Capital area real estate listings for  May 20-26

Published: 6/18/2020 8:10:56 AM

Real estate sales recorded between May 20-26


21 Horseshoe Pond Road; land and building; $182,933; Barbara J. Cassidy to Lindsay D. and Ryan K. Barton.

Switch Road; $410,000; Barton Ft and Melissa K. Barton to Ryan J. Distefano.


47 Rogers Road; land and building; $217,000; David Maynard to Paul and Samantha Nunez.


5 Tee Dee Drive; mobile home; $64,933; Marcy L. Coughlin to Barbara J. Cassidy.

North /a Lot 238-4; $64,000; Bbe Realty LLC to Richard R. Gagane.


76 Chandler St.; land and building; $165,000; Aaron J. Smith to Andrew M. and Melissa A. Queen.

47 Commercial St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $265,000; Patricia E. Willis to Brandon J. Bell and Cassandra L. Owens.

239 King St.; land and building; $198,533; Jeffrey A. Jahn and Erin K. Moore to Nicole P. Parizo.

North /a; $239,933; Michael Smith and Mary L. Tussing to Jacob C. Engelhardt and Chanel R. Swinerton.


5 Deer Run Road; land and building; $400,000; Michelle A. Jukoski to Gregory A. and Kamber Burnett.

North /a Lot 18-4-1; $250,000; Pinnacle Lane Dev LLC to CGI Real Estate Holdings.


Pikes Point Road; $590,000; Alan H. Everett and Jeffrey M. Byrne to Newfound Chalet LLC.

Robieson Drive; $30,200; Glenn M. & K. Davis T. and Glenn M. Davis to Scott A. Knapp.

30 School St.; land and building; $109,900; US Bank Na Tr to Charlie Poulos.


Borough Road; $70,000; Dole Ft and Kathleen G. Dole to Valarie T. Fife.

101 Morrill Road; land and building; $555,000; Alice M. and Simon Leeming to Erika J. and Nathaniel J. Bragdon.

101 Old Tilton Road; land and building; $246,733; Kate Mulleavey and Roberto Rosas to Kate Mulleavey.


17 Callaway Drive Unit 6; condominium; $238,000; Abbott Farm LLC to Perkins Ft and Lynn A. Perkins.

206 East Side Drive; 2-Fam Res; $265,000; Lindsey B. and Meghan Foley to Adam Goodwin.

87 Hooksett Tpke; land and building; $280,000; Jeanne T. Hebert T. and Fredrick McAllister to Chandler R. Peterson and Stephanie C. Sloane.

5 Hope Ave.; land and building; $234,000; Laura Messenger and Scott D. Pollard to Tyler J. Bonin and Rebecca J. Wolfe.

18 Hutchins St.; land and building; $267,000; Jill C. and Michael A. Pelletier to Laura Bellerose.

327 Loudon Road; Rest/Bar; $1,000,000; Rt New Hampshire Restaurant to 327 Loudon Rd Concord LLC.

158 Manchester St.; Auto Sales; $3,100,000; 158 Manchester St Inc to Dmo Realty Concord LLC.

Penacook St.; $210,000; Eva M. Sartwell Irt and Thomas Sartwell to John Laplante.

11 Profile Ave.; land and building; $359,933; Bryant Anderson to Austin and Jennifer Carr.

Regency Hill Estates Cond Unit 15; condominium; $66,200; Raisa Alberetti to James K. and Melanie M. Longfellow.

South St.; $335,000; May H. and Pang H. Chiang to Frederick and Linda Knight.

19 Tanner St.; land and building; $220,000; Julie Spooner to David A. and Noella R. Gregoire.

64 Washington St.; 2-Fam Res; $203,533; Todd T. Comstock to Baystone Properties LLC.


611 Waukeena Lake Road; land and building; $585,000; Bradley S. and Roxanne Winslow to Sally Bernstein and Gary Sylvia.


69 Mountain Road; land and building; $198,133; Charles A. and Mary A. Richards to Melissa A. Gray.

56 Pleasant Hill Road; land and building; $310,000; John R. and Jenny A. Bisson to Jill M. and Michael S. Sherman.

Route 107; $90,000; John and Althea Garland to Kenneth and Valerie Seitz.


Reservoir Road; $230,000; Pia Sunderland to Jonathan Hecht and Lora L. Sabin.

North /a; $13,000; Marilyn K. White to Jay and Donna Walker.


Goboro Road; $90,000; Maurice W. Patterson to Gracelands LLC.

212 New Orchard Road; land and building; $240,000; Carl J. Mahlstedt and Andrea M. Edes to Nicole D. and Steven C. Gray.


80 Lawndale Ave.; land and building; $210,000; Patricia A. Tremblay to Rebecca A. Paulin.

605 South Main St.; land and building; $203,533; Joseph L. Mann to Melissa R. and Stephen H. Lotto.

134 Salisbury Road; land and building; $55,000; USA HUD to Jonathan and Nikki Gilpatric.

North /a Lot 2a; $221,000; Suzanne Jameson and Matthew Prince to Karen A. Coleman.


477 Belknap Mountain Road; land and building; $315,000; Gary P. Francke T. and Gary P. Francke to Michael C. and Jessica Bennett.

12 Chicory Lane; land and building; $253,533; Michael C. and Jessica A. Bennett to Roice E. and Christianna M. Houston.

36 Gilman Drive; land and building; $500,000; Irene T. Murray to Audra and Courtney L. Kelly.

232 Sagamore Road; land and building; $885,000; Paul J. and Caryl E. Falvey to Jeffrey Hackman.


51 Allens Mill Road; land and building; $260,000; Michael J. Horn to Megan J. Sousa and Jeffrey S. Pierson.

35 Anderson Road; land and building; $149,000; Judith Cunliffe and US Bank Na to 3 Wishes LLC.

20 Chestnut Ave.; land and building; $52,000; Rodney Knieriemen to Georges Realty LLC.

741 Stage Road; $314,933; Bethal Builders LLC to Paul Crawford-Gorg and Leva I. Gorg.


388 Western Ave. Unit A4; condominium; $153,733; Carolyn M. Stiles to Sandra A. Damske.


26 Boulder Pass; land and building; $127,000; Pennymac Loan Services to Richard M. Hoppie and Brighana P. Desrosiers.

74 Myrtle St.; land and building; $229,000; Jeremie and Stacy Wallgren to Randal S. and Michelle L. Brown.

4 Rainbows End; land and building; $197,000; Daniel G. Dellapaolera to Robert N. Ellis and Cora Duguay.

4 Seminole Road; land and building; $225,533; Troyszo LLC to Mikel J. Deyoung and Sarah M. Demers.


117 Pamela Drive; mobile home; $90,000; Kathleen B. Vattes to Mary L. and Randy Baker.


38 Freedom Lane Unit B; condominium; $323,533; Leonard and Debra Mariano to Paul and Maura Mazzocca.

Morningside Drive; $395,000; Willard K. and Mary-Margaret Windsor to Felix and Melanie Matthews.

Union Ave.; $231,600; Open Arms Outreach Inc to Beginning LLC.

738 Weirs Blvd. Unit 32; condominium; $433,000; Giglio Lt and Victor R. Gilio to Simmons Ft and Steven P. Simmons.

845 Weirs Blvd. Unit 3; condominium; $90,000; B. & d. Southayd Ft and Brian J. Southmayd to Dalton J. Drew.

23 West St.; land and building; $185,000; Jeffrey A. Carette to Lori Stephanski.


226 Greenview Drive; land; $99,000; Lucille P. Bollinger T. and Lucille P. Bollinger to 226 Greenview Dr LLC.

243 Lovejoy Road; land and building; $345,000; Ginger L. and Lawrence E. Grant to Kathryn S. and Richard A. Midgley.


Meredith Neck Road; $100,000; Allen Ft and Brian P. Allen to Larry and P. Zupkosky Ret and Larry M. Zupkosky.

183 Pinnacle Park Road; land and building; $1,015,000; Shin Ft and Brian J. Shin to Sharon and Mark Akerstrom.


1041 Straits Road; $135,000; 1994 Rheinhardt Ret and Barbara A. Rheinhardt to Scott W. and Tyler S. Hanigan.


North /a Lot 15; $52,000; Robert Scott and Molly MacNaughton to Gordon and Melissa Clair.


36 Fiske Road; land and building; $255,000; Erika J. and Nathaniel J. Bragdon to Devin and Patrick S. Mccormack.

North /a Lot 29; $145,000; Hanks Claude E. Jr Est and Gregory C. Hanks to Ronald and Paula Pinciaro Ret and Paula J. Pinciaro.

North /a Lot 4-5a-1; $125,000; Carol and Jean Keyes to Winnipesaukee Comm Props.


248 Bow Lake Road; land and building; $275,000; Shannon C. Gillan and Hunter R. Migneault to Brandon M. and Emily J. Cantara.


Route 3 Lot 11; $160,000; Michael W. Shuttic to Diane L. King.

483 Woodlawn Ridge Road; land and building; $285,000; Lynn Eaton to Anne S. and Stephen P. Noble.


3 Loudon Road; Other Exempt; $61,000; Peterson Cram Post 75 to Sherilyn D. Neely.


Ash Hill Road; $315,000; Bowers Ft 2005 and Aurel J. Bowers to Moksha T. and Amy S. Purpel.

261 Fairgrounds Road; mobile home; $114,533; Todd and John R. Gustaitis to Joanne M. Rockstraw and Ronald Tourangeau.


North /a Lot 13-2; $55,000; Tesla Properties LLC to J. R. & s. J. Spaulding Ret and Joseph R. Spaulding.


666 New Hampton Road; commercial building; $835,000; Iqra LLC to Sanborton Properties LLC.


4 Deer St. Unit 13; condominium; $110,000; Charlotte A. Gonzalez to Justin M. and Olivia Flynn.

Hill Road; $128,000; Patrick J. and Patricia A. Mallon to Peter W. Leitch.

38 Rolling Hills Drive; land; $358,533; Country Meadows Manufactr to Peter and Maureen Vassil.


139 North Village Road; land and building; $210,000; Greenlun Lt and Jayne A. Greenlun to Katyn and Michael P. McGowan.

Red Chimney Road; $52,533; Kevin Morse and Susan Scacchi to Barbara J. and Gary E. Rothe.


271 Concord Stage Road; land and building; $205,000; Kimberly Alberti to Jarred P. Swiontek.

31 Hilbren Road; land and building; $335,000; David and Jessica Bent to Aimee L. O’Brien and Mark R. Andrikowich.

62 Holly Hill Farm Road; land and building; $395,000; Shane A. Despres and Rhonda M. George to Glen Hurlburt.

139 Old Town Road Unit A; condominium; $176,000; Jessica J. Kenyon to Monique E. Wanamaker.

113 Pondview Road; land and building; $289,000; Kristy Larson to Kaylin E. Winn and Zachary J. Gosztyla.

27 Winterberry Lane; land and building; $291,000; Joseph R. and Nikki Crean to Gregg A. Thompson and Dennis J. Corrigan.

North /a Lot 1; $45,000; Virginia R. and Joseph G. Bigwood to Justin Nault.


Gerrish Road; land; $25,000; Deborah A. Pojani to Abby A. Rockefeller.

Gerrish Road; $30,000; Linda M. Mason to Abby A. Rockefeller.

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