Letter: Biden’s abortion stance at odds with his faith

Published: 1/27/2021 12:02:29 AM

Despite his calls for unity and despite his touted Catholic faith, newly elected President Joe Biden has immediately acted by executive order to reverse the Mexico City policy, which had been firmly in place under former President Donald Trump. This reversal will promote abortions throughout the world and pay for them with our tax dollars. And he’s done this despite the fact that he professes to be a Roman Catholic, a church that proclaims the dignity of every human life and calls abortion a grave evil.

He also has called for the canceling of the Hyde Amendment, a reversal of his earlier position, thus promoting abortion all the more by paying for them in this country with our own tax dollars as well.

These things are anything but unifying. At least half of the American public do not want to see abortion access expanded.

It would be more than fitting if President Biden called his conscience to account in this serious matter about the sanctity of all human life. But if not, it would also be fitting if the newly appointed Washington Cardinal Gregory would call him to task and deny him Holy Communion until he repents and changes his policies on this most important issue.



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