Letter: Long line for COVID vaccine

Published: 4/7/2021 9:52:05 AM

Yesterday, with our cards in hand, we went to the Concord mall to get our final COVID shot. We were greeted with a long line all the way to the back of the mall. We waited outside in the cold wind for two hours and when inside waited another two hours. Some difference from the first shot, as we left in thirty minutes.

Don’t know where the hundreds of people came from. However, the folks in line were great and fun to chat with which broke up the time. We have all missed that in the past year. Folks inside did the best they could, moving people along. I think they were surprised by the huge number. As we left there was another long line to the back of the mall. Doubt the clinic closed at five. Wished they had let us stay in our cars and conduct the operation that way. Would have been much warmer.

Sandra Morrison


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