Letter: A Valentine to our family – and to all families

Published: 2/14/2020 12:01:26 AM
Modified: 2/14/2020 12:01:15 AM

Wouldn’t Grandpa Max be astonished at what his family looks like! He, a Jew from Poland, who came when “all” he had to do was get here and be healthy. (No visa required.) He worked hard, very hard. And raised a family.

And what about Grandma Lilly and Pa Pete? They, who received two of the last visas handed out to German Jews, who came and fell in love, worked hard, served on the board of education and a shelter for the homeless, and raised a family?

Today, four generations later (100 years after Grandpa Max arrived), this family is made up of a new generation of beautiful children who are Asian American, Latin American, African American, English, Israeli and Brazilian. This family is spread across almost all the continents.

This is today’s American family, and it is beautiful.

It is heartbreaking to witness how frightened the Trump administration is of our growing connection to each other across all of our differences. They are so frightened that white nationalists, as part of this administration, have been given the authority to enact layers of immigration policy created to keep out those who are brown or black, Muslim or pregnant. (Yes, pregnant.) And tomorrow will it be the Jew, the Buddhist, the gay, the elderly?

Just think of all the beautiful families who are embracing our differences, living, working, contributing to making this America a more just and prosperous country.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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