard Unit 4; condominium; $225,000; Lakehouse Cottages LLC to David C. and Mary T. Romano.

No address provided Lot 30; $260,000; Christopher Meeken to Everett J. and Claire I. Dube.


229 Bee Hole Road; land and building; $309,933; Robert B. and Lisa D. Radcliffe to Danielle Vachon and Branden Gallagher.

21 Route 129; $191,000; Lucille D. Colby to Sarah Bedard and Stefan M. Oesterreich.

168 Piper Hill Road; land and building; $340,000; Betty A. and Roy C. Wagner to Emily and Tyler Willis.

Pittsfield Road; $30,000; F. Colin and Paula D. Cabot to Alyson M. and Jacob P. Bronnenberg.

No address provided; $165,617; Elizabeth A. Barton to Wilmington Savings Fund Society.


3 Abbey Lane Unit 16; condominium; $217,000; Carol A. Lund to David K. Sangster.

78 Chemung Road; land and building; $211,000; Barbara J. Cail to Erica L. Tremonti and Brent R. Metzger.

107 Collins Brook Road; land and building; $535,000; Black Brook Rt and William C. Esrich to Elizabeth G. Ryland.

Hatch Corner Road; $38,000; Benjamin L. and Sara R. Stafford to Hatch Corner Road LLC.

35 Hatch Corner Road; land and building; $493,000; Benjamin L. and Sara R. Stafford to Terry D. Sims and Tess Winston-Sims.

13 Hawk Ridge Road Unit 13; condominium; $402,000; Ralph H. and Barbara J. Perkins to A. Gerard and Donna M. O’Neil.

11 Indian Trail; land and building; $995,000; Arthur F. Vonderlinden and Rosalyn Gay to Jon R. and Angela K. Havens.

185 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $400,000; A. G. and Donna M. O’Neil to Christopher and Kimberly McPherson.

Mile Point Drive; $740,000; Richard E. Kramer to Timothy M. and Elizabeth J. White.

15 Spindle Point Road; land and building; $925,000; Michael and Jung A. Lee to Dell and Allison Faulkingham.

No address provided; $65,000; Jason C. and Alison L. Hicks to Gary J. and Janis M. Marchese.


93 Carter Mountain Road; land; $295,000; Nicholas A. and Whitney Kelley to Brandon C. and Lisa R. Bowers.

266 Huckleberry Road; land and building; $240,000; Gary and Kathleen Howe to Shannon I. and Thomas J. Folan.

46 Seminole Ave.; land and building; $1,195,000; Rouyan Vassei-Jones to Antoinette M. Hays and John Prybylski.

No address provided; $45,000; Patricia M. and Edward Rutko to Michael Cashman.


Bunker Road; $279,000; Heather and Jared R. Gunnell to Sundance Development Inc.

38 Fox Run Lane; $222,000; Thomas Parks and FHLM to James Reagan.

10 Main St.; land and building; $149,600; Donna Richards and to FNMA.

No address provided Lot 3; $615,000; Bucklin Timber Farm LLC to Steven C. Root.

No address provided Lot 2; $146,000; Charles T. Haering to Julie Haering-Butze and Wendy Haering.


17 Arch St.; land and building; $230,000; Chelsea Gilbert to Christopher B. and Paige Abele.

501 Bean Hill Road Unit 23; condominium; $126,000; Jocelyn Guerriero and Jean Pardee to Daniel D. Finnegan.

84 Elm St.; land and building; $169,000; Allyce D. and John Cagle to Candace M. Leedham.

279 Knowles Pond Road; land and building; $279,933; Branden Gallagher and Danielle G. Vachon to Daniel E. and Kelly R. Antinarella.

217 Shaker Road; land and building; $219,000; Andrew and Kendra Hines to Eric and Melisande Brent.


No address provided Lot 11-62-; $342,533; Peggy P. Blair to John F. Simas.


9 Brittany Circle; land and building; $315,000; Manoucheka Lacouture to Michael R. Landi and Patricia L. Manning.

208 Dearborn Road; land and building; $289,933; Chrys L. and Paul Averill to John L. Arroyo and Rebecca Beland.

438 Deerpath Lane; land and building; $289,933; Armand Landry to Alan C. and Lori K. Rowe.

218 Kearsage Drive Unit B; condominium; $227,000; Judith R. Lessels to Charles L. and Constance A. Walles.

218-b Kearsage Drive Unit 27; condominium; $22,700; Robert B. Lessels Estate and Judith R. Lessels to Charles L. and Constance A. Walles.

412 Nadine Drive; land and building; $295,000; Blakely V. Miner to Christopher E. and Kendal M. Demers.

11-13 Prospect St.; two-family home; $262,000; Jamie A. Lambert to Brian C. and Chelsea R. Roberge.


40 Wildwood Drive; mobile home; $121,000; Robin A. Mcbride to Edward C. Dean.


Cummings Street; $192,000; Lynette M. Lapierre to Kenneth S. Solinsky.

Highland Street; $282,000; Ann Hinman and John Ahlgren to Richard F. and Diane F. O’Connor.

Old Route 25; $180,000; Michael J. Kiifoyle and Barbara L. Kilfoyle to Stephen C. and Anne L. Wright.

Route 25; $535,000; Winnipiseogee Inv Mgmt to Young Martin Enterprises.


588 Kearsarge Mountain Road; land and building; $100,000; Catherine F. Creed Irt and Fiona C. Chevalier to Prime Realty Partners LLC.

62 Mountain Road; land and building; $308,533; Donna Bruamt-winston to Dobroslav Slavenskoj.

77 Whittemore Road; land and building; $135,000; Melvin E. Bowne Ret and Pamela Bowne to Spencer R. Carney.


No address provided Lot 2a; $97,000; Lang Gary F. Est and David Smith to Brian D. Taylor.


496 Laconia Road; commercial building; $352,400; New Hampshire Ret and M. Lenard Birke to Drews Affordable Steel.

School St.; $150,000; Paris Properties LLC to Jon K. and Victoria E. Chambers.


194 Buckley Road Lot 64; mobile home; $12,000; Mark T. Groves to Paul J. and Kerrie L. Mendes.

Ridgeview Road; $179,000; Wayne E. Meattey and Tammy L. Demanche to Charles and Maryann Green.

Worthley Road; $32,000; Peacock Hill Road LLC to Philip D. Greco Ft and Philip D. Greco.


11 Centennial Drive; land and building; $232,533; Aaron Heath to Michael Migneault.

35 Centennial Drive; land and building; $230,000; Paul Bruillard and Heather A. Ordway to Jesse J. Lassonde and Cassandra V. Pillard.


182 Old Winslow Road; land and building; $350,000; John and Kerri A. Mulhern to Julian D. Keenan and Molly J. Zurheide.

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