Crazy gun laws

Last modified: 4/7/2012 12:00:00 AM
The NRA is right. Everyone in schools, offices and other places where we congregate should carry a loaded weapon for self-defense. NRA officials must be right because the states and Congress agree with them. It is a constitutional right. The well-regulated militia part of the Second Amendment was a mistake by the authors of our Constitution. Besides if they were not right, why would they have a large office building in Washington with an army of well-financed lobbyists?

If those school kids and teachers were carrying loaded pistols, they would have killed the crazy gunman, with his legal automatic weapon, before he had a chance to kill more than a couple of victims. And they all would have taken courses in how to use guns so they would not have killed each other by accident.

New Hampshire legislators can carry loaded pistols into the capitol. But they are all trained, so they know how to handle and store them. They never let one drop on the floor where it might accidentally go off.

One of the good parts of the NRA lobby is that high-caliber automatic guns can be purchased by most anyone and shipped to Mexico where they are used by the Mexicans to kill each other off. This is one way to cut down on illegal immigration. Also, it is illegal to keep track of ammunition at time of manufacture.

By this law it is much harder to track down unknown killers and bring them to justice.

Just to set the record straight: I believe trained, licensed individuals should be able to use weapons designed for hunting, target shooting, skeet and other regulated uses. What we have now is crazy.


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