Letter: City Council needs to do the right thing

Published: 4/21/2021 10:00:04 AM

Thank you, David Brooks for the article about Concord expanding the TIF in Penacook (Monitor, 4/18). It was really helpful to me as I come to understand how the development is going to bring tax relief to Penacook. Plain and simple, it’s not. If I’ve got this right, the TIF bond will be paid off using tax revenue from the development first. Concord won’t see any tax money from the project for at least a decade. Which makes sense for the city’s 42,000 residents, but not for 1,300 or so MVSD Concord residents.

The school district requested a revenue sharing agreement that would bring some tax relief for Penacook folks — a request currently not granted by the council. Should the state be paying for the roundabout? Should the state have a more equitable school funding formula? Yes and yes. Well, they aren’t and they don’t. Just because the state doesn’t seem to care about Penacook residents, doesn’t mean its own city has to treat them in similar ways. No current city councilors live in MVSD, a byproduct of bizarre Ward 1, Ward 2 and MVSD lines, which is why it’s so important that the entire council look out for MVSD taxpayers. Yes, we’re grateful for a grocery which for many in North Concord means lower food costs, lower transportation costs and more regular access to fresh foods, and we need tax relief. A revenue sharing agreement is the right thing to do.

Carisa Corrow


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