Letter: Thunberg is right about climate change

Published: 3/28/2023 7:00:31 AM
Modified: 3/28/2023 7:00:18 AM

A recent letter by Thom Bloomquist of Concord slandered the activist Greta Thunberg and underplayed the threat of climate change. Thunberg never said we would all be dead by now from global warming. Below is the tweet she deleted from her social media account in 2018: “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.” That sentence is probably true. At worst it’s a decade or two off in its timing.

At the rate the sea is rising, Miami, New York, Rio and Hong Kong are going to be uninhabitable, maybe in our lifetime. It might take a century or two for the human race to go extinct, short of nuclear war. But millions are starving now from crop failures in Central America, Haiti and a dozen countries in Africa and the Middle East. It’s one reason so many women and children are trying to cross our southern border. They’re not members of drug cartels. Investigative reporter Alex Kasprak posted a relevant fact check in response to the wave of ill-informed attacks on Thunberg on the Snopes website on March 17.

Christopher L. Dornin



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