Letter: A rare example of honesty from the left

Published: 9/11/2019 12:01:14 AM

Bruce Currie, in his latest column “Democrats and the Russia chimera” (Monitor Forum, Aug. 22), demonstrated intellectual honesty, something sorely lacking with most progressives.

Katy Burns, Jonathan Baird, Robert Azzi and other regular columnists and progressive letter writers clearly allow their emotions to feed fallacies, conspiracies and biases concerning President Trump.

Every week, columns and letters appear comparing Trump to Hitler, an absurd juxtaposition contrived to fuel hatred of a man they loathe. Suggestions by letter writers that detention centers are the equivalent of concentration camps creates a false narrative that feeds fear and hatred among true believers on the left and naive followers.

From whining about emoluments, Trump’s taxes, Trump’s mental fitness, supposed scandals and more, intellectual dishonesty is the order of the day with many who regularly opine on the pages of the Monitor (editors included). Progressives appear to allow their hatred for Trump to eclipse what they know is reality but fail to be mature or honest enough to accept.

I disagree with Trump on several fronts, from trade to some of his immigration policies. His comments are often over the top. However, Trump speaks his mind compared to the platitudes, rhetoric, political promises and false persona of most politicians. That irks those who worship political correctness over candor and political sobriety.

False narratives created by the media spoon feed progressives a serving of dishonesty that they are happy to promote, feeding the minions who fall for bromides and false promises.



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