Letter: Abbott for state rep

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

As a Gilmanton resident, I want to share with neighbors how fortunate we are to have Betty Ann Abbott on the November ballot for the District 5 House seat, representing Gilmanton and Alton.

I’ve known Betty Ann for at least 20 years, and have watched with appreciation as she’s served our community during that time. Her record of service on local boards is remarkable for its nonpartisan, practical accomplishments. Anyone who knows her will agree that Betty Ann never misses an important detail and never gives up fighting for the needs of our local communities. She will always respond to the needs of our communities and not to special interest groups. This is a strong voice we need in Concord, where decision-making can overlook the effect on small towns, small business, small farms and local schools.

In her own words, Betty Ann has pledged to “Show up, work hard and think smart!” That is exactly what she will do for us in Concord.