Real estate listings Dec. 18 to 24, 2019

Published: 1/6/2020 3:01:38 PM
Modified: 1/6/2020 3:01:07 PM

Peacham Road; $20,000; Harry C. Jackson to Theresa A. Gagnon.

Pitman Road; $51,000; Chiara Grazia Dolcino and Chiara Grazia-Dolcino to  Downing Homes LLC.

275 West Locke Road; land; $300,000; Jacob A. Donigian to Nathan M. and Rebekah F. Desrochers.

58 Winchester Drive; land and building; $229,000; Michael W. Obal and Allison Tolnai to Roberta F. Bergeron and Tony E. Ovens.


South Road; $200,000; Paul D. Vachon to Jeannine Rogers.

184 Wildlife Blvd.; land and building; $303,000; Jasen P. Trackey to Shari Perlini.


3 Circle Drive; land and building; $195,000; Amanda and Joshua Blanchard to Kara A. Gilson.


9 East View Drive; land and building; $328,000; N.H. Home Buyers LLC to Katrina L. and Kenneth S. Roberts.


49 Maple View Drive; land and building; $315,000; Brenda M. and Philip G. Foskitt to Christine R. and Justin C. Parsils.


37 Alice Drive Unit 23; condo; $113,000; Candice J. Halle to Nellyann Vasquez.

3 Bentwood St. Unit 3; condo; $192,000; Lorrie J. Ripley to Hector L. Ocana.

Bog Road; $250,000; Harold J. Lassonde to Eric Stephens.

84 Branch Tpke Unit 52; condominium; $200,000; William E. Beatty 6th Irt and William E. Beatty to William E. Beatty.

84 Branch Tpke Unit 37; condo; $200,000; Irving J. Morrison Estate and William J. Morrison to William E. Beatty 6th Irt and Kimberly A. Beatty.

22 Broad Ave.; land and building; $215,000; Freda Price Down Estate and Stephen A. Drown to Andrew R. Pitts and Kendra E. Drown-Pitts.

4 Greenwich St.; land and building; $236,000; David A. and Tammy Flanders to Charles and Natalia Virgin.

17 Metalak Drive Unit 17; condo; $155,000; Roberta F. Bergeron to Neveka R. Grant and Julio Massena.

46 Prescott St.; land and building; $183,533; Moran William J. Estate and David J. Moran to Cassandra Espinola.

5 Whittaker Circle Unit 5; condo; $194,533; Jessana Palm to Alfred J. Perez.


18-a Holt Road; land and building; $230,000; Jenna Wilsoni to Cathryn Gauthier.

14 South Road; land and building; $330,000; Darren and Erin Murphy to Ronald P. and Julie S. Harvey.


No address provided; $50,000; Michael Ballou to George A. Rogers and Susan J. Malfatti.


18 Jean Drive; land; $250,000; Donald A. Perkins Ret and Donald Perkins to Anthony Cattabriga.

10 Samuels Court; land and building; $590,000; S. and H. T. and Sean Brouder to Jessica M. and Karl A. Bailey.

36 Tucker Hill Road; land and building; $509,933; 36 Tucker Hill Road LLC to Fred Hansen.


27 Spring St.; multi-family home; $284,435; Carrie Naylor and FHLM to FHLM.

16 Thompson Park; land and building; $190,000; Renay J. Daddio to Robert F. Homan.

355 Victory Drive; land and building; $162,000; Jody Hamilton and John S. Hebert to Sarah J. Berman.

77 Webster Ave.; land and building; $155,000; David P. and Diane L. Walton to Andrew R. and Stacia A. Maloney.


Bacon Drive; $217,000; G. Howell Cerveny Ret and G. Howell-Cerveny to Richard E. and Jennifer Kelly.

1177 Cherry Valley Road; Res Dev Land; $60,000; David Perry to Marceau Real Estate Investors.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 90; condo; $293,000; James P. and Anne D. Spry to Keith and Betin Robichaud.

131 Lake St. Unit 214; condo; $65,600; Nancy H. Baylies to Robert H. and Bonnie A. Reemsnyder.

213 Sagamore Road; land and building; $890,000; Alexander and Melissa Burack to 213 Gilford Route and Frank E. Normandin.

Sand Hill Road; $389,000; Robert G. and Maria Baumeister to Celeste F. Craig 1997 T. and Celeste F. Craig.

No address provided; $165,000; Gatheral Properties Inc. to Richard E. Winters and Valerie Ohara.


Allens Mill Road; $160,000; Marilyn J. Richardson Estate and Richard A. Corson to Michael J. Horn.

617 Crystal Lake Road; land and building; $275,000; David S. and Dawn H. Lacroix to Kristine S. Hikel.

8 Meghans Way; land and building; $140,000; Colby Blouin and Sherri Spencer to Dennis R. Blouin and Sherri Spencer.

N.H. Route 140; $170,000; USA HUD to Elaine T. Cooke and Francis B. Rudolph.

Province Road; $150,000; Laurence J. Stanford to Judith A. Hopkins Ret and Judith A. Hopkins.

301 Province Road; land and building; $200,000; Arthur G. Desmarais to Trevor Colarusso.


25 Alpine Way; land and building; $177,000; Christopher J. St. Pierre to David G. Coffman.

100 Bible Hill Road; land and building; $187,000; Marie T. Mcgill Ret and Marie T. Mcgill to Cece E. Devoid and Zachary B. Hellings.

21 Kings Row; land and building; $215,000; John and Nancy Plummer to Debra C. Grant.

30 Spring Cove Road; $240,000; Donna J. Durgin to James E. Santoro.


139 Pine St.; land and building; $217,400; Blessed 7 LLC to George W. and Matthew E. Sharpe.

38 Salmon Lane; land and building; $132,000; Curtis and Tracy Martin to Chelsea Martin.


53 Evergreens Drive Unit 5; condo; $140,533; Mary A. Devincent T. and Mary A. Devincent to Robert E. and Kymme R. Wood.

402 Lakeside Ave.; land and building; $432,533; Joanne Smith to Kristin E. Mcnelis and Clint G. Marchese.

Memory Lane; $263,133; Impact Dev Adviors Inc. to Ronald D. and Audrey E. Goodrow.

118 Shore Drive; land and building; $900,000; Pauline B. Weeks Ret and Pauline B. Weeks to Matthew C. and Michelle M. Edson.

728 Shore Drive; land and building; $925,000; Lorraine J. Eakin Ret and Lorraine J. Eakin to Timothy and Susan Mellody.

59 Stark St.; land and building; $230,000; Anthony Signorine to Nicholas J. Scarpaci.

38 Summer St.; apartment building; $255,000; Walker Family Properties to Christopher F. and Rebecca S. Walkley.

86 Warren St.; land and building; $190,000; Nila Morrison to Christopher J. Hingey.

257 Weirs Blvd. Unit 14; condo; $195,000; Jason Sidman to Matthew D. and Andrea L. Raciti.


1017 Loudon Ridge Road; land and building; $1,800,000; MTGLQ Investors to Matthew C. and Patricia M. Smith.

7021 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $273,000; Lisa and Patrick Malfait to Sandra M. Currier and Shawn E. Young.

Route 106 North; mixed-use commercial/industrial; $115,000; Equity T. Co to Ck5 Transport Services.


243 Bear Is; land and building; $373,533; James P. Martin Ret and James P. Martin to Lorne E. and Anne M. Nix.

47 Lake Country Road; land and building; $892,333; Kris A. and Erika A. Mitchell to William List-Steinberg and Kathleen A. Cunningham.

22 Lower Waldron Road; land and building; $1,175,000; Stephen L. Stabile to Dale E. and Tara A. Habermann.

11 Philbrook Ave.; mobile home; $90,000; David R. and Paul J. Tyler to Richard H. Smith.

Winona Shores Road; $370,000; David C. and Alberta H. Schwotzer to Nancy J. and David C. Schloss.

No address provided; $1,200,000; Edson Place LLC to Deborah and Richard C. Latham.

No address provided; $360,000; Anastasiya and Yann S. Lasme to Sergey Kirpichev and Yelena Gurevich.


Gordon Hill Road; $33,000; Bruce R. Hamel Ret and Bruce R. Hamel to Joshua F. and Robi Tyrrell.


75 Hilltop Place Unit 75; condo; $295,000; Richard Klingler and Jane Slatter to Anita and Michael Tuttle.


19 Jenkins Road; land and building; $1,185,000; Carolyn H. and Gordon T. Stanley to C. S. and Karen E. Schiffmacher.


139 Peverly Road; mobile home; $145,000; Eric A. and Terry A. Emmons to John P. George.

No address provided; $275,000; Carole A. Byra to Michelle M. and Steven M. Wormald.

No address provided; $65,000; Mark Longmuir to Stone Bluff Property Holdings.

No address provided; $35,000; Mark Longmuir to Mark L. Murpy Ret and Mark L. Murphy.


90 Bennett Bridge Road; land and building; $270,000; AKZ Properties LLC to Stephanie Maniscalco.

98 Cole Road; land and building; $87,000; Patricia A. Beach to Sara Sthilaire.

52 Fiore Road; land and building; $123,000; Fnma to Reina Hendrick.

34 Trillium Lane; land; $419,000; Patrice Robbins to James and Janince Pettigrew.


210 Center Road; residential building; $315,000; Wilfrid G. Poirier to Doyle Ft and Brian D. Doyle.

6 Remington Ct Unit 6; condo; $150,000; Armstrong Ft 2008 and Joyce I. Armstrong to Richard A. Armstrong.

No address provided; $319,933; John S. Iannuzzi to Cristina Burzo and Russell S. Kelcourse.


99 Dowboro Road; land and building; $250,000; Dyani Riel to Kevin J. Grant.

49 Siel Road; land and building; $259,933; JCB LLC to Emily and Justin Peterson.

6 Smith St.; land and building; $170,000; Just Another LLC to Kevin Burr.


84 Bridgewater Hill Road; mixed-use residential and forest; $170,000; Deborah J. Powers to Allison M. and Eric W. Morton.

61 Main St.; retail store; $465,000; DS Properties LLC to Surf Club North LLC.

5 Tenney Brook Road Unit 1; condo; $147,000; Helen C. Tuite to Nina L. Domina.

No address provided; $83,000; Devin and Jennifer Snider to Kenneth Little.


Titcomb Place; $90,000; 317 Old Turnpike Road LLC to Rickenbach Renovations.


294 Lower Bay Road; land and building; $315,000; James and B. Lyden Ft and James M. Lyden to Paul W. and Susan L. Stevens.


N.H. Route 114; $50,000; Donald Gay Wright Ret and Donald G. Wright to Jennifer M. and Richard H. Wright.

442 Newbury Road; land; $272,000; Annie L. and Garland E. Jones to Anthony J. and Reinice F. Acevedo.

351 North Road; land and building; $167,500; FNMA to Andrew M. Fallon.


16 Hill Road Unit 3; condo; $239,000; Robert L. and Diane Adams to Steven M. & S. C. Cote Ret and Suzanne C. Cote.

25 Pine St.; land; $250,000; Tyler L. Deschaine to Kristie Cunan and Annette Huckins.


19 East Main St.; commercial; $200,000; Wingdoodle LLC to Make Grow LLC.

Poverty Plains Road; $45,000; Pangar Enterprises LLC to Daniel D. Hamilton.

560 Route 103 East; land and building; $165,000; Diplomat Property Mgmt to Daniel Chaloux.


24 Winter Road; land and building; $195,000; Rob B. and Lisa M. Bashaw to Kalen J. Nickerson.


27 Lake Road; land and building; $100,000; 27 Lake Road Rt and P. J. McCarthy-O’Hara to April D. Correa and Lisa Dunn.

Route 127; $22,000; Linda M. Mason and Winona F. McDaniel to Hope L. Nichols.

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