Rundlett assistant principal recovering after being injured in fire

  • The remnants of what is left of the home at 401 Little Hill Road in Webster Monday after the fatal fire early Sunday morning.

Monitor staff
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rundlett Middle School Assistant Principal Ann Rines was injured in an early morning fire that killed a popular physician, 61-year-old Steven Youngs, on Sunday in Webster.

Rines, who was in the hospital Monday night, suffered smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on her face and hands, according to her longtime partner Leslie Combs. This morning Rines was scheduled to have her second bronchoscopy to alleviate swelling in her throat tissue, said Combs, who added that he’s confident Rines will make a full recovery.

“I’m optimistic about the prospects for rehabilitation,” Combs said. “She was in good humor. She cannot talk, but she can write what she wants and write when she has questions.”

Rines and Combs attended a dinner party at the home of Steven and Susan Youngs, with whom they’d been friends for 15 years, and spent the night. There were nine people total in the house when smoke and flames were detected shortly before 3 a.m.

Combs was not hurt in the fire. He said he and Rines escaped through separate exits. They were sleeping on the first floor of the two-story farmhouse, built in the 1770s.

“She got out one door and someone kicked out another door, and I went out that way,” he said. “I could not find her, and I went back into the house, and she made her way out.

“I cannot tell you fast that happened,” Combs continued. “It’s shocking how fast that house went up.”