Stone wall is a work of art

Last modified: 5/4/2010 12:00:00 AM
On March 2, my dog, Baxter, and I finished rebuilding the new England stonewall on the east side of the new ball field on Tilton Hill Road in Pittsfield.

The rebuilding and adding a back to the wall took 24 days and was done over the course of one year, mostly this winter, with a crew of three some days, four others; sometimes I worked alone with my dog.

Here are the statistics: 12,000 pounds of fieldstone from Webster Mills Road and 38,000 pounds of ledgerock from Clough Road were trucked in and dollyed down the path of sorrow. The old rock wall on site weighed approximately 95,000 pounds and is approximately 30 inches wide, 32 inches high and 223 feet long.

Many thanks to my good friend Larry Berkson and the Youth Baseball Association for the opportunity.

Here are the citizens that made the project possible: Tom and Mary Chayer and Dennis and Hope Mannion donated stone. Pete Pynowski and Ray Webber trucked stone. Jefferey Ames, Clint Brewster, James Schroth, Justin Schroth and Ryan Chase were stonemen.

Together we placed a wager of art. The wall is the highest point of the park. It is facing west; when the sun starts to set, the wall brightens. It is probably the closest thing to a pyramid we will ever build. On a scale of one to 10 - 10 being extremely difficult - this wall was a seven.

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