Animals enjoy sweet treats


Don’t know what to do with leftover holiday candy? Here’s a thought: feed it to livestock.Of course, too much sugar is not good for cattle, but a...

Shivering calf isn’t a good sign


My fingers hurt. The plastic wrap on the hay bale was frozen and so were my fingers.Bruce got out of the Bobcat to help me, the one-woman ground...

Livestock can form relationships


The two sheep, Faith and Joy, would not leave the trailer. They huddled behind Eleanor, the Sicilian donkey, who had placed her body between me and...

Kitchen leftovers go to feed animals


What can you do with kitchen vegetable scraps? It might take six months but there is a way to convert leftover cabbage, carrots, pumpkins and other...

Animals are smarter than you may think


There were clearly pig tracks in the dirt, and the decorative pumpkins in front of the store had been eaten, but there were no loose pigs.The empty...

Autumn is when I wean the calves


It’s weaning time on the farm, that special time of year when we are kept up all night by the mooing of the cows calling to their calves. The eight...

Used pumpkin decorations become farm food


Not sure what to do with all those Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations? No need to cook them or peel them. Just donate them to your favorite cows or...

Waiting for the cows to come in


The cows didn’t want to come home.We thought with the recent snow and cold temperatures the 18 head of cattle at one of our remote pastures in...

Generators keep farm running after storm


Next to us at the gas pump, a man was filling a container with gas. The guy in front of us pulled a container from his car and filled that it as we...

Homemade cider is hard, but tasty work


At the pressing party, each person took three to four-minute shifts turning the crank that ground the apples into mush. Six bushels of apples...

Magnets can save cows’ lives


How can a magnet save a cow’s life? Here’s how: While our cattle were grazing in a leased pasture in Gilmanton, the farm owner replaced the barn...

Get clean with some homemade detergent


When I’m getting my hair cut or I’m at the feed store, I wonder if anyone will notice the mud on my boots or crusted dirt on my cargo pants.Cargo...

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