Protesters call for Newt's surrender

Last modified: 1/9/2012 12:00:00 AM
Beat goes on for Newt

As Newt Gingrich addressed a packed Manchester restaurant yesterday, a rhythmic drumming could be heard over his remarks. Outside, a group of about 50 protesters from the Occupy movement asked if they could be heard inside, chanting louder when they were told they could be.

'Newt. Newt. Newt. Surrender,' satirist and presidential candidate Vermin Supreme chanted into a megaphone outside Don Quijote restaurant. 'Come out with your hands up.'

Supreme, who is known for wearing a large fishing boot on his head, led the group in chants while Gingrich carried on inside. While the protesters could be heard inside the restaurant, the candidate did not make any mention of the noise during his speech.

Several people who appeared to be part of the Occupy movement did enter the event, managing to present a few questions to Gingrich, including at least two on corporate influence in his campaign.

Gingrich responded that he is opposed to placing limits on campaign contributions if they are disclosed quickly. He voiced concern that the wealthy are able to fund their own campaigns.

'We want everyday normal people to be able to run for office,' Gingrich said.

Another member of the protest group waited in line to speak to the candidate, asking if the 'so-called recession is really a matter of economic failure, or is it a matter of the wealthiest Americans sucking the blood of the working class citizens?'

Gingrich replied that policies are set up 'exactly backwards to favor Wall Street over Main Street.'

'That's why I favor going back to manufacturing and small business and local job creation where real people get real jobs,' Gingrich said.

The protesters, including one man with a steel drum and another in a long red robe, continued to chant throughout the protest, once breaking out in a chorus of the Beatles' 'Revolution,' led by Supreme.

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