Letter: Bennet understands the importance of education

Published: 1/28/2020 12:01:43 AM
Modified: 1/28/2020 12:01:25 AM

One of the many reasons I am supporting Michael Bennet for president is his outstanding record of achievement in public education.

As former chair of both the Concord and the New Hampshire boards of education, I know high-quality education is an equalizer. It’s how we develop our human capital – we owe it to our young people and to ourselves. I ask my neighbors to join me in supporting Michael Bennet because he has made positive leadership decisions on education and can continue that leadership as president.

As superintendent of the Denver public schools, Michael turned around one of the biggest school districts in the country. He made tough decisions with empathy and understanding. Wherever he goes in New Hampshire, he shares his faith in the potential of every American child.

As the first former school superintendent to ever run for president, Michael regularly notes how our schools reinforce inequality in this country, when they should give children a fighting chance to reverse it. As superintendent, he gave kids that chance.

James Carville – the greatest Democratic strategist of our generation – has endorsed Bennet, and I know others are noticing his commitment to New Hampshire. I could micro-manage my vote based on this or that poll, but I have decided to vote for the person I know to be the best candidate – Michael Bennet.

I invite you to read about him at his website or, better yet, go see him at one of his many upcoming events. You’ll find it worthwhile.



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