Capital area real estate listings for May 27 and June 2

Published: 6/18/2020 8:11:36 AM

Home sales recorded between May 27 and June 2


Flaghole Road; $45,000; Martin Adams to Gail L. and Patrick M. Mead.


17 Hemlock Road; land and building; $221,000; Raymond Juneau to Kyle M. Paquin.

Province Road; $44,000; Prisco C. and Peter C. Diprizio to Leroy and Penny Stewart.

17 Waterville Lane; land and building; $230,000; Barbara K. Durgan to Michael E. and Mary K. Ramsey.


Bean Hill Road; $60,000; S. & A. Austin Properties LLC to Jasmor Properties LLC.

5 Cherry St.; mobile home; $45,000; Domenico Castaldi to Kenzo Morris.

183 Horne Road; land and building; $249,000; Timothy T. Therrien to Adam and Rachel Smith.


267 Corn Hill Road; land and building; $360,000; Jean V. and Robert W. Lawrie to Michael and Suzanne M. Zick.

5 Dove St.; land and building; $298,933; Christopher and Cindy Abbato to Jeremy D. Willett.

185 King St.; land and building; $213,000; Alpine Investment Group to Sara Chretien and Julia Jimenez.

New Hampshire Route 4 Lot 13; $270,000; Stephanie N. Wheeler to Kathleen L. and Raymond A. Skinner.


4 Ogden Drive; land and building; $585,000; McMahon Ft and Carol McMahon to Eric M. and Janine N. Dyson.

15 Pinnacle Lane; land and building; $622,600; Pinnacle Lane Dev LLC to Michele Baca and Jacob Parr.


34 Breezy Hill Road; $130,000; Wendy L. Godin to Stephen C. Eastman.

130 East Main St.; land and building; $175,000; Peter D. Brigham to Clark R. and Evelyn K. Roberge.


77 West Shore Road; land and building; $170,000; John W. Palmer to Patrick J. Allen.

151 West Shore Road Unit 7; condominium; $100,000; David R. Pelletier to James Rascoe Ret and James Rascoe.


566 Shaker Road; land and building; $201,533; Murdock T. 2018 and Shirley Y. Murdock to Alison E. Doheny and Dana Stark.


11 Connemara Drive; land and building; $427,533; Leonora and Robert Cika to Kevin and Natalie Messerschmidt.

50 Cross Road; commercial building; $750,000; DBU Construction Inc to Rouleau Group LLC.

43 Hilliard Road; $129,000; Richard H. Booth to Gregory F. and Rachel Teague.

76 Kelleys Corner Road; commercial building; $350,000; Companion Real Estate LLC to Djm Companion Chichester.

Route 202; $116,000; Karen M. and Kenneth E. Head to DBU Construction Inc.


17 Callaway Drive Unit 3; condominium; $238,000; Abbott Farm LLC to Celeste Bogdan-Hawthorne and James W. Hawthorne.

12 Columbine Place; land and building; $266,000; Phinney Joyce Anne Est and Dianne Bertolami to Amanda Bakios-Perry and Derek Perry.

12 East Side Drive Unit 3-11; condominium; $84,933; F8 Tri Partners Realty to Daniel and Kristina Michaud.

12 East Side Drive Unit 3-3; condominium; $72,933; F8 Tri Partners Realty to Daniel and Kristina Michaud.

11 Eastman St.; Dept Store; $260,000; 11 Eastman Street Re LLC to CMAF Enterprise LLC.

98 Fisk Road; land and building; $200,000; Delfausse Ft and Olivia H. Delfausse to Catherine A. and Richard J. Ocarroll.

6 Oak St.; land and building; $172,000; Lfv Red LLC to Pendragon LLC.

135-a Pembroke Road; land and building; $247,000; Jon Nicastro to Diane Pelletier.

15 Rosewood Drive; land and building; $335,000; Kathleen P. StLouis Ret and Kathleen P. StLouis to Amanda A. and Peace Arikpo.

16 Shenandoah Drive; land and building; $445,000; John E. and Rhonda M. Condon to John T. Colfry and Laura C. Conly.

26 South St.; 2-Fam Res; $200,000; John V. Cabibi to Lfv Red LLC.

248-250 South St.; Dept Store; $555,000; Omic Properties LLC to Iron Works LLC.

18 Swan Circle; land and building; $430,000; Bruce A. Tasker Ret and Bruce A. Tasker to Bryan V. Marabella.

36 Whitewater Drive Unit 36; condominium; $167,000; David and Kathryn L. Mulholand to Kelsey J. and William B. Stone.

North /a Lot 71; $421,000; Kelly and Neil Levesque to Allyson and Steven West.


532 Us Route 4; Acc Land Imp; $53,533; Chad E. Norton to Andrew L. and Danyelle N. Mattheson.


89 Candia Road; $359,933; J. K. Mullikin & Son Homes to Brian A. and Quinn G. Smith.

233 Middle Road; land and building; $231,533; Judith M. and Margaret R. Capelle to Erica D. and Eric W. Rowell.


91 Cross Road; land and building; $165,000; Briana Dube to Nicholas A. and Samantha J. Bachand.


38 Armands Way; land and building; $390,000; Kathleen and Michael Langlois to Joseph J. and Kathryn Marcel.

6 Calebs Way; $459,000; Lucyna and Mark R. Thompson to Elizabeth I. and Kevin A. Gelinas.


30 Mountain Road; land and building; $248,000; Randall and Susan W. Clark to Danielle Conroy and Phillip R. Ollivierre.

338 New Orchard Road; land and building; $295,000; FNMA to Jesse W. Bosworth.

202 Old Turnpike Road; land and building; $345,000; Mary and Michael Ramsey to Caroline and Shawn Menard.

1179 Suncook Valley Hwy; land and building; $140,000; Diane and Gregory S. Colarusso to Forrest H. Sell.


691 Central St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $130,750; Prp 2 Pals LLC to Robert W. Johnson.

180 Hill Road; land and building; $128,000; USA HUD to Emma Howe.

13 School St.; land and building; $197,000; Theresa K. and Todd S. Tracy to John D. Follansbee and Amanda M. Gagnon.

83 Winnipesaukee St.; land and building; $222,000; Perla R. Higuera-Taboada to Collin S. Capelle.


Dockham Shore Road; $630,000; Zach Ft and Richard J. Zach to Warren C. Hutchins 2005 T. and Warren C. Hutchins.

Henderson Road; $160,000; Donald and Alyssa M. George to Peter and Cheryl Bates.

Varney Point Road; $2,200,000; Andrea Bournival-Namay to James R. and Maureen P. Dagle.

73 Weirs Road Unit E21; Dock Condo; $80,000; David and Holly Fontenot to Matthew Poulin and Emily Bibbo.

North /a; $94,933; Paul A. McManus and Katherine A. Zagroba to Dmitry Zhivotovsky and Sharon Bradley.

North /a; $95,533; Paul A. McManus and Katherine A. Zagroba to Dmitry Zhivotovsky and Sharon Bradley.


889 Province Road; land and building; $250,000; Small Ft 2019 and Steven A. Small to Christina E. and Aaron D. Spain.

122 Valley Shore Drive; land and building; $245,000; Antonopoulos Rt and James Antonopoulos to Jeromy C. Trayer and Nancie I. Barahona.

North /a Lot 414-74; $55,000; Paul M. and Carol G. Darbyshire to Wayne J. Spellman.


152 Juniper Rdg; land and building; $239,933; Jennifer L. Healy to Daniel Grant.

North /a Lot 568c2; $98,000; Wofo Invest Inc to Crafture Inc.


Minott Road; $54,000; Beard Brook Village LLC to Alan and Katherine Gabris.


1242 Briar Hill Road; land and building; $389,000; John Malmberg to Shane and Valorie Harris.

740 Broad Cove Road; land and building; $404,000; Dara and Griffen L. Bradds to Jesse A. and Rachel R. Vendt.

180 Burnham Intervale Road; land and building; $210,000; Dawn L. Hartwell Ret and Dawn L. Hartwell to John A. and Karissa Carr.

60 Gage Hill Road; land and building; $369,933; Mary Beth McNicholas T. and Mary McNicholas to Kesley Perry and Justin Ressler.

183 Wildwood Drive; land; $440,000; Strategic Contracting Co to Lacee M. and Mark E. Stevens.


31 Boathouse Road; land and building; $1,712,533; Warren C. Hutchins 2005 T. and Warren C. Hutchins to Tammy A. and Donald T. Clark.

58 Breckenridge Way Unit 27; condominium; $180,000; Dan R. Fulp to Anthony Barreto.

29 Cedar St.; land and building; $249,000; Gregory S. Levasseur to John H. and Danielle E. Allwein.

4 Duffers Drive Unit A; condominium; $304,933; Clifford Mason to Andrew S. White and Cynthia Hurley.

448 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $288,000; Philip and Linda Spagnuolo to Bryanna R. Lacoste and Danielle S. Maupin.

151 Pendleton Road; land and building; $1,500,000; Glenn T. and Christine M. Saba to Robert D. and Lori B. Mcivor.

34 Pine St.; 2-Fam Res; $233,000; Zhao Min and Liang C. Xin to Hank Selian.

616 Scenic Road Unit 406; condominium; $720,000; Akwa Village LLC to Wheeler Ft and Scott A. Wheeler.

9 Treetop Circle Unit 35; condominium; $114,000; Johan J. Uylebroeck and Patricia E. Ciotto to William and Michele Bates.

178 Treetop Circle Unit 11; condominium; $95,000; David A. and Carolyn M. McKiel to Paul N. Carpenter.

360 Union Ave. Unit 1; Retail Condo; $440,000; MSD Realty Holdings LLC to 360 Union LLC.

Weirs Blvd.; $350,000; Elias and Marlene Chaya to Harmon Ft.

Weirs Blvd. Lot 4; $35,000; Richard Ivey and Mary Napolitano to Jeffrey R. and Angela M. Lemire.

73 Wentworth Cove Road; land and building; $1,125,000; JC Equity Brokers LLC to Cove Rt and Paul E. Sughrue.

12 Woodland Ave.; land and building; $198,000; Joseph J. Trevorah to Justin R. Verryt.

North /a Lot 4; $299,933; Bouchard 2010 Irt and Lori S. Bouchard to Helen M. Hurley.

North /a Lot 5; $298,000; Jonathan P. and Regina M. Theberge to David B. Barry.


615 Old Shaker Road; land and building; $300,000; Lynne and Timothy Ainsworth to Kevin Ainsworth.

North /a Lot 41-4; $675,000; Sleeper Eileen M. Est and Peter F. Burger to James L. and Sidney P. McLoud.

North /a; $100,000; Eileen M. Sleeper T. and Peter F. Burger to James L. and Sidney P. McLoud.


6 Cottage Road; land and building; $250,000; Richard L. and Susan Cochran to John B. Benjamin and Sarah R. Pelton.

41 Follett Road; land and building; $355,000; Stephen and Melanie McBrian to Andrew Difabio.

10 Hillrise Lane; land and building; $199,000; Maribeth Ryan to Scott R. and Mary K. Currier.

Plymouth St.; $155,000; Herbert J. Bluthardt to Bradley A. and Lynn F. Leighton.

Quimby Road; $800,000; Christopher and Maren Boothby to James X. and Marie E. McArdle.

7 Red Gate Lane; land and building; $310,533; Christopher R. and Jocelyn H. Bernard to Perry J. and Debra L. Wilmarth.

Route 3; $100,000; Perry K. Taylor and Robin L. Linke to Michael Crockett.

Stonedam Island Road; $174,000; Jelane O. Bragen Ret and Eric S. Bragen to Clifford Antonell.

North /a Lot 2; $460,000; Hull Forestlands Lp to McGregor Ft and Brent McGregor.


96 Drake Road; land and building; $300,000; Richard A. and Lillian C. Goulette to Troy and Mindy Foster.

23 Woodman Lane; land and building; $240,000; Eliza L. King and Jared Steer to Tara M. and Michael J. Albert.


Hilltop Place Lot 6; $324,000; Lawton Ft and Gail A. Lawton to Helen P. Tucker T. and Helen P. Tucker.

26 Hilltop Place Unit 26; condominium; $255,000; Barry M. Isaacs Ret and Barry M. Isaacs to Wilson Ft and Elizabeth K. Wilson.

119 Parkside Road; land and building; $279,000; Jeffrey A. and Patricia C. North to Ted R. Peace.

22 Seasons Unit 22; condominium; $375,000; John H. Shaw Ret 1995 and J. H. Shaw to Christian M. and Joanne R. Forster.


27 Howard Ave.; land and building; $240,000; Kathleen and Samuel Robertson to Albert and Sherri J. Perry.

Union Road; $80,000; Lura J. Rogers-Seavey to Joseph Walazek.

191 Zion Hill Road; land and building; $318,000; Mira Baltus-Carlaw and Ryan T. Carlaw to Lisa Andrews and Sarah Depontbriand.


598 1st New Hampshire Tpke; land and building; $500,000; 598 First Nh Tpke LLC to Steven J. Warnock and Jodi L. Morin.

191 Long Pond Road; land and building; $255,000; Diane M. Cullen to Shawn P. Roche.

88 Old Barnstead Road; land and building; $390,000; Matthew W. and Carolina D. Compton to Warren D. Frederick and Amanda R. Vousbouski.

155 Tasker Shore Drive; land and building; $140,000; Jeffrey A. Line to Lorie A. Wilkinson-Bell.

North /a; $269,933; 951 First NH Turnpike T. and K. Kehoe-Battles to Timothy C. and Susan M. Keefe.


743 Clough Mill Road; Auto Repair; $400,000; Richard Kruger to 743 Realty LLC.

418 Deerpath Lane; land and building; $299,000; Artisan Homes LLC to Shaina and Stephen T. Pugner.

31 Donna Drive; land and building; $350,000; Brittany and Edward A. Galvin to Courtney M. and Jordan E. Lecours.

146 Pembroke St.; land and building; $234,933; Doyle Ft and Brian D. Doyle to Alksnitis Ft and Amanda A. Alksnitis.

15 South Browning Ct Unit 15; condominium; $170,000; Lorrie J. Ripley and Arthoen Wolf to Cristobal M. Toribio and Iris M. Viera.

1 Savage Ct Unit 1; condominium; $188,000; Autumn Nall and Shane Smith to Nicholas M. Margareit and Koral A. Smas.


10-12 Bridge St.; $240,000; Cousins Properties LLC to Ez Properties LLC.

23 Depot St.; land and building; $119,933; David and Marilyn Dansereau to Donald R. Moore and Carl E. Washington.

38 South Main St.; land and building; $75,000; Stevens Edward Kevin Est and Erin L. Stevens to Elizabeth M. and James A. Fox.

38 South Main St.; land and building; $75,000; Michael Stevens to Elizabeth M. and James A. Fox.


10 Cummings Hill Road; land and building; $180,000; Aimee K. and Christopher Lee to Cody Gibbs.

104 Highland St.; land and building; $194,933; Jenny R. and Justin B. Thibeault to Ashley Macmillan and Andrew Nelson.

34 Merrill St.; land and building; $213,000; Thaddeaus C. Guldbrandsen to Nicholas R. and Alissa M. Helms.

Old Route 25; $191,000; George A. and Candace R. Ports to Georgia C. Prestosz.


22 Warner Road; land and building; $220,000; Brenda J. and Edward P. Scully to Sarah J. and Vernon W. John.


Bennetts Ferry Road; $347,533; Lily Pond Ft and Ellsworth R. Morton to Christopher and Corrine B. Hogan.

253 Hueber Drive; land and building; $437,533; Jeronimo R. Garrigues and Amy Kaufman to Pietro Anzalone and Victoria Richmond.

34 Perley Hill Road; land and building; $305,000; Paula J. Labelle to Briana and Christopher Herman.


230 Eaton Grange Road East; land and building; $385,000; Justin and Sydney R. Fitzgerald to Travis E. Singer and Karen A. Sinville.

North /a Lot 478; $150,000; Jane B. Pratt Residuary T. and H. J. Barrett-Kitchen to Jennifer B. McCourt.

North /a Lot 9-668; $100,000; Nancy C. and William L. Whitehead to Martin Gross and Jenna Hastings.


749 Laconia Road Unit 10; condominium; $255,000; Maria R. and Patrick L. Malloy to Lulin Xiong.

152 Sanborn Road; 2-5 Fam Res; $152,600; Bruce L. Howard and Barbara J. Tsiaras to 168 Sanborn Road Holdings.


Melvin Road; $350,000; Adams Bates to Foot Hills Maple Retreat.

127 West Joppa Road; land and building; $250,000; Sarah Bienvenue and Jacob Tingley to Amber M. and John F. Pineau.


3 Newman Wilson Road; land and building; $255,000; Fortin Jeffrey Est and Betty Fortin to Autumn Enman and Michael Wilson.

85 Rolling Hill Drive; land and building; $439,000; Sean C. Duclos T. and Sean C. Duclos to Joseph R. and Nikki S. Crean.

161 Thorndike Road; land and building; $313,000; Nicholas K. Berube to Claude J. and Julie V. Allain.


36 Winnepocket Road; land and building; $289,000; Susan L. and Thomas F. Ford to Danielle Beard and Greg Gardner.


176 Kearsarge Mountain Road; land and building; $270,000; Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to David and Marilyn Raciti.

176 Kearsarge Mountain Road; land and building; $270,000; Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.

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