Capital area real estate listings from Aug. 17 to 21

Published: 9/17/2020 8:43:40 AM

Aug. 17 to 21


61 River Road; apartment building; $323,133; Ernest J. Amyot to Lily Fritz and Khai A. Vanvu.


218 Currier Road; land and building; $200,000; Pilot Realty LLC to Alan and Katherine L. Gielarowski.

65 Hall Road; land and building; $350,000; Sheila D. and Steven Fox to Maureen L. Callahan.

328-b Main St.; land and building; $165,000; Tall Vent Properties LLC to Wendy J. anderson.

58 North Short St.; land and building; $274,933; Amy A. and Donald M. Rankins to Kimberly M. Green

822 Franklin Hwy; land and building; $260,000; Jeri D. Bacote and Jason Silver to Marcia J. Miller and Rob S. Powers.


26 Dow Lane; land and building; $239,000; O’Connell Kenneth J. Jr Est and Christopher J. O’Connell to Cormick Hewes.

399 North Barnstead Road; land and building; $240,000; Melissa J. Martin to Christina M. McGranaghan.

Narrows Bridge Road; $248,533; Jason A. and Bethany L. Shaw to Erinn Madden.

64 Winwood Drive; land and building; $245,000; Kelley C. Massey to Donna Poulin.

No address provided Lot 23b; $245,000; Tammy S. Deleo-Roy to Mary E. McCormack.

148 Georgetown Drive; land and building; $215,000; John A. and Lori A. Simpson to Sandra G. and Erik A. Nielsen.

288 Peacham Road; land and building; $320,000; Raf Ft and Donald E. Russell to Paul J. and Dale A. Bylin.

1088 Province Road; land and building; $225,000; Herbert I. Yeaton to Jackson M. Riel.

No address provided Lot 180a; $125,000; Boyle Daniel J. Est and Ellen C. Boyle to Pen Landry LLC.


Grey Rock Road; $80,000; Richard W. and Wayne D. Wheeler to Judith M. and Gerald R. Surprenant.

17 Orchard Hill Road Unit 104; condominium; $95,000; Paige J. Jankowski to Michael Arvidson.

No address provided; $150,000; Christopher G. Hammond to Anthony J. Scott.

34 Boulder Drive; land and building; $338,000; Clifford J. and Susan L. Gleason to Philip V. and Jessica Kafkoulas.

Leavitt Road; $48,000; Karl G. Ulrich to 6-3 Leavitt Road LLC.

45 Orchard Hill Road Unit 2; condominium; $70,000; Jeffrey R. and Harry R. Johndro to Kenerson Ret and Carry A. Kenerson.

150 Plummer Hill Road; $374,933; 6-10 Plummer Hill Rd LLC to Chadwick M. and Janet I. Stevens.

733 Province Road; land and building; $290,000; Jason E. Fee to Suzanne and Cain Davis.


3 Barrett Ave.; land and building; $175,000; Amy E. Prest and Shaun Testa to Jason E. Bonacorsi and Jessica A. Daniels.

30 Sweatt St.; land and building; $245,000; Gabriel Anghel to Katrina R. Beaudoin.


5 Bona Vista Drive; land and building; $369,933; Jennifer and Paul Leger to Daniel R. Black and Jessica Duval.

49 Bow Bog Road; land and building; $390,000; Adam S. and Melissa M. Hartford to Jessie M. and Michael Backoff.

1 Briarwood Drive; land and building; $395,000; Jaime Lacourciere and Christopher Matheson to David J. and Lauren M. Clattenburg.

Brown Hill Road; $155,000; Nancy A. Robertson T. and Patricia Marden to Tyler Builders Inc.

63 Knox Road; land and building; $410,000; Loren C. Powers Jr Ret and Catherine E. Willey to Gabriel E. and Tabitha A. Szczepanik.

20 Putney Road; land and building; $315,000; Joan D. Foote 2016 T. and Joan D. Foote to Osborne Ft 2016 and Henry T. Osborne.

4 West Gate Drive; land and building; $360,000; Jacqueline A. Rheault to Aimee Lynn A. and Jeffrey Sheltry.

33 White Rock Hill Road; land and building; $385,000; Christopher and Karin L. andrews to David R. Paradis and Renee M. Smith.

3 Arrowhead Drive; land and building; $505,000; Murphy Ft and Cheryl L. Murphy to andrew M. and Lynne C. Thornton.

50 Brown Hill Road; land and building; $317,000; Nancy R. Robertson T. and Patricia Marden to Edward G. and Jessica Duke.

9 Cob Road; land and building; $469,000; Helen Dippold to Jonathan B. Whitcomb.

15 Evergreen Drive; land and building; $355,000; andrew M. and Lynne C. Thornton to Brandon and Eliza M. White.

9 Fieldstone Drive; land and building; $609,000; Brooke and Ryan Audley to Carol J. Ericson Ret and Carol J. Ericson.

54 Knox Road; land and building; $610,000; Lauren M. and Ryan C. Ledoux to Linda T. and Timothy P. Kelly.

112 Knox Road; Res Dev Land; $625,000; Strategic Contracting LLC to Katherine Berg-berg and Ryan D. Berg.

No address provided Lot 66aa; $699,933; Kiera M. and Paul J. Mcelrone to Diane F. Fecteau Ret and Diane F. Fecteau.


Pleasant View Road; $470,000; Christine R. Michalenoick and Christine Rock to andrew G. Lyall 2013 Ret and andrew G. Lyall.

Union Road; $10,000; David W. Gunther to Feodor W. Wood.

Union Road; $10,000; Mark A. Gunther to Feodore W. Wood.

201 Old Warner Road; land and building; $399,000; Cole Schlack to Diana and Mark A. Dowd.


Beech St.; $28,533; James L. Basford to Eugenio Ianniciello.

65 Beech St.; land and building; $235,000; George F. and Rebecca L. Frame to Matthew I. and Meagan Hecht.

165 Chestnut St.; land; $130,000; Stephen R. and Christene R. Metheney to Peter and Charlene Roy.

Hillside Ave.; $85,000; Lance B. and Christine Laclair to Laurie A. Edson.

Sunset Drive; $120,000; Ryan Desmarais to Richard and Gloria T. Poulin.

West Shore Road; $45,000; Robert A. Kittler to Victoria J. Bliss.

West Shore Road; $63,000; Robert A. Kittler to F. F. & t. Assoc.

49 Akerman Road; land and building; $100,000; Carl E. and Arla A. Johnson to Tracy A. Johnson Lt and Tracy A. Johnson.

2 Lancelot Lane; land and building; $350,000; Patricia M. Blake to Agnes Czibulka and Michael D. Jager.

55 Prospect St.; land and building; $310,000; Donald R. and Margaret F. Duba to Andrew and Judith M. Bostrom.

4720 River Road; apartment building; $400,000; Harold B. and Doris S. Tillson to Robert M. and Julie Rolando.


140 Borough Road; land; $325,000; Cathy L. Berry to Alison and Catherine Witschonke.

Oxbow Pond Road; $34,000; Charles J. Bassett to New Hampshire 12 Volt LLC.


72 Granny Howe Road; land and building; $289,933; Edna C. Welch Ret and Edna C. Welch to Bmt Construction LLC.

New Hampshire Route 9; $70,000; Lugg George A. Jr Est and Stacy J. Lugg to Wyndleigh T. LLC.

Dover Road; $49,800; David A. Crowell to Young William Prop LLC.

33 Hillview Drive; land and building; $310,000; Lee M. Adams and Kenneth C. Smith to Kirstin Catyb and Nathan A. Dumais.

23 Pleasant St.; land and building; $275,000; Janis K. and Peter J. White to Orlando Correa and Veronica White.

107 Webster Mills Road; land and building; $293,000; Richard S. Frost to Ahron T. Coates.


37 Alice Drive Unit 103; condominium; $122,000; Daniel H. Landau to Adam Goulart.

19 Bainbridge Drive; land and building; $386,000; Daniel and Melissa Williams to Annie E. and Ryan Lacasse.

84 Branch Tpke Unit 3; condominium; $217,400; John Roberts to Jack D. Phinney.

Cemetery St.; $76,800; Robert H. and Sara G. Nichols to Merc Properties LLC.

Cemetery St.; $76,800; Sara G. Nichols to Merc Properties LLC.

10 Dominique Drive; land and building; $335,000; Laura J. Desrochers and Linda D. Ward to Karen M. Scolforo.

121 Elm St.; land and building; $252,533; Emily Corcoran to Scott W. Reed.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 164; condominium; $135,000; Jonathan and Samantha Munoz-Ramirez to Arash Sayyah.

22 Hampton St.; land and building; $438,000; Alicia A. and Brendan J. Sloan to Deepak and Meenakshi Pant.

5 Harrod St.; land and building; $267,000; Michael J. and Sarah E. Schowalter to Zachary C. Jones and Sophia D. Sadock.

15 Heights Road; land and building; $210,000; Carol A. Shea Ret and Deborah Hall to Kyle J. Rockwell.

135 Hoit Road; land and building; $415,000; Rose Bud Capital LLC to Jillian R. Gori and Tyler Hickey.

204 Hoit Road; land and building; $229,533; Stephen W. Wheeler to Jonathan E. Kobisky.

14 Jennifer Drive Unit 2; condominium; $233,000; Newlin Ft and John C. Newlin to Eliza A. Leedberg and Ronald A. Smelstor.

25 Monroe St.; land and building; $242,000; David W. and Kathleen Paradis to Dariel O. and Sara R. Thompson.

131 North State St. Unit 2; condominium; $470,000; Rollins Court LLC to Fred L. Potter Ret 2017 and Fred L. Potter.

28 Penacook St.; land and building; $290,000; Jessica Duque and Monica McCleary to Madison Malone and Nicolas D. Vasquez.

21 Pine St.; land and building; $350,000; Timothy J. Davis and Antonio S. McDonald to Devon Ayer and Justin Littlefield.

317 South Main St.; land and building; $228,000; Lois A. Truchon Ret and Lynn M. Truchon to Charles and Emmaly Pense.

Sewalls Falls Road; $262,000; Brian R. Crete to Kenneth Hurley and Carolyn O’Connor.

182 South St.; land and building; $204,000; William B. Bunnell Jr T. and Kenneth Fancher to Bethany L. and Martha L. Jones.

4 Springfield St.; land and building; $280,000; Nancy Hendryx to Tamara Duane.

9 Sundance Road; land and building; $386,000; Osborne Ft 2016 and Henry T. Osborne to Blair and David Faller.

53 Taylor Lane; land and building; $295,000; Darcie and Ryan Lefebvre to Samuel T. Harty and Ashley E. St Cyr.

23 Vinton Drive Unit 23; condominium; $165,000; Brendan P. and Deanna Casey to Jessica Strojia and Karen Wood.

23 Whitewater Drive Unit 23; condominium; $160,000; Paul A. Schoffield to Jennifer L. Desrochers.

6 Adonis Ct; land and building; $246,933; Deborah J. and Warren F. Cressy to Ashley E. Balon and Nathaniel W. Liberty.

Blake St.; $404,000; Jeffrey R. Marsh and Caren M. Maynard to Pramod and Rebecca Yadav.

Branch Tpke; $280,000; Mary A. Kibbee to Dennis W. and Susan A. Casey.

9 Camelia Ave. Unit 6; condominium; $290,000; Francine and Richard A. Chevrefils to Katya Kudryavtseva.

15 Camelia Ave. Unit 3; condominium; $306,000; Anne L. and William L. Hamilton to Weifeng Fu.

24-26 Canal St.; duplex; $175,000; John P. Heffernan to Phil& s. Rentals LLC.

32 Concord St.; land and building; $256,533; Douglas and Emily Woodward to Lisa Gately and Daniel Lapolla.

27 Dominique Drive; land and building; $358,000; Subbakaran C. Singh and Kamakshi Subbakaran to Douglas M. and Emily S. Woodward.

Edgewood Heights Condo Unit 3; condominium; $166,000; Just Another LLC to Olivia G. Fatcheric.

75 Elm St.; land and building; $137,533; Kimberly J. Austin to Jennifer L. Conley and Jennifer L. Desmarais.

Fairview Drive; $600,000; C. Cromwell-Leblanc and Ernest D. Leblanc to James Berry and Karen Penny.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 167; condominium; $137,533; Kristine Kratovich and Christus Nikitas to Kathleen J. and Peter T. Hendrickson.

120 Fisherville Road; $142,000; Kyunghyun Cho and Doseok Kim to Erlyan and Jeffrey Huntington.

45 Garvins Falls Road; land and building; $420,000; Diane and Thomas M. Harrison to Cyprian and Marie Mugenga.

56 Great Falls Drive Unit 56; condominium; $156,000; Brittany L. and Cassandra Snow to Joanne M. Trainor.

30 Heights Road; land and building; $188,533; Lawreen M. and William J. Murphy to Ashley and Michael P. Colby.

40 Kimball St.; land and building; $363,000; Catherine Asmar Ret and Catherine Asmar to Charles S. Gilboy and Meredith Telus.

24 Monroe St.; duplex; $285,000; Julia J. Lamson and Todd M. Welch to Jaimie L. and Richard D. Lavalley.

Ridge Road; $650,000; Diane and Michael Beauregard to Linda J. and Richard L. Day.

51 Riverhill Ave.; land and building; $390,000; Amy L. Mccann and andrew C. Spain to Matthew and Sarah Schmidt.

24 Roger Ave.; land and building; $245,000; Charles A. and Christine C. Gallup to andrew K. and Krystina Olsen.

14 South Fruit St.; land and building; $385,000; Carol A. and Dane E. Prescott to Jackie Langdon.

75 Snow St.; land and building; $202,533; Danielle M. and Nathan Stonis to Richard Misso and Caitlin C. Turko.

21 Tahanto St.; land and building; $340,000; Laura M. Bonk and Philip Trowbridge to Julianne Gadoury and David J. Shore.

Timberline Drive; $777,000; Arlene Helmig Ret and Arlene Helmig to Roberts Sperandio Rt and Stephen J. Sperandio.

51 Washington St.; land and building; $253,000; Matthew E. and Sarah E. Schmidt to Ellen C. Desmond.

No address provided Lot 18; $1,500,000; Lucille Ladd 2004 Ret and Betty G. Fifield to Continental Paving Inc.


112 High St.; land and building; $190,000; Edward Phelps to Jessica L. and Kaleb M. Gosselin.

No address provided $349,000; Nancy M. Bodenstein to Nathaniel A. Tuck.


Griffin Road; $100,000; Robert B. and Gail M. Ford to Michael A. and Alexa P. Levy.

9 Prospect Road; land and building; $400,000; Marion M. Cobban and Linda J. Pollack to Diane M. and Sam M. Stowers.

55 Range Road; land and building; $385,000; Monica S. Hcon to Belanger Ft and Kevin M. Belanger.

Route 107; $405,000; David F. Oneal to Anne Leavitt.

Route 107; $445,000; James Rivard to Adam E. Carver and Alexandra J. Ryder.

Route 107; $291,933; Karen J. Mcneil to Peter Demuth.

Saddleback Mountain Road; $145,000; Stephen B. Hicks Ret and Stephen B. Hicks to Stephen Faulkner and Debra Faulker.

South Road; $120,000; Allen Goucher to Brian J. and Karen P. Estabrook.

No address provided; $830,000; Frank Albert Ret and Frank Albert to Richard and Susan Carter T. and Susan B. Carter.

No address provided Lot 24-2; $60,000; Albert F. and Joyce W. Witham to Eor Rlty Development LLC.

No address provided. $57,133; Alice A. and Kevin J. Mullen to Geno Construction LLC.


378 Hedgehog Mountain Road; land and building; $236,000; Rita J. Morris Irt and andrew Morris to Liam S. Hagerty and Kristen Sherri-Hagarty.

425 Barnes Road; land and building; $835,000; Thomas N. and Apple J. Gramitt to Laura E. Schulz 2005 Lt and Laura E. Schulz.

158 Reservoir Road; land and building; $399,933; Peter Hecht and Kristina N. Jones to Joel E. and Emily B. Vanpatten.

55 Zoski Road; land and building; $249,000; Thomas J. Brzoski and Nancy C. Burke-brzoski to Steven P. Richard.

No address provided Lot 228-48; $50,000; Peter Hecht and Kristina N. Jones to Patrick Mcgowan.

No address provided Lot 5; $287,000; Brandon L. Bellegarde and Jennifer A. Casey to Rita Silva and Stephen Dobens.


1012 Clinton St.; land and building; $345,000; Arbind Shrestha to John J. and Stephanie J. Hudon.

3 Jewett Road; land and building; $315,000; Jeremy Belanger to Gregory A. Brown and Jada M. Taylor.

Jay Drive; $710,000; K. A. Chapman 2006 Ret and Kimberly A. Chapman to Hallett Ft and Debra R. Hallett.

88 Twist Hill Road; land and building; $479,000; Stevyn and Tiffany E. Dodd to Chad and Jamie Demetry.

No address provided Lot 5; $110,000; Dunbarton 88 LLC to Strategic Contracting Co.


10 Lance Lane; mobile home; $49,933; Jean Bayrd and Richard A. Irving to Steve Grohosky.

North Road; $120,000; Td Electric Inc to Drive Creighton Ret and James R. Creighton.

Route 28; $37,533; Michele B. and Thomas E. Petit to Strategic Contracting Co.

695 Suncook Valley Hwy; land and building; $329,933; Joseph and Lori Harnois to John H. and Nancy I. Swift.


622 Central St.; land and building; $244,000; Carrie and Kent Clark to Gibson Agonis and Jonathan Marrone.

Circle Drive; $71,000; Patricia and Richard Sargent to Kasey C. and Mark F. Silva.

61 Circle Drive; land and building; $244,000; Patricia and Richard Sargent to Kasey C. and Mark F. Silva.

31 Hampshire Drive; land and building; $274,933; April L. and Joseph E. Wentworth to Samantha Chaisson.

518 Prospect St.; land and building; $305,000; Armand Dubois Ft and Armand A. Dubois to John W. and Laurie C. Barbour.

512 Salisbury Road; land and building; $235,000; Cynthia B. Morrill to Christina J. and Jason R. Stockbridge.

100 Pine Colony Road; land and building; $1,150,000; Bradley Parker K. Ret and Bradley Parker to 100 Pine Colony Ret and Douglas N. Potts.

155 Prospect St.; land and building; $224,000; Bruce A. and Margaret E. Ramos to Kevin M. Bernier.


Belknap Mountain Road; $147,000; Michael and Kerin Deprey to Keith Schifano and Molly Pidgeon.

Dockham Shore Road Lot 17; $435,000; Thomas and William Conaton to G. & S. Beiswenger Ft and Gary J. Beiswenger.

Dockham Shore Road; $125,000; Keenan Irt and Robert E. Keenan to William M. Cott 3rd 1999 T. and William M. Cott.

Dockham Shore Road Lot 18; $145,000; Thomas Conaton to William and John Conaton.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 136; condominium; $345,000; Robert T. and Beverly J. Mcnulty to Branda E. Hallenbeck.

131 Lake St. Unit 334; condominium; $79,933; Janice L. and Kevin Stowell to Peter W. Chapman.

335 Liberty Hill Road; land and building; $324,000; J. &nicole Hogan 2017 T. and Jeremy P. Hogan to Gabriel and Traci Moncada.

33 Pineway; land and building; $390,000; Martha S. Kennedy T. and Lewis B. Simmons to Robert J. and Christine L. Holmes.

39 Scenic Drive; Res Dev Land; $196,933; Dennis A. Didonna Ret and Dennis A. Didonna to Jaclyn and Daryl Leland.

90 Scenic Drive; land and building; $1,837,000; Kimberly A. Foley 2018 T. and Kimberly A. Foley to Timothy Mccarthy and Chris A. Dalesandro.

88 Terrace Hill Road; land and building; $775,000; David Dillon T. and David M. Dillon to Ian T. and Michelle P. Hand.

118 Weirs Road Unit G6; condominium; $124,000; Mark Taylor to Richard J. Lane and Sandra L. Gamache.

No address provided Lot 90; $1,500,000; Marceau Re Invs LLC to Susan C. Brown Ret and Susan C. Brown.

No address provided Lot 57; $47,533; Estelle C. Daragon to William Doubleday.

No address provided; $110,133; Mike Gallo to Lulin Xlong.

No address provided Lot 229-4-; $80,000; J. &nicole Hogan 2017 T. and Nicholas C. Rizos to T. N. Peters 2003 T. and Taia Peters.

Area Road; $395,000; Nicholas A. and Christina M. Rowe to Julie A. Nigro.

212 Edgewater Drive; land and building; $3,150,000; Iannazzi Ft and William J. Iannazzi to Christina J. Brady T. and Christina J. Brady.

40 Foxglove Road; Res Dev Land; $24,000; Jeanne T. Fortin Ret and David Fortin to William K. Nutter T. and William K. Nutter.

Paugus Bay Plaza Condo Unit 322; condominium; $90,000; Michael J. Baia to Stephenie G. and Michael Cioffi.

Poor Farm Road; $519,000; Brian and Mary E. Harnett to Shane B. and Elizabeth M. Hamel.

181 Sagamore Road; land and building; $563,000; James R. and Sandra J. Johnson to Tze L. Poo and Joseph Blitzstein.

Terrace Hill Road; $855,000; Anne M. Sprague Ret and Kelly A. Sprague to Corinne Ann Johnson Irt and James M. Morris.

Valley Road; $50,000; James A. Hysette to Douglas R. and Jean M. Schelb.

Village West Condo Unit 1c; condominium; $85,000; Shailendri P. Shetty Ret and Shailendri P. Shetty to Lkhouse Cottages LLC.

60 Weirs Road Unit E3; condominium; $290,000; Gregory A. and Greta H. Nathan to Kimberly A. Foley 2018 T. and Kimberly Foley.

35 White Birch Drive; land and building; $317,000; Duane C. and Rachel M. Oftedahl to Brian R. and Jennifer L. Crete.

No address provided; $108,533; Jeremy & N. Hogan 2017 T. and Jeremy P. Hogan to Kelly Sullivan and Alexander Bourgeois.


6 Bingham Road; apartment building; $554,000; David S. and Lori A. Murray to David T. and Paige N. Relf.

Loon Pond Road; $270,000; George Twigg 3rd Ret and Mary S. Leahy to John E. and Karen S. Riley.

85 Places Mill Road; land and building; $300,000; Jennifer M. Pinckney to Elizabeth A. Corrado.

116 River Road; $20,533; Bennett 2009 Irt and Bruce Bennett to Michael D. Littlefield.

40 Skelley Manor Road; land and building; $281,000; Jeffrey M. and Deanna Whitmore to Vincent Segallini.

No address provided Lot 56a; $167,933; John and Cheryl Fusco to Jennifer Pinckney.

No address provided Lot 30l; $20,000; Carolyn F. Valcourt to Steven Chmielecki.

No address provided; $20,000; John S. and Kathleen M. Faro to Zachary B. Hancock.

625 Middle Route; land and building; $370,000; James E. and Kymmm Smith to Christopher P. Burwell.

Mountain Road; $25,000; John A. and Sandra M. McArthur to Kamal Zraizaa and Nidal Mahouvi.

Route 129; $87,333; Young Guilmain Ft and Kerri L. Guilmain to Aka Property Buyers LLC.

32 Weeks Road; land and building; $161,533; Ronald and Sheila Desjardins to Gayle T. Whitemore.

No address provided Lot 410-49; $40,000; Raed Hertel Ft and Van E. Hertel to Jeffrey Clavett.


31 Newton Road; land and building; $240,000; Susan E. Dearborn to Morse J. & m. Trucking LLC.

514 Davison Road; land and building; $259,000; Stephanie E. Brown and Paul P. Frazier to Constantin and Daniel Neagu.

Depot Hill Road; $89,800; Suzanne and Thomas Knapton to Spencer L. Bennett and Linda L. McGuire.

120 Hillside Drive; land and building; $291,000; Ashley and Ryan C. Murphy to Adam L. Gray and Kristin L. Wolfe.

Maple St.; $350,000; Melinda S. McGrath to Derek P. and Julie A. Holmes.

441 Shaker Hill Road; 2-Fam Res; $472,000; Vicki McCloskey to Michelle R. and Terry L. Diamond.

112 White Birch Road; land and building; $325,000; Nancy H. Eliot and Nancy E. Wickman to Sarah H. Keniston.

No address provided; $780,000; Spencer L. Bennett and Linda L. McGuire to Patricia C. Russell and Douglas B. Strott.


No address provided; $48,000; Candi J. and Ronald P. Poitras to Clark Ft 2019 and Melissa J. Clark.

No address provided Lot 1; $59,000; Candi J. and Ronald P. Poitras to Elizabeth and John A. Carlson.


Bobolink Lane; $87,000; Kathleen A. Giangarra to Troyszo LLC.

83 Henniker St.; commercial building; $146,000; Antonia Grimanis to J. & H. Holdings LLC.

No address provided; $55,000; Glenn N. and Justine M. Sullivan to Joshua Goudbout.

Barden Hill Road; $25,000; Thomas C. Jones to Michael and Pamela J. Pascale.

16 Butler St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $189,933; Silver Star Realty LLC to 14 Newland Ave LLC.

Center Road; $336,000; E. &joanne Dupuis Ft and Edward P. Dupuis to Linda E. and James L. Narloch.

Concord End Road; $350,000; Edwina H. Czajkwoski Ret and Edda G. Poggio to Lauren P. Sargent.

426 Cutler Road; $214,933; Eric J. and Lynn M. Griffin to Erin and Mary Thrasher.

22 Henniker St.; commercial building; $283,400; Just Gas&tobacco Only Inc to Global Co LLC.

93 Sleeper Road; land and building; $145,000; Jp Morgan Chase Bank Na to Black Lion Technical Svcs.

63 West Mill St.; land and building; $215,000; James H. and Tamara J. Pushee to Kristine O. Nikitas.

No address provided Lot 8-111; $192,533; Michael R. Reopel and Gloria M. Roepel to D. Kracov Ret and David Kracov.


1488 Hatfield Road; land and building; $517,933; Michelle and Terry Diamond to David E. Isenberg.

205 River Grant Drive Unit 205; condominium; $210,000; Mark R. Goldblatt to Lynne M. Parker.

123 Taylor Road; land and building; $459,466; Kilens Ret and Joyce M. Kilens to Thatcher R. Newkirk and Sarah K. Traphagen.

601 Thain Road; land and building; $560,000; Susan Buchanan and Stephen White to Rosamund Grene and Timothy Sorenson.

49 Cedar St.; apartment building; $135,000; Charles Rotondi T. and Anne R. Rotondi to Baystone Properties LLC.

329 Currier Road; land and building; $575,000; James H. and Wendy L. Hayes to Eric L. and Michelle M. Allard.

1002 Hatfield Road; land and building; $247,533; Carolyn A. and Eric D. Thompson to Steven M. Veliz.

117 Maple St.; land and building; $210,000; Charles S. and Kimber L. Sink to Baystone Properties LLC.

225 Wildwood Drive; $460,000; Sarettes Cor Prop Mgmt to Evan J. and Joanne M. Johnson.


161 Endicott St. East Unit 7; condominium; $247,333; Elaine P. and Lawrence J. Miller to Janice A. and James P. Mogauro.

130 Endicott St. North Unit 220; condominium; $122,000; Kent& Mary Rosberg Irt and Kelley-Jaye Cleland to Michael and Theresa Otoole.

375 Endicott St. North Unit 203; condominium; $98,000; Frank A. Noto to Mark A. and Wendy S. Conway.

9 Mulligan Ct Unit 9; condominium; $364,000; M. & G. Handrahan Rt and Michael F. Handrahan to Thomas and andrea Cunningham.

19 Roller Coaster Road; Auto Repair; $415,000; Charles O. Gath to CMC Properties LLC.

No address provided Lot 24; $1,875,000; George David Flanders Lt and George D. Flanders to Michael O’Rourke and Melissa Croatti.

70 Airport Road Unit 5; condominium; $125,000; 16 Antrim Road LLC to Cynthia B. Mekler T. and Cynthia B. Mekler.

99 Baldwin St.; duplex; $152,000; Mnary Ann Mcauley Ret and Mnary A. Mcauley to Tran H. Hank and Nguyen T. Duong.

55 Brian Lane Unit 55; condominium; $289,933; Vincenzo and Deborah M. Manzo to Tarah Morel-taylor.

70 Champagne Ave.; land and building; $318,000; Matthew R. and Brndan J. Martel to Glen A. Smith.

Channel Lane; $95,066; Winnvest 2 Rt and Linda D. Kelleher to William C. and Wanda J. Kennerson.

49 Cottonwood Ave.; land and building; $225,000; J. P. Cloutier 2013 Ret and Jeffrey P. Cloutier to Gary E. and Nicole R. Rivest.

63 Endicott St. East; duplex; $160,000; Savoie Boys Lt and Roger J. Savoie to Jason P. Ruggiero.

219 Gilford Ave.; land and building; $175,000; Lynn I. Burr to Virginia E. Tapia and Javier Solis-tapia.

27 Girard St.; apartment building; $281,000; 27 Girard Street LLC to Jonathan M. Ramirez and Samantha Munoz.

Heritage Road; $245,000; Jane M. Davis 2012 T. and Jane M. Davis to Craig and Christine Mcgowan.

48 Landing Lane Unit 2; condominium; $250,000; Ryan A. and Martha A. Mcleod to Scott and Jessica Alward.

66 Landing Lane Unit 306; condominium; $228,000; Brendan R. Long 2000 Ret and Brendan R. Long to Sue M. Decarolis.

10 Long Bay Drive; land and building; $750,000; Lisa M. Derienzo to Italo Desouza and Kaitlyn Fagundes.

Main St.; $275,000; Joan L. Morin Ret and Joan L. Morin to Douglas&dedra Sampson Ret and Douglas Sampson.

213 Mason Ct; mobile home; $139,933; Joseph A. and Noreen Ramunno to Alice M. and James D. Millspaugh.

58 Mcgrath St.; land and building; $241,500; Louise R. Silva to Mario H. Ippoliti.

16 Orchard St.; land and building; $279,933; Kenneth S. and Lynn A. Sutelman to Lisa A. Woodbury.

Parade Road Lot 6; $213,000; Patrick Karangwa and Kaneza Aline to Catherine Asmar Ret and Catherine Asmar.

31 Pelchat St.; land and building; $165,000; Stephen Potter to Mackenzie Hurd.

289 Pleasant St.; land and building; $209,000; Anthony F. Ferruolo T. and Anthony F. Ferruolo to Erica L. Swett and Michael A. Welch.

145 Roller Coaster Road; land and building; $300,533; Laurie A. Edson to James M. Lowden.

63 Siesta Lane; land and building; $270,000; Linda Lutz to James R. and Sandra J. Johnson.

122 Valley St.; land and building; $375,000; Tuida Enterprises LLC to Robert E. and Jacqueline A. Arzilli.

301 Weirs Blvd. Unit 11; condominium; $240,000; Kendall Turner Ft and Kendall Turner to Robert F. and Laura E. Meagher.

937 Weirs Blvd. Unit 4; condominium; $75,000; Theresa C. and Richard A. Roberge to John A. Waterman.

No address provided; $218,000; Kevin M. Hutchinson to Erin P. Zarella.

No address provided; $145,000; Gregory C. Wirsen and John S. Blaisdell to 38 Cross Street LLC.

No address provided Lot 205; $25,200; Willard C. Harris to Melanie P. and Tyson G. Doughty.

No address provided; $125,000; Lisa M. Derienzo and Thomas Dirienzo to Italo Desouza.


New Hampshire Route 129; $295,000; Kevin J. McMenimen to Douglas F. and Judith A. Hayes.

188 Ricker Road; land and building; $322,000; Dennis and Leslie Lampman to andrew R. and Lindsay R. Foley.

14 South Village Road; land and building; $226,200; Lommen Ft and Dennis W. Lommen to Michael R. and Treesha C. Maniotis.

No address provided; $90,000; Larry M. and Vilma S. Lee to Julie Daley.

67 Batchelder Road; land and building; $335,000; Kasey L. and Scott Filion to Derek J. and Michelle L. Valenti.

Old Shaker Road; $50,000; Judith W. Merrow T. and Judith W. Merrow to 4 McNeil Enterprise LLC.


Dale Road; $925,000; William C. McNulty to Kevin F. and Carol L. Guarriello.

21 Hickorywood Circle; Forest Use; $410,533; Greenscape Prop & bldg LLC to Dianne C. and Robert W. Carr.

64 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $259,000; Shawn Stuart to Nicholas A. and Samuel R. Blake.

Winona Shores Road Lot 32a; $150,000; R. L. Chou & C. J. Zink Ret and Richard L. Chou to Julie A. and Stephen M. Scalera.

No address provided Lot 10; $770,000; Nancy E. Sayegh Ret and Nancy E. Sayegh to Theodore and Robin Bass.

No address provided Lot 4; $195,000; Chip Doherty to Mark and Jake Lapham.

No address provided Lot 36; $1,325,000; Angela K. Havens to Seamus C. Fernandez.

3 Abbey Lane Unit 10; condominium; $229,900; Edna B. Schroeder Ret and Edna B. Schroeder to Mary E. Horton.

151 Bear Is; land and building; $500,000; Diane M. Lydon T. and Richard G. Weidmann to 151 Bear Island Rt and Robert T. Mallett.

54 Circle Drive; land and building; $220,000; Max W. and Kerry A. Dubois to Amy Schroyer.

23 Pleasant St. Unit 1-1; condominium; $429,000; C. & Angelike Rizos Ft and Nicholas C. Rizos to John and Larissa Crandall.

68 Stonedam Island Road; land and building; $345,000; Joseph H. Skerry Ret and Joseph H. Skerry to Cliff R. Antonell.

Water St.; $175,000; Ted Bowman Ret and Theodore J. Bowman to Thomas Coder and Sandra L. Colligan.

Western Lane; $117,333; William G. Shaw Ret and Janice Cavanagh to Wilcaf LLC.

No address provided; $75,000; Saul Gilberg Ret and Jayne E. Goldman to Peter G. and Anthony D. Johnston.

No address provided; $110,000; Stephen P. and Brenda Moran to Wayne S. & c. D. Koch Ret and Wayne S. Koch.


660 New Hampshire Route 132 North; land and building; $274,000; Brian M. and Angela S. Murray to Douglas Maguire.

Pine Meadow Road; $259,000; Marisa T. and Montanna E. Heinlein to Pamela J. and Steen V. Gilpatric.

152 West Shore Road; land and building; $278,000; Knowlton Jane H. Est and Carl F. Knowlton to Carl F. and Camille J. Knowlton.

No address provided; $200,000; Brian J. and Mary E. Quinn to Ripple Realty LLC.

No address provided; $34,000; Gierald M. Miller to Snapdragon Assoc LLC.


Hilltop Place Unit 137; condominium; $225,000; William C. Hoople T. and Milissa Hoople to Marion C. and Nicholas J. Skinner.

Lake Sunapee Country Clb Unit 59; condominium; $520,000; Claudia and Philip Koerner to Eileen A. and Kevin P. Quill.

57 Ponds Edge Lane; Forest Use; $189,000; Snow Ret and Jane L. Snow to Mary R. Manion.

315 Wilder Lane; land and building; $714,533; Noble Ret and Lenore W. Noble to Robert A. Magg Ret and Robert A. Magg.

No address provided Lot 1; $1,275,000; Francine and Jude Mccolgan to Heritage Rt and Hemang D. Dave.

No address provided Lot 11; $750,000; Betty Sjostrom to Robin Mead.


Bay Point Road; $580,000; Carolyn T. and Gordon T. Stanley to Jpc Investments LLC.

24 Cummings Drive; land and building; $429,000; Janet and Mark E. Lausten to Lila T. and Matthew Thorne.

Sunlight Lane; $300,000; Ann Louise Wolf Ret and Ann L. Wolf to Denise T. and Eric R. Campion.

21 Meadow Road; land and building; $355,533; Frankauski Ft and Linda M. Frankauski to Justin G. Moffett and Ashley R. Phinney.

28 Skytop Drive; land and building; $235,000; Curt and Kathleen M. Ferri to Kelsey L. and Reynold B. Nippe.

176 Stoney Brook Road; land and building; $328,533; Durell Ft and Milsa M. Durell to Laura L. and Michael P. Richard.


Bay Hill Road; $205,000; Carolyn C. Kelley Irt and Kristen J. Kelley to M. & m. Rt and Marie A. Savia.

50 Ski Hill Drive; land and building; $194,933; William J. Breen to Kemberly E. and Matthew P. Mcdowell.


Bennett Road; $294,000; Kathleen Hayes to James Dulin.

Lower Deerfield Road; $310,000; Michael J. and Amy N. Paganelli to Lucian A. Greco and Kaitlyn M. Christopher.

147 Ridge Road; mobile home; $353,400; Ridge Road Realty LLC to Alison M. Runing.

Winding Hill Road; $40,000; Gregory R. Bane to Kendall S. Bane.

No address provided; $563,000; Thomas J. and Caryn A. Sheehan to Leonard W. and Julie Foy.


824 Bachelder Road; land and building; $259,933; Michael C. and Sandra L. Syphers to Samantha M. Snyder.

Brickett Hill Road; $641,400; Kathleen S. Lochhead Ret and Kathleen S. Lochhead to Julia Yynker-miller and Matthew J. Miller.

Eley Lane Lot 24; $300,000; Robert Littlefield to Andrew G. Boucher Ret and Andrew G. Boucher.

732 Eley Lane; land and building; $230,000; Carolyn S. Kelley to Kassandra M. and Michael J. Stokes.

Glass St.; $207,533; Allen and Judy Johnson to Mary J. Coronis.

100 Main St. Unit 315; condominium; $116,000; Brianna French to Rebecca E. Cousins.

No address provided Lot 4; $23,000; Ayn B. Whytemare-donovan to Pembroke Animal Hospital.


Catamount Road; $30,000; Stephen R. and Suzanne T. Robidoux to David S. Ellis-Rech and David Shlomore-rech.

2 Chestnut St.; apartment building; $179,933; Carver&son LLC to Keith Willey.

47 Concord Hill Road; land and building; $219,000; Sara Tetro to Cassandra A. and Timothy Clement.

No address provided Lot 1; $184,000; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Aka Property Buyers LLC.


772-a Stage Road; land and building; $250,000; Leeann Daley and Mary L. Streeter to Stacey Richardson-fordham and Robert P. Fordham.

3 Circle Point Road; land and building; $199,333; Arthur T. and Regina Glynn to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.

45 Hermit Lake Road; land and building; $310,000; Sheila A. and John F. Roddy to Richard C. Brimer and Lucia Dexter-brimer.

Mountain Road; $42,000; Matthew and Antonia Hashem to Morgan and Jordan Lacroix.

584-a Sanborn Road; land and building; $257,000; Thomas M. and Amanda B. Reneau to Robert C. and Lori J. Kummerfeldt.

65 Tower Hill Road; land and building; $262,800; Guy J. and Anthony P. Giunta to Guy J. Giunta.


62 East Sutton Road; land and building; $380,200; Rachel Paff and Kent Weakly to Ceillie Clark-keane and Allen Finn.

Route 114; $160,000; Macowell Colony Inc to David A. and Jennifer L. Meadows.

No address provided; $750,000; Sandra and Thomas Peacock to Diane Belder-Preston and Diane B. Preston.


17 Autumn Drive; land and building; $220,000; Dupuis Candace Est and Ruth V. Merrill to Kerriann Catlaw.

20 Church St.; land and building; $270,000; Georgette Smith and Patricia Bernard to Franco Piovano and Yaydanie Hernandez.

80 East Main St.; land and building; $3,090,000; Tilton Manor LLC to Lal Property 1 LLC.

96 East Main St.; land; $3,090,000; Tilton Manor LLC to Lal Property 1 LLC.

850 Laconia Road Unit 4c; condominium; $85,000; Gary Webster and Ellen Thompson to Elizabeth L. Landon.

885 Laconia Road Unit 31; condominium; $240,000; Johnston Ft and James H. Johnston to Daniel L. and Brianna M. Yokell.

86 Lancaster Hill Road; land and building; $210,000; Jonathan W. and Tammy E. Orourke to Brian and Kathryn Chapman.


82 Waldron Hill Road; mobile home; $189,000; Deanna A. Bennett and Adam J. Memmolo to Amanda Campbell.


Collins Landing Condo Unit 90; condominium; $250,000; Debra Ann Church 2015 Ret and Debra Ann Church to David J. Kosarko.

Sherwood Forest Road; $467,000; Todd J. and Victoria D. Holm to Jeffrey W. and Patricia J. Shorter.

17 Winterberry Lane; land and building; $370,000; Jeffrey L. and Deirdra L. Brown to Chelsa M. and Nicholas D. Martin.

No address provided Lot 9; $500,000; John C. Montgomery Ret and John C. Montgomery to Henry L. Huntington and Daphne D. Paige.

No address provided Lot 103-42; $1,100,000; Scott T. Pendleton to David C. Porter.

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