Months after domestic violence arrest, Concord police officer charged with stalking victim

  • Officer Bryan Croft in 2017 Monitor file

Monitor staff
Published: 5/6/2021 3:19:27 PM

A District Court judge held in jail a Concord police detective who was accused of strangling his wife last fall after he was arrested again this week for violating the terms of his release.

Bryan Croft of Boscawen was charged with stalking and contempt of court for secretly meeting his wife, whom he had allegedly abused the year before. According to his bail conditions, Croft could not come within 1,000 feet of his wife.

Judge David Anderson ordered Croft to be incarcerated until a hearing is held, sometime next week, to determine if his bail from the initial chargers, including five felonies, should be revoked.

Assistant Attorney General Tim Sullivan argued Thursday that Croft had already violated his bail once, plus he represented a threat to the victim.

“The violence she described started with simple assault, pushing, hitting,” Sullivan told the judge, “and it escalated up to the point where she described a strangulation event that occurred in October.

“There is a presumption,” Sullivan continued, “that the defendant will be unable to rebut that there is simply no condition which can assure that he will not commit a new crime in the community, but also there is clear and convincing evidence that he presents a danger to the victim..”

The defense argued that Croft’s wife, at times, has been the one who initiated contact with Croft, and that should be taken into consideration.

Croft, who is the son of Merrimack County Sheriff David Croft, remains on unpaid leave from the Concord Police Department. 

Croft was first arrested in January on charges stemming from a domestic violence incident in October.

According to court documents, Croft is accused of strangling his wife while she held their infant son, and then forcing her outside, before bolting the door with a chain. Croft then slammed the door on his wife’s arm as she reached inside to unlock the door, the state charged.

“These were significant violent acts,” Sullivan said at the arraignment hearing in January.

Croft was charged with five felonies, including second-degree assault, witness tampering and falsifying physical evidence.

Police said Croft asked his wife to lie, telling authorities she was hurt while moving exercise equipment in the home. Authorities also charged Croft with ordering his wife to delete photo and video evidence from her phone.

Croft’s arrest for violating bail stemmed from anonymous tips and GPS tracking, which showed that he was meeting with his wife in Boscawen. 

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