Editorial: Welcome home, March

Thursday, March 01, 2018

In the midst of a long journey home, the first signs that you’re almost there can be exhilarating. Maybe you see the numbers for a highway route you travel often or a New Hampshire license plate on a passing car, and then another. Sure, you have a lot of miles left to travel, but the evidence that you are on the literal homestretch is mounting.

That is exactly how we feel about March 1.

Winter isn’t done with us yet, but the signs of coming spring are undeniable. The sun is gathering strength, and the earth is no longer at the mercy of hard-packed snow. Patches of grass, albeit more brown than green, are spreading like ink blots on soft paper, and the wind carries with it a hint of something fresh and familiar, but almost forgotten. It is a smell that awakens joy.

It’s not that we dislike winter – New Hampshire is fortunate to have four distinct seasons – but the cold months have a tendency to stay too long and ask a lot of their hosts. Warm up the car, scrape the windows, wear a heavy coat, shovel the walkway, clear the driveway and then clear it again when the plow goes by, rake the snow off the roof before it buckles, and so on. Spring has its mud, summer its heat and autumn its fallen leaves, but such inconveniences are trifles compared to the demands of February and its ilk.

Sometime late this year or perhaps early next year, winter will announce its return with that first magical snowfall. We will look around and say, in all earnestness, that New Hampshire has never looked more beautiful. But until then, winter, take a hint. March has arrived, so you had better get packing.