Letter: A RINO fantasy

Monday, May 14, 2018

Walter Carlson, in his column headlined “It’s hard to be proud of my party” (Monitor Forum, May 4), wrote: “Some would call me a RINO (i.e., Republican In Name Only). That’s okay by me.”

Then so be it, Mr. Carlson.

RINOs of the 1970s included Walter Peterson (a.k.a. Sneaky Pete), the McLanes, state administrators and state employees. Nontraditional engrained Republicans practiced nepotism, filling the ranks of state jobs.

RINOs were pushing for an income and sales tax through the 1960s and ’70s, and Peterson lost convincingly to Mel Thomson. State employees in particular disliked Thomson, as they were focused on their own self-interest over keeping taxes low for everyone.

Carlson is embarrassed by Jeanie Forrester referring to our congressional delegation as “ShaHassan.” My guess is that he doesn’t really care about incessant slurs, nasty names and character assassination of President Donald Trump and Republicans by columnists and NHDP-coached letter writers at the Monitor pushing weekly “themes.”

Carlson quoted partisan authors who opined about how Obama was supposedly obstructed, yet as a Republican he fails to assign the same shame to Democrats. Is he watching what is going on with the so-called “Russia” investigation? Obstruction by Democrats? I guess not.

What Carlson remembers is fantasy, and he offers a revisionist view of what he wishes a Republican should be. Past cooperation across the aisle was moderate Republicans caving to Democrats on almost every issue, resulting in our continuing societal decay and politics of personal destruction.

Don’t like “your party”? Au revoir, Mr. Carlson.