Only Huntsman has what it takes

Last modified: 12/23/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are three weeks before New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary. We have been given extraordinary access to those seeking the nomination, and the rest of the country awaits our judgment. This has been an election cycle unlike any other: Front-runners have come and gone, and the primary is still wide-open.

We urge our neighbors to vote for Jon Huntsman. He is the only candidate with the ideal blend of experience, intellect and integrity to turn our country around. He is a businessman, a three-time ambassador who understands our complex relationship with China, and an extremely successful two-term governor. In Utah he cut taxes, and job-creation surged.

But experience is not enough. Our nation is in a state of deficit. We have a mounting fiscal deficit, a trade deficit, a jobs deficit and, equally important, a trust deficit. Many of us have lost faith in our leaders and the ability of government to support Americans in their pursuit of prosperity. We need a candidate who possesses not just the skills and experience to lead, but the core values and integrity to restore trust to American public service. We need a candidate guided by conviction, not polling data, who will reform Congress to prohibit lobbying by former members.

Huntsman has also shown more respect for the New Hampshire tradition of retail politics than any other candidate - he has had over 100 town hall meetings.

Three weeks is an eternity in New Hampshire politics. Huntsman is climbing in the polls and has the momentum to win. We urge voters to give Huntsman a second look. You will find a man of great competence, conviction and dignity, worthy of both the Oval Office and your vote.



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