Letter: Response to ‘stone age’

Published: 4/1/2023 7:00:32 AM
Modified: 4/1/2023 7:00:14 AM

Matt Stein’s My Turn in the March 25 Concord Monitor approaches laughable. If California is such a wonderful place, why did he come to NH? Climate change is a constant. We had the ice age. Oil is a byproduct of decomposing organic matter from tropical rainforests. We had rainforests in the arctic and the deserts of the Middle East. We have the mesas and the canyon lands of the desert southwest. The west had to be underwater to produce these features. The geology of New Hampshire does not match up with Vermont, plate tectonics. Our geology matches up with Africa.

I have read that we are in the Holocene. A period of time that the earth has been able to support life. The problem is too many people and we will become extinct like the dinosaurs. California’s power outages, taxes, and population may have been the reason Matt left California. My daughter and son-in-law have found a better life in Utah. The Sierra got 25% of its normal snow back last year. This year they are getting hammered. I guess an argument can be made that man has caused this. In the early 70s, Concord got 10-14 January days off -20F. I do not know about Matt, but I am just a speck in the passing of time.

Jim Holder



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