Letter: A response to letters

Published: 10/25/2021 7:00:11 AM

It’s amazing that when far-left Democrats do not agree with proven true facts, they immediately turn to personal attacks and character assassination. Recent letters attacking me highlight this in glorious fashion. Lorna Landry (Monitor, 10/14) called me a liar concerning my family history stating that I was not a Cuban refugee. But incredibly, she proceeded to validate my refugee status by describing to a “T” my situation for coming to this great country, when she cites the 1951 Refugee Convention definition of a refugee. None of this has anything to do with my My Turn concerning parents and the MV School Board. Perhaps it relates to the fact that I’m a Hispanic minority who happens to be a Christian conservative Republican. Democrat activists constantly try to rewrite history, including mine, to push their socialist agenda.

In the second letter I’m accused of propagating lies by a Democrat representative from Concord, Rep. Art Ellison (Monitor, 10/16). If he wasn’t so insulting, I would be amused at his attempt to project onto me his own failings. Ellison denied the fact that racist propaganda has been shown to students in the MVSD. As opposed to listening to the parents’ concerns, he has not asked for school board transparency and has accepted their segregation of unmasked individuals. Instead, he fails constituents by attacking the messenger, while promoting this disingenuous “equal but separate” school policy. History has shown there is no equality when segregation is involved.

Jose’ Cambrils



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