Letter: An open letter to Gov. Sununu

Published: 4/14/2021 10:00:09 AM

I sent an email several days ago regarding Secretary Gardner’s comments on the H.R. 1, the For the People Act, now in the U.S. Senate, asking how this results in the loss of New Hampshire’s status as the first in the nation primary. First it was said by Secretary Gardner then it was parroted by the governor and Mr. Stepanek. I have not heard back. I have read this bill over and over and I fail to see where FITN is compromised. Let’s clarify. The For the People Act is the biggest democracy reform since the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Highlighting the national voting standards for elections, disallowing discrimination; dark money groups disclose what people are buying the acrimonious and false TV ads; keeps big money from having an unfair influence in the election; and modernizes access to voter registration for federal elections; makes our elections safe and accessible to all Americans, no matter their zip code, age, or color.

It is reported that 67% of likely voters nationally support the For the People Act — 56% of Republicans, 68% of independents and 77% of Democratic voters support the For the People Act. And why wouldn’t they? It promotes and protects our most basic fundamental right, the right to vote. It shores up our democracy. It seems these leaders should be speaking out against some of the barriers to voting being created and considered in our own NH legislature.

Bev Cotton


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