Letter: On originalism

Published: 8/11/2022 7:03:21 AM
Modified: 8/11/2022 7:00:07 AM

The justices of SCOTUS have used textualism as well as originalism in formulating their decisions. I believe Justice Scalia said he was a textualist first and an originalist second. There have been some great justices and some not so much. There have also been some really bad decisions, i.e. Korematsu vs US, Buck vs Bell, Plessy vs Ferguson, Dred Scott vs Sandford, and of course some good ones. While some of the framers were not pleased with the final draft of the Constitution, many historians believe it is better for its omissions.

In my opinion, the Declaration of Independence begins with a religious opinion. It is not a “truth” nor is it self evident. The three men that penned this were deists; their concept of a creator had no resemblance to the god of Christianity. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the privileges granted to us by the Constitution and are earned through good citizenship. The concepts of evolution as a means to human development were a while away. Creationism cannot be taught in public schools as it is considered religion. There are millions of Americans who have a non-theistic philosophy of the nature of reality and believe we are all the same, regardless of color, origin orientation, belief size, ability, etc. We are not all equal but we are the same.

James Seidel

Center Barnstead


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