My Turn: Past Bolduc ads illuminate his hypocrisy

For the Monitor
Published: 1/12/2021 6:30:45 AM

The hypocrisy in Don Bolduc’s Jan. 8 “My Turn” column is remarkable.

Bolduc complains that “the idea of governance that has emerged on both sides is name calling.” This comes from a person who, when mounting a failed bid to represent our state in the U.S. Congress, ran an advertisement in which he stated, “I didn’t spend my life defending this country to let a bunch of liberal, socialist pansies squander it away.” Bolduc worries about “increased violence” and “attacks on the Capitol.” However, in another ad in support of his failed campaign, Bolduc touts his extensive combat experience and then shouts, “I’ve taken quite a few hills in my career. The next hill I’m taking . . . Capitol Hill baby!” I presume Bolduc was gratified to see his rhetoric play out in real life on Jan. 6.

Bolduc tells us we need to be “more inclusive, less divisive and focused on real problems.” Yet in a July 17 interview with NHPR’s Peter Biello, Bolduc refused to express support for the Black Lives Matter movement when he was specifically offered the opportunity to do so. He acknowledged that systemic racism exists in America but then stated that he believes “[t]here’s no specific program out there, law or legislative agenda that is going to get over it.” In the same interview Bolduc supported the idea that we need to acknowledge that there were “heroes on both sides” of the Civil War.

Bolduc has been an avid supporter of Donald Trump – our “name caller in chief” – who is the least inclusive, most divisive, and least focused politician imaginable. And in his column Bolduc can’t resist referring to unproven, non-existent “election fraud” – echoing the president’s lies that have shaken the very foundations of our democracy.

“We must develop unity by building trust, demonstrating understanding, and being respectful,” says Bolduc. I agree. But if this is what Bolduc truly wants, he should spare us the hypocritical lecture and instead apologize to the people of New Hampshire (including the liberal “pansies”) for his previous insulting, violent, and divisive rhetoric and positions.

(Bill Pribis lives in Concord.)

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