Letter: Sununu must veto SB 418

Published: 5/17/2022 7:01:58 AM
Modified: 5/17/2022 7:00:12 AM

I’m no stranger to being caught in the middle of NH’s value for the democratic process, and politically motivated attempts to impose unnecessary barriers on voters and complicate the electoral process. In 2017, I spoke with the governor about HB 1264, a bill that would disenfranchise college students recently moved to NH like myself. In that conversation, Gov. Sununu shook my hand and promised he would stand up for voters and veto the bill. Just a few months later, he broke that promise, signing HB 1264 into law. It’s deja-vu as I once again watch another unnecessary anti-voter bill (this time SB 418) head to the governor’s desk.

SB 418 concerns me as HB 1264 did. It’s the latest in costly, anti-voter legislation that needlessly complicates things for voters, with major unwanted side effects for NH. We should all be concerned by any proposal to increase barriers to voting. SB 418 targets active duty military voters voting absentee from overseas. It will also place an expensive, unnecessary burden on NH taxpayers, and it directly threatens our First-In-The-Nation primary by convoluting our election process and slowing results. Once again, our governor has a simple choice: he can stand up for voters, election access, and the First-In-The-Nation primary or he can needlessly threaten one of NH’s most sacred institutions by signing SB 418 into law. He cannot have it both ways. When this bill reaches his desk, he must veto it, protecting NH voters and elections.

Ben Kremer



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