Letter: Impeachment trial is a farce

Published: 1/22/2021 12:07:43 AM

In a speech earlier this month, President Trump urged a rally to “peacefully and patriotically” (his words) make their voices heard. Some went overboard and broke into the Capitol. So, while we are told that crowds breaking into and burning government buildings, burning cars and looting stores a few months ago were “peaceful demonstrations,” we are now told that the actions of the lunatic fringe members of the rally earlier this month amounted to an “insurrection.” We are told that Trump’s speech is a “high crime” under the Constitution. Really?

It now appears that after the snap impeachment in the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate is going to proceed with the impeachment trial of a private citizen (Donald Trump).

Under our constitution, the purpose of the impeachment process is to remove from office a sitting president. If Donald Trump has committed a crime, he can be charged with that crime on Jan. 21. Is this issue too complicated?

There are no grounds for the Congress to impeach any private citizen. This action is malicious and vengeful. It demonstrates the petty vision of our Washington politicians when there are critical issues at hand that should be receiving their attention.

If Joe Biden truly wishes to heal the nation as he has said, he ought to put a stop to this absolute silliness, and urge that we heed Lincoln’s words: “With malice toward none . . . let us bind up the nation’s wounds.”




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