GOP should support repeal

Last modified: 12/12/2011 12:00:00 AM
Republicans should support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act based on two conservative principles:

1. States' rights. Republicans have championed the 10th Amendment for decades. The 2008 national GOP platform specifically quotes the 10th Amendment, mainstream Republican politicians like Rick Perry outwardly advocate states' rights, and even Speaker Bill O'Brien believes in nullification.

DOMA violates the 10th Amendment by ignoring any state definition of marriage that conflicts with the federal DOMA definition.

(Despite this, Speaker John Boehner has pledged up to $1.5 million in taxpayer money to defend DOMA.)

2. Job-killing regulation. Republicans love to attack Democrats for this. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released his top 10 'job-killing regulations' list in August, Romney's economic plan centers on reducing regulations, and O'Brien this year called the minimum wage 'job-killing regulation.'

DOMA requires employers to bear the cost and administrative burden of treating same-sex, married employees differently from straight, married employees, as many federal benefits rely on marital status. DOMA creates a two-tiered system of haves and have-nots, which requires lengthy calculations and expensive tax implications for employees.

Additionally, all Americans believe in a core principle, enshrined forever in the fabric of America by Thomas Jefferson, that 'all men are created equal.'

I encourage New Hampshire Republicans to contact Sen. Kelly Ayotte and tell her you support the Respect for Marriage Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, which repeals DOMA, restores states' rights and reduces regulatory burdens on employers. It's the right thing to do.



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