Letter: Support Muriel Hall

Published: 5/16/2021 8:00:33 AM

Bow and Dunbarton voters, mark your calendar for the June 8th special election to fill the seat in District 23 left open when Rep. Samantha Fox had to move out of state. I'm writing this in support of candidate Muriel Hall, Bow educator for over 30 years. I, having been a custodian for the school district from 1997 to 2006, had the pleasure of dealing with her on a daily basis and saw first-hand her dedication to her job. She was always one of the first to arrive in the morning and quite often we would have to kick her out of the building at night so we could set the alarm.

My kids also had her for their comp lit classes and they absolutely adored her. I also had the privilege of working with her sons as they took summer jobs helping out the district janitorial staff, and their work ethic was second to none. It's easy to see where they got it from. Muriel Hall will be a representative of the people and for the people no matter your political affiliation. She will be fair, honest, crystal clear and unbiased. She will be getting my vote, and she certainly deserves yours.

John Plummer


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