Letter: A community to the rescue

Published: 7/12/2018 12:01:02 AM

A relaxing July 4 paddle on the Contoocook River resulted in an amazing example of the camaraderie in the caring community in which we live.

About a half-hour out, I suffered a medical emergency that even on dry land could have been life threatening. But thanks to the teamwork of my wife, our trusty dog, and friends and strangers alike, I’m now home enjoying the break in the heat wave.

I especially wish to thank the woman who loaned her cell phone and kayaked to a riverside home and paddled back with baby aspirin; the pair with BLS training who stayed by my side; capital area dispatch who provided calming instructions and GPS pinged our location; Opie and the other members of Hopkinton Fire/Rescue; and the off-duty Warner firefighter who dragged our kayaks out and dropped them back home.

I also wish to give great appreciation for the medical staff at Concord Hospital, some of whom responded from family barbecues to provide me with top-notch medical care. I found it most notable that many were recent New Americans from countries now banned and/or discriminated against by the current administration. Where would I, and we, be without them.

Thank you, neighbors. You make this the great community that it is.



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