Letter: Urge safe legislative access

Published: 10/3/2021 7:00:05 AM

We in New Hampshirites enjoy a culture of democratic participation in the spirit of the town meeting. While the pandemic threatens to limit this experience, accommodations made to ensure participation on both the local and state level have kept us COVID safe. To the credit of the State Legislature, we citizens were allowed to attend this year’s session and testify via Zoom. Yet plans for public legislative meetings going forward do not allow for virtual participation, even though the pandemic still surges in NH.

Breakthrough COVID infections are becoming more frequent among the vaccinated and are poorly tracked. That’s why the CDC still recommends that everyone wear masks in public places. Since it is unlikely that the state legislative leadership will require that everyone mask properly during public hearings and sessions, it is critical that remote access be continued so that public input is ensured. A failure to do so means that those who are at high COVID-risk will be robbed of our democratic voice. And that is unacceptable! Please urge Speaker of the House, Sherm Packard to provide safe remote legislative access for all NH citizens.

Judith Saum



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