Real estate listings from Feb. 12 to 18

Published: 3/3/2020 2:48:29 PM

141 Windsor Way; land and building; $112,933; Nathan Regis-McClure to Nathan Regis-McClure and Erika Pantis.


162 Farrarville Road; land and building; $193,207; Mellon Bank of New York Trust to Timothy M. Dunn.

1027 Laconia Road; land and building; $196,818; Donald A. Curran and USA HUD to USA HUD.

620 Province Road; land and building; $173,000; Leatrice D. Blanchette T. and Gene Blanchette to Daniel S. Perry.

26 Rodin Road; land and building; $677,000; Therese and Dana Belletete to Peter and Bonnie Nieves.

No address provided Lot 15; $180,000; Mary J. Morse Greenwood T. and John D. O’Shea to Scott T. Schoonmaker and Melodie S. Bartram.


9 Audley Drive; land and building; $415,000; Leslie J. Bryant to Andrea J. and James M. Hunt.

105 Woodhill Road; two-family home; $450,000; Lillian Serrano and Arnold Weitzman to Kimberly and Matthew Weitzman.


126 Holiday Hills Drive; land and building; $365,000; Coolberth 1 Ft and Tara S. Lafrance to Virginia Perkins and Mark Upton-Perkins.

Summer Street; $161,333; Laurie G. and Kenneth A. Belanger to Ellaquinn LLC.

Upper Birch Drive; $320,000; Roberta Willson to Kris A. and Patricia A. Durgin.


Mayflower Drive; $10,000; F. Barry Ryan to Andre Bourque and Doris M. Richards.


84 Branch Turnpike Unit 50; condominium; $230,000; Diane W. Avery Ret and Stephen C. Avery to Giane and Robert C. Hones.

16 Cabernet Drive Unit 1; condominium; $259,933; Elaine C. and Frank Bauchiero to Megan Tuttle.

4 Emerson Road; land and building; $525,000; John Willem Clemente to Jessica A. and Michael R. Smith.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 109; condominium; $135,000; S. and A. Austin Properties LLC to Matthew Cotton.

129 Fisherville Road Unit 33; condominium; $151,000; Evelyn J. Clark-Smith to Glenn A. and Kelsie A. Scribner.

Hopkinton Road; $239,200; Ashley M. Drag and Tyson S. Gray to Brent D. Wesler and Kimberly Geary-Wesler.

Loudon Road; $200,000; Colleen Aversa to 95 Loudon Road LLC.

128 Loudon Road Unit 30f; condominium; $75,000; Pattu Kesavan 2007 Ret and Pattu D. Kesavan to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

128 Loudon Road Unit 31f; condominium; $75,000; Pattu Kesavan 2007 Ret and Pattu D. Kesavan to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

128 Loudon Road Unit 34f; condominium; $75,000; Pattu Kesavan 2007 Ret and Pattu D. Kesavan to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

177-185 Loudon Road Unit 15; condominium; $55,000; Theresa L. Iovino to Plato Properties Inc.

157 River Road; land and building; $120,000; USA HUD to Alan B. and Jill A. Johns.

16 Tara Drive; land and building; $284,933; Danielle M. Ford to Samuel K. Bruce.


973 Us Route 4; land and building; $163,533; Marianne and Stephen Clorite to Kelsey M. Belanger and Alex M. Grandmont.


16 Gulf Road; land and building; $320,000; Christopher C. Hanson and Taury E. Anderson to Jessica L. and Wendy A. Nelson.

107 Mountain Road; land and building; $200,000; Paul F. Melling and Mellon Bank of New York to Ashleypstg LLC.


12 Blueberry Hill Road; land and building; $274,533; Shawn P. Ford to Hunter J. Tilley.


No address provided Lot 86; $100,000; ADM Holdings LLC to Melissa Mayhew.


122 Kendall St.; land and building; $219,000; Bernard W. Chapman and Matthew B. Lorden to Melissa J. and Randy P. O’Brien.


71 Annis Drive Unit 18; condominium; $153,000; Houston Housing Services to Keri Ricci.

31 Area Road; land and building; $175,000; Wojtek M. Migdalski and Elizabeth Kessel-Migdalsk to Brian M. and Lynn C. Mckay.

992 Cherry Valley Road; land and building; $299,100; Anthony Feldman and FNMA to FNMA.


North Road; $148,000; Mary A. Fortier to Nathan M. and Jessica A. Pickowicz.

44 Prescott Road; land and building; $364,000; Cynthia A. Bedford to David T. and Laurie Willis.


294 Western Ave.; three-family home; $271,000; Hugh Barrett to Amanda Cota.


Beard Road; $42,533; Beard Brook Village LLC to Life Forest LLC.

216 Bible Hill Road; land and building; $390,000; S. G. and P. M. Parenteau T. and Stephen G. Parenteau to Brett M. and Tammy M. Davison.

Jefferson Drive; $181,000; Andrew S. Ross 2014 T. and Tanya Y. Ross to Bennett Properties LLC.

133 Stowe Mountain Road; land and building; $250,000; Brett M. and Tammy M. Davison to Scott M. Christensen.

No address provided Lot Ce27; $40,000; Robert Enos and Allisa Landsteiner to Joanna L. Hutchens and Timothy P. Mylon.


576 Putney Hill Road; land and building; $380,000; Mary E. and Michael A. Adam to Heather and Rene Robillard.


69 Edwards St.; land and building; $172,533; Jonathan B. Gamans to Kord R. Ball.

161 Hilliard Road Unit 14; condominium; $160,000; Carl D. and Barbara R. Harris to Krista K. Low.

119 Maiden Lady Cove; land and building; $580,000; Eileen M. Sleeper Estate and Peter F. Burger to Michael E. Dambach and Shelly Marks.

Route 3 Lot 14; $115,000; David P. and Ava T. Doyle to Jason McGray.

37 Windjammer Ridge; land and building; $985,000; Northwest Investors LLC to Matthew Maggiore.


Bear Hill Road; $120,000; Christine M. Panza to Heather A. Johns and Tamara L. Kelley.


No address provided Lot 2; $86,000; David J. Mazzaglia to Golden LLC.

No address provided Lot 2; $125,533; Carl A. and Jeffrey W. Chase to Christopher Roche and Kimberly Aviado.


Highland Ridge Condo Unit K14; condominium; $495,533; Kathleen W. Dunbar to Barbara M. and Oscar L. Darling.


27 Fortune Lane; land and building; $126,533; Eugene A. Lemery to Joseph Cunningham.

267 Old Post Road; land and building; $265,000; Bradley H. Laclair Estate and Sandra Sanderson to James V. Snider.

Route 103; $200,000; Richard J. Wright to Christine H. and John J. Perry.


390 Shaw Road; land and building; $316,000; 2nd Silver Property Management to Kendall E. Dill.


427 Buck St.; land and building; $207,000; Mackenzie T. and Robert V. Johnson to Joseph M. Woods.

North Pembroke Road; $68,533; Sandra A. Maroney to Continental Paving Inc.


Clark Road; $20,000; John R. Osborne to Catamount Land and Cattle.


Allen Avenue; $42,533; Beulah M. Adams to Roberta L. Blackler.

77 Highland St. Unit 1; condominium; $275,000; H. Russell Harris T. and William E. Harris to Lakes Regions Mental Health.

95 Hunt Road; mixed-use complex; $330,000; Sara Kuchrawy to Maria W. and Shane H. Buzzell.

83-85 Main St.; $312,000; Birgitte L. Wilms and Nancy C. Strapko to Kryan Inc.

8 Weeks St.; land and building; $215,000; Arthur Capeci to Michael F. and Joanne Huff.


No address provided Lot 6-5; $39,533; Kenneth R. McConnell to Andrew and Pamela Laliberte.


593 Lower Bay Road; land and building; $370,000; Leonard and Judita Kustar to Bryan and Adam Cannon.

Route 3b; $24,000; John R. and Diane M. Gaj to Gate City Development.


125 Summit Road; other; $900,000; Karen and Stefan Timbrell to Lisa Hogarty and Rosemary Keane.


256 Laconia Road; mixed-use complex; $130,000; Brian S. and Mariluz C. Flanders to Jomish Rt and Joseph M. Sterner.

749 Laconia Road Unit 12; condominium; $385,000; Peter and Bonnie Nieves to Tyler and Rose Hall.


3 Denny Hill Road; $11,202,666; Nic 15 Pine Rock Manor to 3 Denny Hill Road LLC.

Poverty Plains Road; $42,000; Fred W. Courser to Michael and Shari Courser.


21 Hunters End; land and building; $305,000; Michael R. and Jessica A. Smith to Ashley M. Herrick.

289 S. Stark Highway; multi-family home; $314,000; Ronald and Mona Morse to Cassandra Kniffin and Kevin Quinn.


No address provided; $350,000; Cassey Brook Properties to Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation.

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