It’s time to setup the “cow wash” to get ready for the Hopkinton Fair, which is almost here. The hair I clipped off my shaggy Scottish Highlanders...

Hemmingway, a yearling Scottish Highlander, went to summer camp this year.I mean real summer camp. He was at Griswold Scout Reservation in Alton...

Saving two piglets


Lucky’s first litter started with nine live piglets but now she has just seven. The two missing piglets aren’t dead or missing, they are living on...

A new calf is born on the farm


The Scottish Highlander calf showed up Sunday morning about 6 a.m. I found her an hour later already on her feet. Even at 7 a.m., it was hot and...

Bucky the boar is a watchful dad


The piglet was stuck under a fallen tree branch squealing to be released. Bucky, our 700-pound boar, was doing his best to lift the branch off the...

Curious cow and quills don’t mix


The quills were firmly stuck in Zeena’s face as we loaded her into the stock trailer for the trip home.Zeena, a cow, was in one of our remote...

Learning to live the pig life


Chipmunk, the sow, jumped to her feet, growled and grabbed Herman, tossing him into the corner. Herman, a piglet injured at birth, had been away...

NASCOW: A racing alternative


After two hours in a windowless, completely closed, 12-foot by 12-foot box on the NASCAR track, Clemy, a Miles Smith Farm Highlander cow who was...

Flies can kill a cow


Even though I had washed several times, two maggots were squirming on my smartphone screen as I called my vet, Christina Murdock. A Highlander calf...

Barnstead police catch cows on lam


The dirt road shimmered under my feet in the dark as if walking on stars. Every so often Missy, the Scottish Highlander cow I was leading, swung...

A new set of piglets


Pinky was building a nest at the top of the hill. She pawed the ground and piled up sticks and grass on the bare patch of dirt.We had been waiting...

Piglets are learning to bottle feed


The three black baby pigs fought and squiggled into position until each latched onto a bottle nipple and started sucking. It’s been two weeks since...

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