Letter: Republican legislation is extreme

Published: 4/14/2021 10:00:07 AM

Sane Republicans and independents, take note of what New Hampshire House Republicans are doing. In the wake of recent mass shootings, they have passed a bill allowing loaded firearms on snowmobiles and ATVs. (Beware, that snowmobiler hitting the bump you just hit might accidentally shoot). They also passed a bill allowing “brandishing” of guns, as well as H.B. 307, which would penalize any school system, locality and public college that would dare limit a person’s right to carry a gun. Colleges properly set their own regulations on student behaviors. Disallowing them to prohibit guns on campus is ludicrous.

I wouldn’t want my child at a rambunctious party where most are carrying and some are brandishing. This could hurt enrollment at UNH, as parents may opt for safer options. House Republicans have also loaded up the state’s companion budget bill with their misplaced priorities, rather than limit the bill to financial matters. And, in keeping with a right-wing, pro-Trump protest at the governor’s house about his mask mandate, they have passed a bill limiting his emergency powers. I for one was pleased that the governor issued an executive order calling for mask wearing. It no doubt played a role in keeping our cases low during the early surges. The NH House and Senate flipped from Democrat to Republican led this past January and now we see that a dangerous wing of the Republican party is in charge. Remember their actions come the next election.

Renae Lias Claffey


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